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I love my quilt guild but they just don't see things my way when it comes to contemporary quilts. I am always on the lookout for inspiring contemporary quilts/quilters. For example, went to a fabulous art quilt gallery in San Diego, but no pictures allowed there so have to go on my memory. Any ideas for inspiration? I have already started to veer away from slavishly following patterns and am starting to make quilts MY way. On my last quilt my friend said, "This says YOU all over it" which I took as a great compliment! BTW, I am super thrifty (my favorite fabrics are recycled clothing) so not really willing to go out and buy books but love internet resources.

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I used to be on the Board of Directors for that gallery in San Diego, and highly recommend their catalogs. They come with DVD's and you can zoom in and see great details of the art quilts, without relying on memory. If you wish further inspiration, I keep many pics here just to share with y'all for that purpose. Today I downloaded lighthouse images, with great natural graphics. Take a peek and see for yourself. Quilt Visions has a website, where you can order their catalogs. There are wonderful shows to participate in, some for members only, some for all. That would depend on your budget, but I am spending money on that membership, over the local guilds. I am part of both, in the years I can afford to be. The more playmates the better. The ones who don't get it should still be exposed to the variety of quilt styles, as with patterns, which is their quilting world on every level, and every quilt show attests to. Traditionalist and contemporary quilts each have high value, and quilters can be inspired by one another, if only for color combinations. I think there is something to be said for relaxing the mind, and enjoying what others create.
Go to the local library. I've read hundred's of books on quilting.


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