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EHow.com presents hundreds of "how to" articles for an endless list of topics. Quilting is included. Much of the information is in outline form, written by users of the website. If you're a newly-minted quilter, you may find helpful information here.
But to be honest, I was under-impressed. There are so many wonderful websites with substantive content. I'd recommend concentrating on those if you're looking for solid resources.
One article, however, did mention something we don't often talk about -- keeping a quilting journal that contains information on completed quilts and those in progress, along with pictures, drawings and other items that spark your creativity for future quilts.

Fabric.com seems to have quite a bit of quilting fabric from major brands and companies. Have you checked it out yet?
I got a promo email this morning noting that there are a lot of fabrics on clearance or specials priced at $5 or below. I spent a little time looking around the website and found some pretty decent deals on good quilting, dressmaking and home dec fabric.
I like CT, but no single company can always meet all needs, so I'd like to share our experiences with other websites, too.
If you've bought from Fabric.com, let us know your thoughts!
Hi Schatze, I personally have not purchased anything from them, but have a lot of friends who have and they say it is one of their favorite online companies. Each of these friends is very particular about where they shop so I feel confident in telling you that you will be happy with doing business with them.
That's good to hear because there are some very attractive deals at $1.95, 2.95 and up to 4.95. It looks like their regular stock is priced competitively, too, although it's almost always possible to find something on sale. Thanks for the input Janet.
You are welcome Shatze. If you are in to making aprons at all, you might want to ck out their free apron pattern that is mentioned on their home page. I just participated in an apron challenge on a machine embroidery group and one of the ladies mentioned this. I had already entered my apron, but I printed off this pattern anyway. Plus the Nancy dress pattern they show sounds like it would be a really cute one for my skinny little daughter so I printed that one off too. My dh has been off work for 10 months so I have to be very careful not to ck out all these websites too much as the temptation to buy everything in sight gets to be hard to resist.
I'll take a look at the apron pattern, Janet. Thanks for the tip.
Sorry to hear that you're DH's work situation is out of kilter right now. We live in Ohio where jobs in every sector are being lost by the hundreds. It's unnerving to experience all this upheaval, isn't it?
Even though my DH and I are OK right now with reasonable secure incomes, we've realized that the current recession has touched us deeply in many ways. We've had to take a much more honest look at our lifestyle in all respects, and are making choices that are much different than the ones we made five or ten years ago.
I'll keep your situation in my prayers! If you ever need someone to help you walk through those tempting sales, just pop me an email, OK? I could use someone to steer me away from them, too! :-)
Thanks so much for your kind encouragement. My dh is an automotive service manager by trade. You would think with all the car dealerships struggling that car repair shops would be doing a booming business, but he is really struggling to get a job. He was supposed to start a new job on Jan 5th at a dealership here in Boonville, but after we got here, they told them they were going to have to put that offer on hold indefinitely. He only has about 2 months left before his unemployment totally runs out and I'm on SS disability due to a back injury so needless to say, I'm starting to get a little panicked. He is excellent at his profession, but he is also going to be 59 yrs old next month. We can't help but believe that is affecting all this. He did apply at a rent to own type place a couple of days ago so we are hoping something comes of that. At least here in MO we don't have to have the income we did in NV to survive.
Victoria Vista Quilts has some marvelous blenders and tone-on-tone quilt fabrics on sale for $3.99 a yard.
All their other fabric is also on sale to make way for new fabrics coming from market, although the discounts appear to be only about 5% to 10% off their regular prices.

Here's the webpage: http://www.victoriavistaquilts.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?cart_id=...
Erica's Craft & Sewing Center is a really neat place to find all kinds of wonderful things that are quilting, sewing and crafting related.
I've purchased notions from Erica's and been very pleased with the products and service.
Be sure to keep tabs on their "Rummage Sale" and "Specials" pages. There are all kinds good bargains to be found. Today there was machine embroidery software at 40% off, along with all kinds of other oddments. Check out the sale on Bolt Ends, where you can find lots of fabrics, including batiks (at $3.65 a yard), at 40% off when you buy the yardage left on the bolt.
It's fun just to explore the website. I've learned a lot about new products just by browsing!
There's even a feature where you can sign up to get a notification when new fabric collections arrive at the shop. Cool!
Here's the web address: http://www.ericas.com/
Today's Quilting's online shop has a nice sale going on that includes holiday fabric collection and precuts at 20% off. Their patterns are also 20% off. Lots of other stuff for you to check out, too, if you're in the market.
There's even a bowling fabric for $5.99 a yard! What a hoot!
Here's the web address: http://www.todaysquilting.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi
Let us know if you buy from the shop, and how the transaction went, OK?
I came across this pdf file on how to do continous prairie points and thought I would share it. I am always looking for new info and new techniques. This is a very interesting group.
Fabric.com is one of my long-time favorite sites too. And...if you are an Ebates member, you'll get an additional % off as a rebate since Fabric.com is one of Ebates merchants. It's a win-win situation. I do 75% of my shopping online these days and Ebates saves me extra money. I've had over $400 rebated to me over the years, a few dollars at a time.


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