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Create an Album on your profile page.  Then, while viewing the album, chosse the option to "get embed code".  Copy and paste the link into a reply of this discussion to share your photos with us!

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Here is my first block X 2. I am going to be making 4 of each block ( I hope).

First time to do applique and foundation piecing!
Nancy, they are all beautiful!  I am doing mine with the black background.  Don't think I want to tackle 2 of them at once though.  Great job!
Thanks!  I couldn't make up my mind whether to do a dark or light background, so I figured I'd try both!  We've been stuck at home for the last four days (icy storm shut us down), so I was able to work on them more than I probably would have.
Fantastic Nancy!  For a first time you sure showed us up!  Those are soooo pretty!
Here is the photo of my January and February blocks. I'm really pleased with how they turned out.
These look really great, Connie.
Great job Connie.  The background looks like a pretty blue sky!
It is white, but I guess I does look kind of blue in the picture.

Here are mine so far...Everyone's blocks look great this is such a gorgeous design.



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