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Here are my completed blocks. Keep in mind I bought the book in October 2001 and did my first block in December 2001, did a few in 2002 and then put the whole thing away for 4 YEARS!!!!!
It's only recently that I hauled it out and restarted it, as our Monday night group decided to work on our Dear Jane on the first Monday of each month. Now,,,you girls have inspired me to do even more. My fabric stash says "Thank you"!!!!
Anne (29, 0, 0, 306)

Picture # 003
A-1, A-3, A-5, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9
B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4,
C-1, C-9,
D-3, D-5, D-6, D-13
E-1, E-2, E-5

Picture # 004
H-12, H-13
J-1, J-4
K-7, K-12

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Congratulations! Your blocks look great! How many of blocks have you finished?
You are probably working on this right now, but I couldn't open your second picture. Also read Carmen's comment in Janet's Blocks. You might want to post your pictures another way.
Love the blocks! Your colors are beautiful!
Love your blocks. I need to lay mine out and maybe they would look like more!!!LOL
MY gosh you have so many finished!They are gorgous. I have done a lot of the same ones andI also have done 4 of the triangles. It seems so overwmelming at times but when you do them with others it becomes fun again. Willie and I are going to try to get together and work on ours.
Anne, you have a real good start on us! You've brought me back to reality ... this is going to be a big job. I have a long way to go, but it's such fun now, with you and the others. I'm glad we're in this together.
I love the tiny flower prints.

I have been waiting to get a few more done, to get out the camera. Here are I -1 and I-2
and B 5, B 13 and C 3.
B 13 has 3 different dark fabrics, so it didn't show up well in the photo.
B 5 (Hot Cross Buns) was a 'killer' (the green one with muslin),,,,,took me nearly 3 hours!!! "I WILL master Paper Piecing!!!!"
I'm finding that the muslin discolours with ironing, although it isn't necessarily a bad thing. It looks like 'aged' material!
Stop bragging. I appliqued B 5. It took like half a day, plus two full days of staring at it and trying to figure out how in the world it could be foundation pieced. So then Susan posts her pdf file and it looks so simple. I felt so stupid! LOL
I think it would have been easier to applique the diamonds on!!
The thing about paper pieceing that I still have trouble with it that the design (when I do it) always comes out backwards, like a mirror image of the way it was supposed to be. Ever seen the lottery commercial, lucky 7, where the guy does his own tattoo on his chest using the mirror????? Same idea! LOL
AWWWWWhhhhhhh I get it........The light bulb clicked ON!!!!
I was only tracing it one time...... THANK YOU!!!!!!
WOW! You are all amazing! I did one triangle this weekend. It is on my webpage www.susangatewood.net
Your webpage is amazing!!!
What's your signature now?
You can't finish your DJ quilt before we have our block exchange.
Not to worry, I've been at it since 1997, LOL


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