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Beautiful, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud!
Congratulations Carmen!!!!! You got started!! You Go Girl!!!
Congratulations Carmen. It is sure a good feeling when you get started on the blocks. I do have problems with some but keep plugging along. I have a friend coming over on Thursday who also started on Dear Jane blocks .Maybe she can help me with posting some of mine as I am not good on the computer or how to put pictures on it.
Beautiful! You are really on a roll!
Love the paisley on block C-9!!! Your applique looks wonderful!!!!
How beautiful!


you are correct. It appears that you can only have three attachments in the body of the discussion. But, you can add one to a comment, or even better, you can add it as an image, then it will be there for all to see (in the comments) without having to open anything. You can see where I added you pictures as an image. Do you think this is ok.
By the way, great job! If you keep this up you will be finished before me.
LOL finished before you???? Not a chance, dear. I had done some of the cutting before my background fabric arrived, so I can put a few of them together without much trouble now. Just wait until we hit the harder ones! I was stupid enough to applique B-5 ... those points gave me trouble. Wait until the children are our of school and we're at the pool all day ... I won't get any sewing done when the're home!!!
Pool? Can I come? Today the high will be 29F low tonight 17F. That's COLD (for us)! I know others are much colder than us, but we're in the south and we're not used to this. :) Have lots of fun, for me!
Pool.....me too! Our is covered in 3 feet of snow....and it's going down to -28 Celcius tonight.....Won't be diving in for a few MONTHS yet!!


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