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Hey Anne, it looks great. I was expecting some sort of dissaster after reading your note. My ends also go blunt ... AND crooked. It's difficult, that's all. You're right ... if you trim too much it frays and comes apart, if you don't trim enough, there's no way to hind all that material behind the point ... and the difference between trimming too much or not enough is one thread apart! Do you appliqué with freezer paper or do you iron your shapes first? If long fingernails make the trick ... that's why I'm having so much trouble then! I wish I could find a method that was easy and effective. We'll just practice as we go!
I'm serious, your block looks great, I'm not kidding.
Re: appliques. On this project I am using freezer paper. I just turn the 1/8" to 1/4 " under as I go.
Perhaps I should iron the edges under first with the freezer paper..however, they are so small that I'm afraid of burning my fingers on the iron. Hey.....a light bulb just went on!!!!!!! I recently bought one of those little baby applique irons....at Joannes (on a trip to Holmes County Ohio) and I've never used it yet....I should go and get it out....Good idea! Glad I thought of it!!! Thanks!
PS Susan, I AM TOO hard on myself!!!! Just ask my DH! I wish I wasn't like that! I have tons of patience and understanding for other people. I guess that's the nurse in me???
Make sure you try that iron! Normal irons burn your fingers ... that's why I stopped using it.
We will take care about being too hard on yourself during that sewing retreat we're going to have sometime! Aren't kids and husbands, work and house keeping, life in general and sharp applique points in particular, already hard enough on us?? The last thing you need is to be hard on yourself!
Love, Carmen
I think if looks fine too! No body's work is perfect! You shouldn't be so critical of yourself.



Seeing Edna's blocks I've noticed how important fussy cutting can be here. For example, my C-12 fabric has the tiny daysies I could have fussy cut to position in the center of each square and it would have looked much better. I'll try to do this on some other block. Late for this one.
I think they are all beautiful!
Excellent work, Carmen! Your blocks are beautiful. I haven't ventured into any applique or paper piecing yet. Did you use paper foundation on your I-3? I was scanning a page in the DJ book last night and caught the words "cheater cloth" in one of Brenda's letters to Jane. That caught my eye and I read. In some blocks, Jane made the fabric work to make the blocks look even more complicated than they already were. Yes, I did some fussy cutting, and I also set some fabrics aside for later because I wanted to wait for a block that would show them better. Those teensy squares are tedious enough without fussy cutting them! Edna (Zzzz)
Hi Edna. Yes, I used paper foundation on I-3 and it just looks horrible. It didn't look bad until I put it all together. I really can't figure out why it came out so poorly. :( I'm thinking in trying to piece it. I pieced C-12 and its not half as bad looking! I'm starting to remember Anne's story about wasting more that one yard to make a block she repeated 10 times! This quilt really is great fun. I have to get organized, because I jump around from block to block for one reason or the other and spend more time flipping through the book to try to tag my blocks than actually sewing. The "cheater cloth" is a funny resource, you're right. B-13, F-3 and J-3 seem to have it. But E-6 doesn't seem to me to be a stripped fabric. What do you think? Are the four sides of the square pieced using a strip of background between two reds? I think so.
I think you're right about E-6 being a strip of background between two reds, but I don't relish the thought of 3 quarter inch strips together like that. I may piece it as drafted. I know what you mean about getting organized. I'm starting to note the date and color by the blocks in the book, so that when I plan the adjacent blocks I'll at least know what colors are in the neighborhood. I'm thinking of making a color map, as well. I made the pieced foundations for a couple of the simpler applique blocks this evening, and I plan to tackle those this weekend. Edna
I thought of using stripes on E-6, like Jane used cheater cloth in some places. Did you take a look at the spreadsheet Susan gave us? Maybe you joined the group a bit later and haven't seen it. It must be in one of the discussion forums. As I've started working on the quilt I've made a few changes on this chart and its very useful. I'm also going to have the book spiral bound. I was reluctant to cut it, but it will be much more comfortable to handle. And I'm going to get an enlarged photocopy of the full quilt in color to put up on my wall. It might be easier to find the blocks there than going through the pages all the time. While I was waiting for my background fabric to arrive I made an approximate color chart. Its useful to keep some sort of track of what fabric to look for for each block. I'll attach it for you to see.

B-1, B- 3, I-3


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