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I got started on my blocks this afternoon. This is so much fun that I don't want to stop! Pictured are C-12, K-2, M-12, and I-3. Also completed but not pictured are A-6, M-10, and C-3. Yes, I used my artistic license to interpret K-2. Mrs. Hansen (7,0,0,177)
Modified on 2-22; I removed the first pictures I posted full size, replaced them with smaller images. Pictured are C-3, A-6, K-3, M-5, E-8, E-9, J-4, and D-13.

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Great job! Your blocks are always soooo..... beautiful! I love your fabrics and color combinations. I always enjoy seeing your blocks and picking up ideas for my own blocks. Are these hand pieced?
Thanks, Janet. D-12, F-1, and F-2 all combine hand and machine piecing. Cutting and re-combining the pinwheel blocks (F-1, F-2) seem to require hand piecing. F-10 was machine pieced, and I appliqued the odd little corner pieces on. Maybe not the best way, but it worked. Edna
Like always, they are stunning, bright and sharp. I love them. As soon as I finish with my Mother in law's quilt I'm going back to my DJ. I will have to start bothering you and Susan for instructions on how make them again. I look forward to Sunday afternoons, when you post your pictures, and I go back and take a peek at them sometimes, for fun or inspiration. They are fantastic, Edna.
If your Aussie is a puppy maybe she will grow out of this travel sickness in a few months. It is so sad when they get sick.
As usual, your blocks are awesome. Great job, Edna. Good luck going back to school tomorrow. I had a hard time going back last Monday after just two days off.

Pictured are E-4, F-5, H-6, and J-8. And that leaves 25 blocks! Edna (144, 0, 0, 2986, 2)
Wow, Edna. You are almost there!! (for the center LOL). I love your kite.
Great blocks again! Do you have a stockpile of blocks that you post now and then? I wonder if H-6 could be done with curved machine piecing ? Did you applique or hand piece?
Janet ... do you think anybody would notice if we posted some past pictures of our blocks, like they were new blocks??? I feel so bad about not having sewn a block in weeks!!
LOL LOL Carmen, you are too funny!! I haven't finished a block for Dear Jane in four days. I'm doing an easy block, H-13, for the second time.

Have any of you knitters joined Ravelry?
Ravelry?? What is that? I'm going to google it right now.

Janet, look at it this way ... at least you are boosting your discarded block count LOL. Its more than what I am doing.
Ravelry is a site for knitters. It's something like Quilt with Us, but a lot more complicated.
Oh both of you....stop complaining (LOL) My signature is still (0,0,0,0...) I do finally have my background fabric...now if I could get my comission sewing done I can get busy on my DJ. I also have the nearly insane book and would LOVE to do it. I can't wait for summer break...Edna, it's just around the corner WooHoo!!!



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