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I got started on my blocks this afternoon. This is so much fun that I don't want to stop! Pictured are C-12, K-2, M-12, and I-3. Also completed but not pictured are A-6, M-10, and C-3. Yes, I used my artistic license to interpret K-2. Mrs. Hansen (7,0,0,177)
Modified on 2-22; I removed the first pictures I posted full size, replaced them with smaller images. Pictured are C-3, A-6, K-3, M-5, E-8, E-9, J-4, and D-13.

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WOW Mrs. Hansen,
What a start!! Are you planning to finish your quilt by next weekend? You chose the ones with the really small pieces too. And the're not even crooked. I think I might have to repeat my C-3; it's short on one of the corners. Ugg. I like your artistic license. Having made it with an uneven number of squares makes it simmetrical and this adds balance. May I copy your artistry?? Bautiful job. Do you piece strips and recut them later or do you sew each individual unit? They look really pretty. I agree, the're lots of fun to make. Welcome to the Olympo of quilters!
Thanks, Carmen. Sadly, I have to work, so won't be sewing at this pace all the time. My K-2 looks short on one corner, but that's because all those close seams on the back make it curl. I will use starch to make everything lie flat when I'm ready to quilt. I have never taken a "cotton" to strip sewing; I cut and sew individual units. If you decide to do your K-2 this way, don't think of it as copying me: think of it as doing what Jane might have done if she had made all of her blocks 5" and didn't have to size any of them up. Tip: Cut the corners and pieces for outside positions a little bigger (I added an eighth) and then trim to size.
Now it's off to work, but I can't wait to get back and see what everyone else has accomplished. Edna (7,0,0,177)
Edna, what a good tip! Thank you, I'll be using it.
I don't sew strips either ... I was just wondering if maybe that would add accuracy.
Oh, I'm so glad to be back to our first names, too :)
I LOVE your numbers! You have really gotten off to a great start. I've always said that making these blocks is addictive! Now you know what I mean. But, aren't they fun? and precious? Have a good work week. I love, respect, and admire all teachers. Especially those of children. God bless!
Wow is right! Your blocks are impressive! What did you use for your background? It almost looks like a linen.I love it.
My background is a Moda solid. When I found it on the Fat Quarter World web-site it was called Tradition Tan. It has a hint of texture in the print. The flash washes the color out; in person the color is a warm golden tan. The fabric is soft and a little nappy and very nice to work with.
Thanks for replying so quickly. I really appreciate it when people know their fabric.. It gives others a heads up when we are looking for a certain color.The red fowered material is gorgeous.I'm with you I don't like strip piecing and I am trying to do Dear Jane as much as I can by hand. But life sometimes interferes and the machine comes out. I took classes for 4 years with friends and they thought I didn't own a machine. They almost croaked the day I brought one to class!
Edna, they are sooooooo cute. Can you imagine how pretty they will look when they come together on a quilt? Keep up with this marathon!
Nine already! Can you believe it? And they are all beautiful. Great job!
Edna, these are great! I love the red theme going on! That is going to be such a bold splash when they are all together! It's freezing rain here in Ontario this am.....gotta leave early for work....bye for now.
Edna, thanks for sharing your blocks. They really bring my spirit up. I made I-3 yesterday and I'm not happy with it. I'm trying to figure out if I should take it apart and try to fix it or if I should start from scratch. I hope I can learn something for when I have to make E-9. J-4 I had discarded as "ugly" but it looks totally different with the stripes you used. I'll look for stripes and give it a chance. Thanks for the inspiration!

I'm knocking off two hours earlier tonight, promising myself a WHOLE DAY of piecing next week. We'll see if that happens. Pictured are I-2, H-13, I-1, and G-10. G-10 was a real leap of faith; I did the whole thing without pressing, then pressed when it was all finished. I'm finding that my CW fabric collection is strong on reds, pinks, and browns; weaker in blues and I have NO purples. If my completed quilt is heavy on pinks and reds that will be OK, but I want the blues and purples to be well represented, so I'll be looking for some. Edna (17,0,0,379)(Zzzzz....)


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