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I got started on my blocks this afternoon. This is so much fun that I don't want to stop! Pictured are C-12, K-2, M-12, and I-3. Also completed but not pictured are A-6, M-10, and C-3. Yes, I used my artistic license to interpret K-2. Mrs. Hansen (7,0,0,177)
Modified on 2-22; I removed the first pictures I posted full size, replaced them with smaller images. Pictured are C-3, A-6, K-3, M-5, E-8, E-9, J-4, and D-13.

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Jackie, how did you do the blocks? Did you start with A-1 and go in order to M-13? That would make sense for color planning, and for not turning pages back and forth (and back and forth) as I have done. Jane, I think, had a big advantage over us in the matter of order of construction. She just made 169 blocks and then made a pleasing arrangement of them in her quilt. Edna
Edna, I did do the blocks pretty much in order from A-1 through M-13. Then I did the triangles going top, right side, left side, and then bottom. Oh, yeah, and then those kite corners! However, if there was a block in that order that had a lot of applique on it, or that I just couldn't face yet (mostly because of y-seams), I would skip it until I was in the right mood.

Although I had to do a lot of applique on Dear Jane, I avoided it every way I could. I am better at applique now than when I started Dear Jane, and I didn't mind melons so much (except for J-10 with its 16), but those triangles with less than a 90 degree angle were hard for me to get sharp points. L-10 was the last block I did because it took me a while to decide on a way to avoid the applique on those teeny, tiny diamonds on the two sides.

The blocks you are choosing to do are wonderful, Edna, and I am continually impressed with the amount you have finished in such a short time. Congratulations again on your contract. Jackie
Not that you have many blocks to go, at all, but what I do is look through the book and make a list of about 20 do-ables and stick to it until its finished. I love lists!! I write lists for everything, my kids laugh at me for it. One of the first things I think I did on this place was ask Susan to post a "Beginner Blocks" list, and she made it!! I don't have to look through the book in search of new blocks every time.

Pictured are B-4, B-6, C-5, and M-9. I messed up the color order of the stripes on B-4, discovered my mistake when I sat down to sew, went with it because there's still some contrast between the central square and the gold stripe. My C-5 rotates clockwise because I was thinking about my Australian shepherd when I pieced it. Yeah, that's what happened...... Edna (120, 0, 0, 2508, 2)
OMG! You are almost half way done. Aren't they fun? It is hard to explain to anyone who isn't involved with Mrs. Stickle, and I hardly understand it myself. LOL I'd really like to know your method of constructing C-5. I know how I did mine, but how did you do yours? Sooooooo pretty! Have a great day!
Edna ... it seems like it was just yesterday when you had 1,000 pieces ... and now you have 2,500!! With you its like one blinks and you've made 50 blocks! You keep us going, it's unpayable.
You know I talk like crazy ... but I'm speechless with your dainty little blocks! They are simply beautiful. Your quilt is going to be a masterpiece!
Edna are you working on anything else? You are putting me to shame. Guess I need to get at least one Dear Jane block done today. My days are so busy but gee you teach so I don't know what I am grumbling about!
Diane, Edna is putting all of us to shame! And then you go and ask Susan that question about the blocks and she says she has everyones except ours! LOL. How embarrassing.
Back again for a second. Susan will you let me know when you receive my blocks? Thank you.
Absolutely! I've gotten everyone's except yours and Carmen's. I'm watching my mailbox VERY closely. I'm beginning to think the mailman thinks I am a stalker! LOL
LOL. Susan, did you have to embarrass us like this??? Diane, we are the last in line, but you were sick, so that's ok. Yolande also lives at the other end of the ocean and her blocks got in on time. What is my excuse?? Why don't you post it in BIG letters on the main page "CARMEN'S BLOCKS AREN'T IN YET"! Girls, I'm sorry to have you waiting. I hope they reach Susan soon. :) I can't wait to see everyones blocks!! Isn't this exciting?


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