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I will add the .pdf files here.

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Here are my Paper Foundation Instructions. I hope you try it. I have found that you do not need to waste fabric.
Hello Susan,

I just printed the A1- Pinwheel Gone Awry,

Thank you
Susan, it is so nice of you to post the paper piecing instructions and blocks. I've only done a tiny bit of paper piecing and became fustrated with it because of the waste. I still don't have my background fabric but I thought that I would give your instructions a try on some practice fabric.
I printed out the foundation patterns from the DJ software but it looks like they've pieced theirs differently than you. I would like to follow along with your instructions since I already am confused :) Do you happen to have your PP instructions for G-6 Papa's star? If not, I'll go ahead and work with the one in the DJ software. Hope you are having fun with your grandkids today!
Here are my .pdf files for G-06. Make the little star first and then use it for the center of the larger star. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much for posting the star Susan. Last night I put together the large star. I messed up on the first section but then sat down, thought it out carefully and from then on it was smooth sailing. Your instructions are great! Here is a photo of it.

WOW, you make me very proud. I'm so glad the instructions were easy for you to follow. Your star is beautiful! Now I know you will be able to paper piece anything! Good for you! Thank you for letting me know.
Susan is most gracefully sharing a wonderful spreadsheet she prepared for working on her own quilt some time ago. Her data has been removed and we can each download a blank sheet to keep track of our progress. Aren't we lucky?
Good Day Carmen,

I am having a little difficulty trying to open "D blocks spreadsheet.xls. But I will keep trying, thank you.

It should open when you double click the link in Carmen's message. If you are still having trouble, let me know and I will try to get it to you another way.
Here is the .pdf file for the listing of the Beginner blocks. I have also listed the method that I used to make each block. Of course, you make decide that there may be a better way for you to make your block(s). This list is only intended as a guide to help you decide which blocks may be easier to do than others. Just remember, one block at a time. :)
Thank You Susan,

I just printed this "Beginner List".

Thanks Once Again,


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