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I will add the .pdf files here.

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Thanks! Took awhile to do, but used your pp patterns, took my time, & I did it!

Susan, I did G6 yesterday, love how it turned out! Now to post a pic! Sorry if the pic is big, not sure of what settings to use for pic on this forum, any help would be appreciated!

It's lovely.  I've only made a few.  I need to get with it am getting old.

It is wonderful!

Hi all, anyone working on their DJ right now? I got a new laser printer, hubby recommended this kind for upstairs here in our split level house, says the ink won't dry out on them, so am trying it! Anyway, printed off a bunch of pp blocks for my FWS blocks, then decided to check here & see what pp ones I could save & print off! Made a folder for them too, now I can work on them too, lol. I went through the whole folder, so I am assuming these are the blocks that can be done in pp, right Susan? Or do we just need to ask for one if it's not here, am just curious? Anyway, now my adventure can continue & I will share pics as I get more done!

Nancy, I have pp for them all. Send me your email and I will send them to you.

Susan, thanks, I just hit the message button here & sent it to you, hugs!

Just went way back to 2009 blog posts.  Susan, thank you so much for posting instructions for so many paper piecing blocks.  I haven't paper pieced before and wondered how to do those many multipiece blocks.  Now I know!  Thank you, thank you!

June, you can find all of the patterns and instruction on my webpage. Www.susangatewood.net. There are also paper foundation instructions on the Farmers Wife page. Have fun! Susan

Wow, Susan.  You have done so much work on this quilt for us.  I have just joined the group and was looking for something just like what is shown on your site.  Again, thank you so very much.

You are very welcome.

I'm not sure if Susan Greenwood is still active on this group, but I wish to tell her that her patterns are awesome! I have gotten back to my Dear Jane, after being stalled for quite some time. I realized that I was stalled because I wasn't happy with my background fabric.

So, I re-started in early January, and I'm moving along quite nicely and really enjoying the process.

THANK YOU Susan, where ever you are!


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