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I am opening this forum for those in the Dear Jane group, who want to learn Electric Quilt, by drafting the blocks in the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt.

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I had to purchase a virtual printer, that print .pdf to a file on your computer. it wasn't too expensive, around $30, I think. There was a free demo version for a period of time, before you had to purchase it. If you don't want to do that, you can share your EQ file with us, and I can print it off for you. Let me know which way you want to do it. If you do share the EQ file, make sure you fill out the notecard for the block, stating that you drafted the block, date, etc. Or, if you have a scanner, you can scan in your printed pattern and upload the scanned file.
WOW! I'm not sure I understood all that! What program did you purchase? How do I share my EQ file with you? What notecard? My printer has scanning capabilities, but I've never done that yet! I think you're talking too fast for me!
When you draft your block in EQ, and send it to the sketchbook, a note card is created for the block. Go to the sketchbook, highlight the block you want to use, and then on the bottom of the sketchbook page, open the notecard for the block. There you can name it, and write anything you want to write about the block. like... drafted by Janet, Dec. 2009. etc. I think you can upload a eq file just as you would any other file. I will have to try it to make sure. You will want to delete any unused fabric, to make the file smaller, and easier to deal with. I will try it out and let you know. When I purchased the virtual printer, I googled "printing pdf files" and found a program. I think it was called Docudesk. I'll try to find it and post the website.

This is a test... I am uploading my EQ6 file. I have cleared out all unused fabric. I have only drafted a few blocks. --Susan
Try to open this file using your EQ and let me know if it works.
Yes, it opened to Farmer's Wife # 7 Birds in the Air. What did you do, and what did I do? Is there more in that file? Am I able to do that too?

I really wish I understood more about computers! Under the box I'm typing in are the words Upload Files. Is that how you did that?
WOW, I just took another look, and you have 9 Farmer's Wife blocks in there! And they're in color! I want to try this!
Didn't work. I'll have to sleep on this. I'll need an AHA moment to figure all of this out.
Under the words "upload files"- "attach files" , I browsed my computer to find my eq files and when I found the one I wanted, I made sure that the name was in the space and then clicked on the "add reply" , on my computer, I found the file on drive c:/users/Susan/documents/My eq6/pj6/The Farmers Wife- Susan. My operating system is windows- vista, but the path should be similar. I'll check on you again tomorrow. I'm visiting my little girls (granddaughters) tomorrow, so it will probably be in the afternoon when I can check. You are doing great! I'm so proud that you did a paper foundation pattern. :)
I am becoming increasingly frustrated by EQ 6. I can't find any of the blocks I drafted yesterday (2) or today (2), and even your blocks have disappeared. I am sure I put all of them in the sketchbook, but I keep getting the message "No blocks in Sketchbook." Luckily I printed two of the foundation patterns, or I'd think I was going crazy. I think I need to go back to the lessons!
Hey Janet S. I wouldn't mind a copy of your person PDF pattern for Foundation pattern for #26 Cut Glass Dish if you can share it.....
Have you found the blocks? Did you save the project? When you open EQ, it should come up and ask you if you want to create a new project or open an old one. The old ones should be listed in the top of the box that opened up when you started EQ. Let me know where you are this evening and we will try to figure it out.


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