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I am opening this forum for those in the Dear Jane group, who want to learn Electric Quilt, by drafting the blocks in the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt.

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I have the book, and I'm probably going to start my FW quilt when I get to the halfway point with my Dear Jane. I don't have EQ, and I love to paper piece, so I'm not sure how I'm going to be with using templates, but it can't be all that hard right?

I'm a sucker for sampler quilts!
I have done .pdf files for the paper foundation patterns for all of the blocks. Let me know if you want some or all of them. Susan
oh wow! Thank you so much. I'll keep that in mind - I'm at block #50 on my DJ! :)

Here are my five blocks. Here's hoping I get a few more done.....grin.
I love your blocks! They're so beautiful! Wow.. I should hurry up on my DJ quilt and start on my Farmers Wife!

Awesome job, I hope to see more of yours soon!
Thanks! I hope to see more of mine too..............LOLLLLL....I'm easily distracted.
I know that feeling. That's why I like samplers, each block is different and I don't feel bored. I think of each block as it's own adventure, then I put my blocks in my bag and start a new "adventure" That's how I'm surviving my Dear Jane journey!
They are beautiful. I LOVE the colors. thanks for sharing.
Thanks Susan.

I finished the Big Dipper block. I see a pinwheel in there, but no big dipper....grin
Nice block, I agree, looks like a pinwheel to me, lol. Makes us wonder where they came up with some of these block names, doesn't it!
Thanks Nancy. It sure does....maybe several blocks together look like something else.


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