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What or who got you started in quilt designing?

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I've been quilting for 30 years, and creating a lot of my own patterns for many of those. I'm just not a salesperson.
Don't like marketing, so the only ones who buy my patterns are my students. Maybe this will be my year...(sigh).

I too love EQ. It gives me a creative outlet without having to purchase fabric!
Maggie: I with you on that. I am not good at marketing either. I have a problem asking someone for money. That's what I felt I was doing when pushing my patterns. The thing is, your customers (the quilters) are want to at least see your stuff. We're always looking for something different. Try it. Like me I started small. Selling only to my local shop. Then word got out and soon California was calling, Idaho called and it just goes on and one from there. You can't believe how excited I was when I got a notice from Connecting Threads....and they wanted one of my patterns. WOW. I about fainted. Now I'm hooked. I'm really small still but it suits my life style right now. Would love to see one of your pattern some day.
As a child I made doll clothes, I made some of my own clothes growing up, when I had a daughter I made her clothes then off to work and no time to sew. I've never been one to follow directions (quilting, gardening or cooking) and prefer to make my own designs and sometimes, mistakes. That's how I learn. There are about 25 people interested in doing this Quadracentennial quilt and my friend and I just started to think of twelve or so blocks that we would share with the group. Most of the squares are common such as the sailboat, chain, mariners star and apple but some require some thought like the Half Moon, barn scene, and Lake Tear in the Clouds. So I asked for some help on the Lake Tear square.
Lots of my ideas are for projects that I want to do that I 'dream up'. They are usually art pieces, so there are not a lot of geometrics to them. Most of my traditional pieces I do without borrowing the traditional patterns, and I call my bed quilts " traditional " because I quilt them by hand.
I do have the EQ6, but I haven't used it becasue I don't know how(LOL). WHen I have an idea in mind, I sketch it out, then I do practice block. Besides, I like to color!
Hi Gwen
As you, cl like to design out my quilts.You should really try to use your EQ6 . Once you get accustom to the program you will have lots of fun.I really like to design my own.My only problem is that the more l think about my own designs,sometimes l loose sleep.Doing a practice block is a great idea . Thats where you get all the bugs out.................Bev
I've been sewing for most of my life,thanks to my Mom.Sewing to me is like secound nature. I've always like to design something different,from kids clothing to my quilts. I like to change the design of the quilt to make it more interesting.Even just a small change to the design will make your quilt interesting.I've been making quilts for about 18 years.
I started designing a few years ago just because I like different settings and patterns than what I can find, although I have found an awful lot of patterns i want to make - as if I will ever get around to them all. ha ha I hope to get started on some projects this year - patterns to sell on my web site and in the local quilt stores.
I learned to sew in 4-H probably around 10 years old. I have been quilting for 30 years. I was 6 months pregnant and found my first Quilt store in Iowa City, IA. I wanted to make a baby quilt after seeing all the colorful fabric arranged so nicely. I signed up for a beginning quilting class and never looked back. A friend in the public library where I was working wanted to start a quilting bee. We met every Wed. night for the 5 years that I lived in Iowa City. Some of the group never learned to quilt (rughooking, etc), but we almost never missed a night. Such fun and friendship!

I change the patterns I make, sometimes changing the size, sometimes just taking a part out and running with it. Of course the color. The quilt I'm working on right now, king size, I bought the kit and took the class from de Jonge, Be Colorful. I'm making the pattern four times (actually a little larger) and have added even more colors. The center will be different too.
I started quilting 9 years ago when my 2nd was born. I had received a baby quilt at my baby shower for #1 and figured #2 needed one, too. Nothing to look at and I don't share it with anyone. It's sentimental, not spectacular.

Since then, I've worked with curves, applique, and tiny pieces. I don't do patterns from books anymore. Everything is now my design. I think there are more designs in my head then I may every be able to accomplish. EQ has made it easier to design. Some applique designs are still done on paper.

I also am a 4-H leader and teach to kids as young as 10. They make great students. I have also taught a friend and now she is thoroughly addicted. My sister is a knitwear designer and asks me quilting questions and I ask her knitting questions.

I try really hard to keep UFO's minimal - successful so far. But always seem to have several WIP's.

I recently started a blog to share designs and hope to eventually have some for sale.
I've began sewing in high school when I got too tall for ready made clothes. (High waters only go so far in the fashion world. ) A few years later I started making baby clothes and then my mother and I took our first quilting class together and the rest is history. Like all the others we were hook. That was some 28 years ago. After working in my local quilt shop and teaching beginning quilting, I decided to use some of my own designs to teach class. One of my students said that I should market my patterns as they were easy for the beginner and they got a feelling of great accomplishment when they finished a project in class. I sat on that idea for many years and decided one day to give the marketing a try. That was only 2 1/2 years ago and I have been busy every since. My ideas come from things around me and things I feel a need for. For example: As I learned at an early age that I hated to do laundry, aprons became a need as they helped to keep my clothes and my boys' clothes clean when in the kithen or garden. So....you make your own...thus my line of aprons. The same goes with wall hangers, table runners and quilts. EGADS! You're invited to a baby shower and it's in 3 days...what do you do. You make a baby quilt in two evenings after dinner and dishes....thus my quick and easy baby quilt. When all is said and done......I love to quilt and sew. I love to touch and feel fabric, I love to see a project completed. Where else can you get do what you want, when you want and how you want. Sorry this got a little long but I'm a quilter....what can I say?.....where do you stop when you love what you do? ..................Okay that's it, I promise.
Haven't sold anything. Just one lowly little free download. But, I'm trying to dream big and still keep my feet on the ground and hope I get halfway.
I have been sewing for many years and have always made changes to patterns or made up my own. I have been quilting for about 5 years and usually get my ideas from something I see and still do my own thing with it. I got started quilting when a friend from church wanted to share her quilting knowledge with others. She had free classes once a week to learn a new block. I made my first quilt sampler from those classes and I was hooked! Just wish I had taken pictures of all the quilts that I have made and given away to have a little history of where I satrted and how far I've come. It has been a great stress relever for me. I have a HQ16 and frame and am learning free motion quilting. I love it!


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