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This group is for people who quilt using their regular home machine to share their knowledge and/or ask for help to improve their skills.

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What machine do you use for home quilting?

Started by AidaCJ/NH. Last reply by Janet/MO Dec 12, 2014. 20 Replies

I have a Janome 1600P which came with a New Joy frame.  It's fantastic for free motion quilting. However, I notice that when I do an upward stitch, the stitches skip, although the speed has been set…Continue

Tags: stitches, skipped, machine, sewing

What is your favorite thread?

Started by Char. Last reply by Ali Stanley Dec 10, 2014. 11 Replies

Do you use a special thread when machine quilting?

Free motion vs. "In the ditch" quilting

Started by Quilt Man. Last reply by Cat Lady--MO Sep 23, 2014. 37 Replies

Hey Y'all,Who prefers free motion quilting vs. in the ditch on your HSM? I prefer in the ditch just because it is easier to handle the massive quilt. I have done free motion on one quilt and it was a…Continue

Help with monofilament!!

Started by Bethany/from CT. Last reply by Joanna liguz Sep 10, 2014. 11 Replies

Ok.  I've used this stuff before with no problems and now, all of a sudden my machine has decided it hates it.  Actually, both of my machines!  Naturally I'm in the middle of a big project and not…Continue

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Comment by Kathy Koehler Holm on Wednesday
Bonnie has been spouting off a lot lately..do you remember afew weeks ago when she got so made at the two woman on UTube that we're having a "Quilt Cam" just like Bonnie', and they were showing us how to piece one of her quilts..she was SO Mad!!...( I thought that was a nice service they were doing)...Bonnie acts like these patterns are only for her use!..and then she got mad at us for copying patterns, and not wanting to pay for a book...this scolding is getting old!!
Comment by Janet/MO on Wednesday

Rachel, I was really surprised too that she would voice something like that to a forum with hundreds if not thousands of members.  As of last night, she had not responded to any of the comments either and that bothers me too.  If you are going to stir up the pot so to speak, you then need to be prepared to join in on the resulting conversation.  That tells me she wishes she had kept her mouth shut.  

Comment by Rachel Libby/VT on Wednesday

Janet, I would ask for my money back.  That comment would have spoiled it for me.  I think that is why I haven't joined a quilter's group here in VT yet.  I had joined one in NY and always felt that I wasn't welcomed.   Doesn't she realize that she is only hurting herself in stating those comments, but probably not since there is a waiting list.

Comment by Janet/MO on Wednesday

That is how I feel too Ally.  I was really taken aback by her comments.  Back years ago when I first moved to Vegas there was a woman in the guild who always had to rush ahead of everyone else in a class & quite often she would make major mistakes and be quite disruptive.  So I can see why a teacher would get upset with someone like that.  But if other experienced quilters want to show up & work at their own pace & don't need a lot of help, I don't see why that would upset a teacher.  I know she wants to show everyone how to use the EZ Angle ruler (which I learned how to do 25 yrs ago) and she likes to show everyone how to use the Tri-Recs rulers for the Smith Mountain Morning workshop (which I learned how to use 15 yrs ago) so I was mainly going to go for the fun of it.  To be honest, this has left me with kind of a bad taste in my mouth.  Plus I was shocked when a lot of the other people said that they consider anyone who is able to work at their own pace as nothing but a show off.  Never in a million years would it have ever occurred to me that anyone would have that viewpoint & I have taken a lot of classes with nationally known teachers over the years.  

Comment by Ally Bryant on Tuesday
Janet I would say if you paid your money how can she say who should take part or not. If she feels like that make it a beginners 101 on piecing. And if people come with it part done long as they don't disrupt the class and try and take over teaching surely it will give her more time for ones that need more attention.
Most people like to attend class for getting to know like minded people as well as learning a new skill. Just my take on it. But I didn't read her write up just answering you Janet.
Comment by Janet/MO on February 24, 2015 at 7:03am

I know Bonnie has been under a lot of stress due to losing water at her cabin & then the stove breaking down so my first thought was to just chalk it up to her being tired.  I did go back & re-read all of the comments last night, but haven't logged on to it today yet.  It was more of her attitude about taking up a space in her workshop when you already know how to piece that prevents a newbie from being there that bothered me the most.  First of all, how does 1 person teach anyone how to piece accurately in a workshop with 50 people especially in a 4 hour workshop?  When I was teaching I limited my class sign to 10 for newbies so I had time to give them all the attention they need.  Secondly, I venture to say that 75% of the people who take her workshops know how to piece & are there for the same reasons I wanted to be there.  She is going to give a trunk show on Sunday afternoon and then do a 4 hour workshop afterward.  Then she is giving an all day workshop the next day on her Smith Mountain Morning quilt.  Some of the people are taking both workshops.  I mainly wanted to hear how she pieces her braided borders, which is part of the quilt we are making on Sunday evening.  I'm still a bit miffed about this, but haven't decided yet whether to ask for a refund.

Comment by Kathy Koehler Holm on February 24, 2015 at 5:36am
Amanda, I am looking forward to returning to the Castle to sew...maybe tomorrow..that quilt is calling my name...it sure has been hard to sew on the black fabric...can't see!..love the look of black, against the jeweled fabrics.
....I think you are right..Bonnie was having a melt down!!..as a teacher, you can get Alittle up tight easily..and then again,..maybe she is just tired from her busy schedule!..I don't know how she keeps all the plates up in the air?..I would be a wreck!
Comment by Amanda Best on February 24, 2015 at 1:35am

Hmm... that is a strange attitude to have about classes I would think. Maybe she was having a bad day? I think it would still be a fun workshop to do, either way.

 Kathy, I have 12 blocks from Bonnie's Blackford Beauty quilt patter from a swap and I love the pattern and want to make some more of them, but haven't found the time, yet. Your colors sound gorgeous!

Comment by Kathy Koehler Holm on February 23, 2015 at 10:19pm
Janet, I too was taken back by Bonnie's attitude toward her classes. I have never taken a class from her, so I don't know what she expects from her students...I guess it was how upset she sounded that shocked me...and you are right..her patterns are just straight sewing...nothing in the realm of Haute Courier...it seems like she is blowing all this out of proportion...whether it is a class or a workshop...
....I am with you!..I would take the class for the whole experience of just being there for the moment! Enjoying the teacher, the quilters, the talk, the laughter., the fellowship!
Comment by Janet/MO on February 23, 2015 at 8:33pm

Speaking of Bonnie Hunter, I would like to get some opinions from you all about something she posted on Facebook today.  She was basically complaining about people signing up for one of her workshops, which always require you to buy the book the pattern is in, and going ahead and getting started on the quilt before the workshop.  I don't always take a workshop because I expect to learn something.  After all, her stuff is really all straight forward sewing.  I like to take workshops to interact with other quilters as well as to get the chance to meet a well known instructor.  I am signed up to take one of her workshops in Sept & to be honest, I'm now seriously considering getting my money back as she made it very clear that she thinks people should only take a workshop if they want to learn how to do something and if you already know how to do it, you should just attend a retreat & not take up a spot in a workshop from a person who wants to learn how to piece.  Another woman put an apology in the comments section & said she didn't intend to upset Bonnie when she showed up at a workshop with quite a bit of her top already done, but I don't know if she was the one Bonnie was actually referring to or if that was just a coincidence.  Regardless, since her FB following is really huge, I thought it was first of all very insensitive of her to say something without knowing if that person was a member of that group and secondly, very petty of her to get upset if someone already knew how to make one of her quilts.  I can fully understand a teacher getting upset if someone showed up and disrupted the class or even worse, told everyone around her that there were other better ways to accomplish the same thing, but if the person just shows up, minds her own business & works on her quilt top, what is the harm if she has already gotten started?  I'm curious to hear what others think of this situation.  I decided I'm going to give it a couple of days before deciding whether or not to ask for a refund.  I know there is a waiting list so the guild won't be out any money if I withdraw.  Recently my guild had Donna Lynn Thomas as a speaker who gave a workshop & she told me how refreshing it was to have a group of ladies who actually knew how to quilt & that is the attitude I much prefer to see.  


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