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I have a Janome 1600P which came with a New Joy frame.  It's fantastic for free motion quilting. However, I notice that when I do an upward stitch, the stitches skip, although the speed has been set to constant.

Does any one else have this kind of problem of the machine you are using? 

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it should read: Does any one else have this kind of problem on the machine you are using?

Aida, I use an ancient Janome "New Home" for my quilting on domestic and yes I have that problem from time to time.  It has to do with being unable to keep my hands and my machine in the same rhythm.  It doesn't have a speed control to set.  I also have a "Tin Lizzie" that has controls that I don't seem to be able to set properly so I have skipped stitches from time to time on it. More times than not.
I noticed the same thing on my new Janome Horizon.  I have it set to medium speed and still skips when I do the upward motion.  I'm practicing my FMQ on a Quilt for Kids and since it needs a lot of quilting, the skipped stitches don't show as much, but it is still aggravating to have them.
Feeling both senior and blond here...what do you mean by an "upward stitch"?
By upward stitch I mean just like doing the reverse stitch, except that you 'pull' the quilt towards you so the stitches go up, rather than pushing the quilt away.
Hello, I have just joined this group. I do all my sewing / Quilting on my Bernina 1090s, I have had the machine for about 17 years now, I am on its second motor, I burnt the first one out with all my quilting. hahaha


Well I just got a new Bernina 440 from the AQS Show here in Des Moines. And I love it! I have a Juki and grace frame, which I want to sell! But it does not have a stich regerlator on it. It does have a stich control. I too have that problem with skip stiches. I have not learned to control the speed of moving the machine by hands.

So that is why I got the Bernina, it has a stich regerlator on it. I now move the quilt and have changed my room around so that I can have the quilt on a table, by the machine. I don't have the throat space as the Juki does, boo! But guess since I can not aford a 8,000.00 or more machine I have to give something up!

I have a Janome 6500, I also had a Janome 1600 that was wonderful, I just wanted more stitches.  The 6500 is ok but not as fast as the 1600 and I find I have to slow myself down.  I would love to have the Horizon but can't afford it at this time.  I'm going to buy some lotto tickets, LOL.  I also use the 6500 for piecing.  In addition to the 6500 I have a 4900 which is a great machine and this is what I take to class or where ever.

Are you going to keep the 6500?  I know a lot of Janome dealers will gladly accept it as a trade-up for the Horizon.  That's what I did with my 6600.

The 1600 is indeed wonderful for sewing, although it only does straight stitch.  Its foot pressure is at least 10 pounds so it easily sews through several thicknesses, including denim and suede.  I use it to make totes and bags.  Best of all, I use its standard foot presser to make a scant 1/4" seam.  So great!

It's so darn heavy, though, I usually ask DH to move it for me, and I have a quilted mat under it so i could easily move it across the table.

I also dreamed of owning a Janome Horizon. One day a local shop had a special on second hand machines for Mother's Day. They had two. I was there the next day before opening...and bought one. Love it! Ask around at a shop or leave your name on a waiting list.

Some people who like to change often just trade theirs in, hope you get lucky.


I'm finally getting well acquainted with my Janome Horizon, tried a few FMQ projects and results came out great. The Janome 1600P is just too heavy for me to move around so I have put it away for now.  I love the applique stitches on the Horizon, though I prefer to stitch my applique by hand.

I recently received a Janome Horizon and the first week I had a little problem occasionlly with the stitches and when I went back for more instruction the gal said to use one of those meshes over the spool...the thread ws flying off too quickly, It worked and I havent had a problem since and I did a quilt with a multitude of sample frre motions patterns that took hours and hours. Its working great. It is a Janome Horizon 8900.


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