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I have a Janome 1600P which came with a New Joy frame.  It's fantastic for free motion quilting. However, I notice that when I do an upward stitch, the stitches skip, although the speed has been set to constant.

Does any one else have this kind of problem of the machine you are using? 

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i own a brother 8080PR and i FMQ all my quilts on it. watched lots videos and stuff on how and i am still a newbie but i can do it.

Brother is coming up with some great new models, including one with 13.5" space to the right of the needle - quite a big one.

I have to find a dealer nearby and watch a demo on the new models.  I used to have a Brother serger, and I almost bought an embroidery machine, but I couldn't justify the cost because I don't do a lot of embroidery.

I have a H/V Sapphire 870 and have had it about a year.  I have had problems with it and have had to send it to TN to be fixed.  I love it when it works, which is some of the time.  It has a lot of bells and whistles which can complicate things.  When my Sapphire is broken I drag my old Kenmore out of the closet and it hums right along. 

Anna Sue, a good friend of mine in WA state has the same machine & she has had to send hers back to TN as well.  I have a Viking Platinum 770 that had to be sent back to the factory as well, but they never really fixed it.  I'm hoping to trade it in on a Janome next spring.  Mine will just suddenly start sewing with a basting stitch, but that button is no where near where I could accidentally push it.  This seems to happen most often after I have been sewing for more than a couple of hrs. 

I h ave a Kenmore which is really a Janome that has reaLLY worked  well for 15 yrs now with no problems so when my husband decided to update me recently, I went for a Janome Horizon 8900 and I am absolutely thrilled....I trust it will give me the long life as the earlier one. I have been doing a lot of free motion work recently and its been so much fun on this machine.



I just got an early birthday present of a Janome Horizon 8200QC, and I love it. See? There are good things about getting old. :)  I'm just about to start free motion quilting my first quilt with the Janome, and I noticed in the manual that it says to not pull the fabric toward you when doing free motion with the open toe foot. I asked the dealer why, and he said it's okay to do so if you're using the special bobbin holder Janome makes for free motion quilting. I am, and my practice pieces have been good. I've also got a 10-year old Husqvarna Viking Interlude 445 that does beautiful FMQ, but it doesn't have a speed control and most of the other bells and whistles like the Janome, and the harp space is only 7". I'm sure there's going to be a learning curve as there is with any new machine.

Congratulations on your new machine.  You can certainly do a lot of quilting on a faster and automated machine.  I still use the Janome 1600P for doing FMQ, although it isn't computerized.

Congratulations on the new machine.  I just bought a new Pfaff Performance 5.0.  I considered a Janome too, but the dealer is going to retire at the end of 2015 & I was concerned about getting it serviced after that as I would have to drive over 100 miles to the next closest one.  


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