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I love new things and like to challenge myself but I just can't get into EQ.  I bought everything for EQ5 and many extra books, etc., but it just didn't interest me.  Can someone out there teach me the "interesting" stuff about this program? I would certainly upgrade to EQ7 if I could get interested in it.

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I bought the EQ6 a few months ago and working slowing through the instruction book.  A friend and I used it to plan a quilt for Christmas and it really helped.  I don't know if I will upgrade to EG7 and would like to hear comments about it.

I have EQ 5 & 6 I really like the 5 better. It seems to be easier to do and not so many gliches in it. Will I upgrade to 7 ? I really do not think so it was silly enough for me to get 6 when I don't use it.

The only way to get used to the programs is to keep trying to design quilt blocks or patterns. I think it helps if I just do it and not need it for something important, so I don't feel rushed or under any pressure.

Good luck and relax with a cup of coffee or glass of wine but take your time to learn it chapter by chapter.

I agree!  I have EQ6, purchased just days before the EQ7 announcement.

You must use the book and go through chapter by chapter.  I have designed a number of things and have made 2 of my originals so far.  It's fun to scan your fabrics and use them as the colors on screen to see how it will work.

I don't get to use it often but right now I am designing a small quilt for a challenge at my local guild.

I LOVE eq, I have eq6 and have designed LOTS of quilts on it. I will say too, go thru the book.

I had EQ6 and seldom used it. I decided to upgrade to EQ7 and take classes with Quilt University. I love the program now! I made a CT tree skirt kit into a lap blanket. I used the program to see how scrappy I wanted it to be and what it would look like if I set colors in certain areas of the block. After deciding on the quilt, you can use the Print, Fabric layout, to see if you have enough of each fabric. Turned out I couldn't use one color in the body if I wanted to use it for an inner border. I've downloaded lots of free fabrics and use it to play with. I really like how I can design a quilt and see the actual fabrics before I cut.

I'm signed up for the next class with Quilt University. I plan to continue to take all four classes. The instruction is excellent and I know from my past history that I won't learn the program without a deadline! For me, its worth the class cost (about 35.00) to use this program to its potential.

There is no one who teaches EQ in our town or any of the neighboring ones. I'm thinking of teaching it next year when I've completed all the classes.

Quilt university is so darn good.  I've taken several classes with them, as I too am in an out of the way town.  Machine embroidery is probably the way I'll challenge myself these days.  I've just signed up for a hoopsisters class called goosetracks.  I think my traditional quilt days are gone thus my lack of interest in EQ.........oh well, I just keep getting new toys and I stay busy.  Thanks for your input.


Just looking through some groups...saw this...I have EQ7...have done some things with it...I find the book and videos are really helpful....Used it to make borders...does take time....I find I really have to keep with it or I forget what I am doing....I leaned how to scan a piece a material in....was proud of myself....have fun with it...

I know what you mean.  I have eq7  it seems not as user friendly as a simpler one i had from Jenny Haskin

maybe if i didn't work 6 days a week or 9.5 hours some day i would do more but im going to make my self learn it or else   lol

 I have EQ5 and like it a lot but I found that Block Base is just as good or a little better.  I have used both to design some quilts.  I might upgrade to EQ7 but not sure if I want to invest a lot of money at the moment.  Both are good programs.

The basis of EQ5 or more recent is the reading part that scares you away.. Then, there is Angle Play blocks an extension of EQ5 using lots of rectangles. Once I  got friendly with the system it meant more to me.. But agree may not be for everyone.. Each his own method of quilting. One can spend much time on computer designing..

I also attempted the paper piecing program from our quilt library,  much less money.. At this point I of my quilting not my favorite.  I'm very fortunate to belong to a huge guild, where ladies donate much of their tools, books for others to learn..


Do you belong to MPQ Lea?  I was a member there before we moved to cottage country...g


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