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Ihave EQ5 on my computer and want to upgrade to EQ7.  Does anyone know if I have to purchase the complete EQ7 program or can I just get the upgrade?  I have tried to contact EQ7 by email but have had no luck whatsoever.  Thanks. 

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As I read the info on the EQ web site you need to have an activation code from EQ6 in order to do the EQ7 upgrade. I have 6 on my lap top but not my desk top but would be able to load 7 on both machines since I have the activation code. Since you only have 5 I suspect you will need the full program.
Diane, Welcome to the EQ group.

My understanding is you will need to get the complete package, as the upgrade works off of EQ6.
"Requires EQ6 or EQ6 Upgrade; Windows ® XP, Windows ® Vista, or Windows ® 7; and an internet connection. Will run on Macs through Virtual PC or Parallels (XP, Vista, or Windows ® 7 version." (from /www.electricquilt.com/Shop/EQ7/EQ7upgrade.asp )

Activation for EQ7 upgrade requires your codes: "When you install the EQ7 Upgrade you will be asked for the EQ6 License ID and EQ6 Password." (in response to a question about activation made by Penny McMorris, EQ tech support).
Darn - I thought I could get just the upgrade. I appreciate your checking for me and answering the question. Guess I'll have to get the complete program. Maybe I can get some sort of discount on the program as I do have EQ5 already. I have an email into EQ which is the sales department which is different than the one I previously emailed so maybe I'll hear from them and they will give me some sort of discount. We'll see and I will let you know for sure. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to using it as I want to do some designing on it and this might fill the bill. Diana
I believe you can call EQ and upgrade from 5 to 7. I read, I think, on their site that EQ7 is a full version whether you upgrade or buy the full program, but if you are upgrading you need the EQ6 and/or 5 codes to activate. I also read on one of the other EQ7 forums that the difference between the EQ5 to EQ7 upgrade is only like $20 or so dollars difference than paying the pre-order price for the non upgrade, so some of the ladies discussing it said they were just going to pre-order EQ7 as if they were buying for the first time as it did not save them that much to upgrade from 5.

Hope this helps, and try giving EQ a call they have been easy to get in touch with and very helpful.
Diana, have you heard back from EQ yet?
I'll be calling EQ this morning and hopefully I'll get through. Thanks everyone for your help and information.
I just read this on an EQ information site and thought I would copy it here. Penny McMorris is technical support at EQ.

Marie asked: >>>Penny, I have EQ 5 what would it cost me to upgrade to EQ7

We qualify EQ5 users by asking for their serial numbers, and don't publish
our discount, but we do have a special EQ5 > EQ7 discounted price. The
price is lower before May 31, and goes up after June 1. If you call
1-800-356-4219 (M-F, 9-5 EST)they can give you a price.

FAQ from EQ5 users:
Q: Do I need to have EQ5 on my computer to install EQ7?
A: No.

Q: Can I use all my EQ5 stuff, including "Farmer's Wife" and "Civil War
Diaries" with EQ7?
A: Yes.

Q: And my EQ5 projects? Will they open in EQ7?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I need to purchase EQ7, rather than the EQ7 Upgrade?
A: Yes. The EQ7 Upgrade requires you to type in the EQ6 Lic ID and EQ6
Password to install, and EQ5-only users do not have those numbers.

Q: Are you tired of getting questions?
A: Never!!!! (Seriously)

Penny @ EQ
Thanks for all of your help. I'll be sure to get the special and save. I have all the two civil war programs and was curious too about using them in EQ7 but It will be fun to start designing after I get the EQ7 program.


No I'm sure you have to purchase the EQ7 because a few tehns that are different, EQ want to sell programs.

If you want to add try the Angle Play that you can apply to EQ5 and I think EQ7 has that built in it.. Try search engine, read on their site for resume of their programs and compare... 


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