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I am wondering how many are on board for doing the Miniature Paper Pieces Colour Challenge. January is fast moving on and if you are on board you need to pick a colour that you will use throughout and than do your block for January which is Monochromatic. If you look at the picture in the discussion we have had previously, I have chosen green and thus I had to make a block with eight different greens. That was good practice to ensure that I had the blue-greens, yellow-greens etc. Many quilt shops carry small packages of 25 for the Miniature Paper Pieces Dresden Plate and that is a good way to start and know that you like doing this. You can use the paper pieces many times over. If you can't get it locally go to the Paper Pieces Web Site and they will mail them to you. Your mail is so fast in the U.S. you would have them in a few days.

Let me know who is going to do this and if you have any problems and I will try to help. You might want to pick up a small colour wheel also. My Extra Small Yo Yo for the Center I got at Connecting Threads. You also get a circle in the Paper Pieces Package.

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Where can I find the pattern for the dresden plate miniature, I have hexagons but can not find any pattern for this one. If I can not get the pattern and make my own then I will have to pass on the group this time, but would like to do it if I can. Do you know of a web site I could copy a pattern from? MaryLee
Yes, go to www.paperpieces.com and it is under Miniature Dresden Plate #DRE041
I went to the web but you have to order the pieces. I do not think I could order and get them in time and would like to just make my own and get started right away. MaryLee
If you live in the States they come in a matter of days from what others have said. I live in Canada and have to deal with Customs etc. so that slows everything down by weeks. Besides our mail is slower than yours. I know, I know, those of you that live there think yours is slow but move up here and you would appreciate your speed over ours. Besides it was -32C when we went to Curves at 7:00 this morning. That will slow anything down.

If you lived closer Marylee you could trace one of mine. Sorry.
Maybe my husband would let me do a road trip! Yea right :) And as far as the temp, tonight we are to be at -15 degrees. I wish I did not have to work, and just stay home under a quilt while quilting!! :) MaryLee
My goodness you are colder to us. We are -4F right now and going to -34C. Whatever that is in F. Maybe you should come to Florida with us in two weeks. That would be better.
Oh Florida, that sounds wonderful! I got to go in July for the first time ever, and LOOOOOVED it! My husband and I went to Daytona, we both got burnt! But would go back in a min.! MaryLee
We are going to Destin which is up in the Panhandle. Cooler there but you don't shovel it and you don't need to wear boots, mitts, hat etc. A wonderful quilt shop there too.
Mine is from Paper Pieces and it is the Miniature Dresden Pieces #DRE401. Have fun. This would also make a wonderful doll quilt.
I am on board! I have my Dresden Plate ready to applique to my black back ground. It was pretty quick to get it ready to applique on. It is so cute and little! If any one is hesitating because of the time involved in a block of the month it really doesn't take much time to make your block and you can use little scraps of fabric from your stash. I'm going to wait until I make some of the blocks before I decide which fabric to use for my centers. I didn't understand about using all different shades of blue. I just chose whatever blues I found so some of them are similar.
For Monochromatic you pick what your focus colour is to be - say blue in your case, then pick a variety of different values of blue to create an interest. You can pick light and dark shades, gray blues, purple blues, green blues etc. It is amazing when you get going and then have to bring it down to just eight little ones or 12 or whatever size you are doing. Have fun.
My papers came today. Going to be a fun project. I'm using what's left from my color class. Very Amish.


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