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I know I saw it on here somewhere, but I can't find it anymore... There was a question, comment, or link of some kind posted about how to find out how big your quilt will be when it's finished.

I am using 1.5" hexagon papers and have a pattern planned out, how do I figure out how big my little drawing will be in real life. I am guess there is some sort of math involved, but since I am not that inclined in such things, is there a formula or something?


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Hi Quiltastic - I have a calculator at my web site that calculates quilt size for hexagon quilts. You will find it at
I hope it helps.
This is a great site for future reference! Thanks! It will keep me from having to count each one by hand! however, your calculator wants the length and width of the quilt, this is the information I am looking for... I don't know how big my quilt will be.

I am using a 1.5" hexagon, and there are 43 rows and 31 columns. How big will my quilt be? :o)
Quiltastic - Sorry, I do not have the calculations going the opposite direction that you need. But since it is an automatic calculator, you can enter length width values and keep changing them till you home in on the 43 rows and 31 columns. Try a quilt that is 111" wide and 31" long, or 80" wide and 97" long. Those will give you values or # rows and # columns you are looking for. 8o)
OK, sounds good. I'll have to use your site FIRST next time and save myself the hassle! HA! I ended up counting all the hexagons by hand (coloured, plain, part shape, full GFG shape, singes... BAH!!), so it will be MUCH better to figure it out with a calculator instead!

... Just an addition... I put in some random numbers as to how big I thought it would be and got it right on the first try! Too funny! ...
Very Good! You counted well. You deserve a piece of chocolate. 8o)


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