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Watch this space for brand new gift ideas to get you ready for your 2016 holiday season!

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Welcome to Gifty Galore 2016!

Our new Gifty Galore Christmas project season begins July 18th this year and runs through December 19th! And, Anita is back with more wonderful designers! 

We are using the book, Fast, Fun, and More Gifty. It is compiled and written especially for us! Our newest Gifty book is the best ever for preparing a gift-giving extravaganza. There are even MORE small and quick projects. Hey, you'll be able to use the projects in this book all year long!

Get ready… prepare your sewing space, oil the machine, and finish up any UFOs because you’re going to be busy! I challenge you to keep up with us!

  1. Time frame is from July 18th - December 19th, 2016 for the weekly projects.
  2. Please post all project questions on Notions where you will find the complete blog. All information is kept together there for reference later and It's much easier to find!
  3. You can join at any time. If you are not a member of our Quilt With Us Community, click the "Signup and Join" box in the upper-right corner. Once you're a member, you will see a green plus sign and a link to join "Gifty Galore” in the upper-right of the group page. Clicking on the link will allow you to join Gifty Galore.

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Block size                12 1\2" unfinished to finish at 12" Pattern .                  Log CabinColors .                    Center 31\2" square jewel tone ( brights)                                 Logs cut at 2"                               …Continue

2017 Project list.

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Here's a list of projects for 2017. This will be mostly free patterns as selected by group members. Everyone's welcome.#1 The Grim Ripper…Continue

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Comment by Barbara S/IL 40 seconds ago

Good morning. 

I'm a lazy quilter. I try to end the quilting in the edge so i don't have to tie off and bury.

I'm sad thia AM. The farmer neighbor sprayed his field and nowmy little garden is all wilty.

Kim I hope the city gets it's act together and fixes the water problem soon. That's a lot of work for you to keep your basement dry.

Carol that's a sweet babay quilt. Sometimes I like muted but have recenly been more drawn to brights, too. I'm sure the Mom was very happy with it. 

The chairs also broached the subject of letting your animal on the furniture. The person who is in charge of the shelter is very much in favor of letting the pets on furniture. I think she feels the animals are trainable for the new owners.

Comment by Kim Webb 2 hours ago

Good morning, the sun is being and it's suppose to be warmer today with lots of humidity. We got so much rain yesterday. Much more than forecast. I pumped the basement out last night and have the pump running again this morning. We are planning to put a sub pump in the basement but it has to dry out first. Ugh...

Today is a full work day and then I signed up for a EMT core class tonight. I have another EMT covering for me for a few hours tonight since we are on squad tonight.

I like the baby quilt Carol. I bet it's very soft and cuddly. I like the soft colors.

I have to tie and hide all those quilting threads on my chicken quilt also Kathleen. As I have been sitting binding it, I have been contemplating putting some more free motion quilting in it. I'm thinking it's a great piece to practice on.

Well, I better get moving.

Have a great day today....

Comment by Thel in Mid-MO 12 hours ago

I love the baby quilt Carol and I'm sure mom will too.   It looks so soft and ready to be cuddled. 

That'll be a fun day Froggie.  I LOVE that kitty quilt.  I still haven't landed on the right idea for a baby boy quilt.  I need to really decide and get going on that.    My fabrics are just such a mess of disorganization I can't get wrapped around the idea.  

I'll join you with a bowl of ice cream Kathleen.  For now I'm gonna sit and look at the CT catalogue I just got.  I finally made it to the PO today.  

Comment by Kathleen Kingsbury 12 hours ago

Oh Marilyn, that's just awful!!

Kim, that's the first thing I thought of with chairs at the shelter. I never allowed my Lucy on the furniture. She tried a couple times and all it took was a look from me and she jumped right off.

Sounds like the dog park event was a success, Thel. Looks like you had great weather for it.

Carol, the quilt is adorable. That's the sweetest background fabric with the cute animals.

Froggie, are you allowed any kind of snack before bed on Nutrisystem? Maybe you're going to bed too hungry.

I was supposed to have the kids for a few hours this afternoon but those plans changed, so I have started knotting and hiding all those quilt threads. Started on the darkest fabrics first while the light was still good. I think I might be half done. Not sure if I will get back to it tonight. I'm thinking I'd rather enjoy a bowl of ice cream instead.

Comment by Linda Froggie Quilter (Okla) 13 hours ago

Wow, that's a lot of outside work for one day, Mary Alice. Makes me hurt to think about it. 

That's a lot of damage, Lynne. Good thing DH can get it all cleaned up. Your bull has a girlfriend down the street? That just ain't good. You sure have had a lot of things go wrong lately! That's enough! Stop now! I'm sure that therapist can help you out, that is a good one. You crack me up. 

It's an Anita Gooddesign event, Thel. And cutie Taylor will be there with us. He's young and cute, and we all love him! And he's funny. Oh good, I am glad your dog park event went so well! Maybe another one later in the year? 

Yes, that's the corner that made me fret, Barbara! I changed it, and think I like it now. I wanted to add borders to the top and bottom, but decided this morning it's staying as it is. Now I have a bunch of Halloween HST's to do something else with. I agree, if the dogs chew on the chairs, who cares? It's not like they are going to have people sitting in them! They are for the dogs, get them dirty, chew on them! 

That's just crazy, Marilyn. You have to pay for that? I do feel bad for our water meter reader, he has to get his head in that hole, it's usually full of dirt and a big frog. Right now it's full of water. I don't think they will be able to read them for a few months. They will just guess. My quilt is a CT kit from 2012. I would love to make more of that style, but it would be hard for me to get the shadings right. Big quilty hugs and prayers for the pastor and daughter. What a terrible way to lose your wife and son. We see gas explosions on TV like that sometimes. It's so sad. 

Good idea, Kim, have lots of Wheaties. Your poor basement and house. 

I love that cheesecake too, Thel. Mama never made it, but my MIL did a lot. I thought that was real cheesecake! When I saw a big, thick, dense slice of baked cheesecake, I had no idea why it was different! What is this strange dessert? I crack me up. 

Whew, I would be tired after finishing that quilt, Carol! Something you don't like is hard to make. I don't like the subtle either, I like colors to POP! It is very pretty, though, and I know mom and baby will love it. 

I started feeling better after lunch. I have noticed that several times since we started Nutrisystem, I have woke up with no energy for no real reason. I guess it's the lack of sugar and white flour foods. I got a couple of quilt blocks made, and made a list of all my stabilizers. In case they are a good price tomorrow, I wanted to know what I have. There are several types that i better start using. And I got in the spa. That's it for today. 

~Hopppy Quilting~

Comment by Carol Vickers/OH 15 hours ago

Finished a baby quilt today - can't say it's one of my favorites.  It's a little too subtle for my taste but mom-to-be picked pattern and fabrics - all flannel which is also not my favorite.  Backing is a flat silky minky in gray and white.  Glad it's done in time for her shower.

Comment by Thel in Mid-MO 15 hours ago

That news about the price of service upgrades being put onto the homeowners reassures me of why I'm content to be renting.  The landlord gets to enjoy those changes.  

What sad news about the gas explosion Marilyn.  That is such a tragedy for the pastor and his family.     Emmm Love that cheesecake.  What a nice way to top off a delicious homemade meal.  

Interesting thoughts about the dogs on the furniture Kim.  I hadn't thought of that viewpoint, but you're right.    I never thought of training my pups not to get on the furniture.  I guess there are some people that don't allow them. 

Picnic in the Dog Park was great.  One gal came with her two big doggies and two friends came just cause they love dogs and wanted to socialize but left their little doggie home.   There was a couple already there with their two dogs with them.  What an awesome time the dogs had while their mama's sat in the shade socializing.   We actually stayed for over an hour - the time just flew by. 

Comment by Kim Webb 16 hours ago

Oh, how sad Marilyn. 

They put in these new electric meters here this Spring that are transmitting our info right to the billing agency. No one out to read the meters anymore at all. However, I have noticed that my bill went up about $25 a month since then. I will have to look into that because we pay the same amount every month year round so why it jumped I don't know.

Well, with our deluge of rain today I am going to be dragging the house out of the basement again tomorrow. I better have some Wheaties for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Here's another point of view on having furniture( chairs, couches, whatever ) at animal shelters. There are people who do not allow dogs and cats on their furniture. If you are teaching dogs and cats at a shelter that getting on the furniture is an acceptable thing to do, you may be setting that animal up for failure in a future home.

Comment by Marilyn L. 17 hours ago

Barbara, I hope you aren't having to pay for those fiberoptic lines they are putting in. Recently here in town folks have been receiving letters from the water dept. telling about an upgrade to their meter reading system. The upgrade makes it easier for them to read your meter--from their truck...no walking a route necessary. But who is footing the bill? Well, the customer of course!  Not happy, but what do you do?. So they are coming some time in late July to redo ours and I will be paying $120 for THEIR convenience!

Froggie, your cat Halloween quilt is wonderful!  Was it a kit, or did you pick all the fabrics?  Those eyes really set off the cat!

The Bark in the Park sounds like a good time for everyone Thel.  Glad you and Moose had a fun day. Does he like ice cream cones from the drive up too?  We often see folks buying their dogs cones at the ice cream shops.

Lynn, you sure have had more than your share of woes this past couple weeks!  Glad it is getting taken care of, and you sure do deserve that trip to the quilt shop for some "fabric therepy"!

Speaking of downed trees....our niece and hubby have lost 4 trees on their property in the last couple weeks.  They just keel over with a slight wind because the  ground is so soft. Now they are waiting and waiting to get them cleaned up because it's still to soggy and wet to drive on. Thank goodness none hit their house, garage or gas tank. (They have propane)

Terrible tragedy in our area last week. Gas explosion. Home belonged to the pastor & wife of the small church there. He and his grown daughter were in the church for services, but wife and one grown son were at home---across the street from the church! Lost the wife and son -right before his eyes practically!  So sad! They were in their 70's.  Several of the local churches, including ours, took up donations to help with their expenses.

We've been invited for supper at my girlfriends. She's fixing beef and noodles. Yum!  I said I would bring dessert, so made a easy box mix- no bake cheesecake with strawberry topping.

Gotta get cleaned up now. Stay dry friends!

Comment by Barbara S/IL 18 hours ago

Love the cat quilt Froggie.  I like your corner blocks, too. Isn't this the one you were fretting over?

Mary Alice  I don't know how you do it. The groin pain is probably from your hips. Take care of yourself. I guess you haven't found that yard man yet.

Yeah, there were some boo birds on the KCHS site about fleas and keeping the chairs clean. They replied to them that they weren't trying to keep the chairs clean. If the dogs chewed them up, so what. They still have chairs for the dogs.

Wow, Lynne. You do need a fabric therapy day ... or week. 

I've got the blocks in rows. Now I need to decide about the row joining sashing. 

Thel, I'd take a drive thru cone. Too. Hope you and Buzz have fun.


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