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Watch this space for brand new gift ideas to get you ready for your 2016 holiday season!

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Welcome to Gifty Galore 2016!

Our new Gifty Galore Christmas project season begins July 18th this year and runs through December 19th! And, Anita is back with more wonderful designers! 

We are using the book, Fast, Fun, and More Gifty. It is compiled and written especially for us! Our newest Gifty book is the best ever for preparing a gift-giving extravaganza. There are even MORE small and quick projects. Hey, you'll be able to use the projects in this book all year long!

Get ready… prepare your sewing space, oil the machine, and finish up any UFOs because you’re going to be busy! I challenge you to keep up with us!

  1. Time frame is from July 18th - December 19th, 2016 for the weekly projects.
  2. Please post all project questions on Notions where you will find the complete blog. All information is kept together there for reference later and It's much easier to find!
  3. You can join at any time. If you are not a member of our Quilt With Us Community, click the "Signup and Join" box in the upper-right corner. Once you're a member, you will see a green plus sign and a link to join "Gifty Galore” in the upper-right of the group page. Clicking on the link will allow you to join Gifty Galore.

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Started by Cindy. Last reply by Agnes / NW Ontario Apr 27, 2018. 98 Replies

Block size                12 1\2" unfinished to finish at 12" Pattern .                  Log CabinColors .                    Center 31\2" square jewel tone ( brights)                                 Logs cut at 2"                               …Continue

2017 Project list.

Started by Barbara S/IL. Last reply by Cindy Sep 5, 2017. 18 Replies

Here's a list of projects for 2017. This will be mostly free patterns as selected by group members. Everyone's welcome.#1 The Grim Ripper…Continue

Organizer Box

Started by Mari. Last reply by Joanne Maner/TN Apr 19, 2017. 26 Replies

Rectangle Organizer Box:A few…Continue

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Comment by Linda Froggie Quilter (Okla) 7 minutes ago

No thanks, Kathleen. I just wondered if you could flip it. OK square it is. Round is hard, isn't it? 

We have a battery weed whacker too, Thel. But the battery doesn't have a very long life. Even with two batteries, you can't get hardly anything done. It is nice and lightweight, though. I'm glad yours works for your yard. I wish I had a small yard, too. Sis sure is having a tough time all the way around, isn't she? Wow, and you got grapes and grapes! That's a good yard angel and wife for sure. That is a great new fangled wedding, I bet that was fun. 

Your friend's DD's wedding will be nice, Kim! And tell Dad ~Hopppy Birthday~ Yuck, pollen. We still have cottonwood cotton flying all around. It seems to be longer every year. It started before Mother's Day. It usually goes until about Father's Day. We have a lot of cottonwood trees around. And cedar. So, we get a lot of the yellow pollen too. 

Oh no, what happened to that bike, Barbara? Yeah, I have made some of those coasters too. Probably from Mari's idea. They are sew much fun and quick. I hope the frog jumps somewhere else too. We haven't seen or heard him for a few days. Maybe the snake I heard in the grass yesterday ate him. Those snakes have to be good for something. 

It's sunny outside today. It should be getting hot soon. If I go out, it will be to get in the spa. That's going to be about it today. My body sure does hurt today. I do need to check in the garage for that creeper. Then I will be ready for weed pulling tomorrow. 

~Hopppy quilting~

Comment by Barbara S/IL 57 minutes ago

Good morning. It's beautiful here today too. Sunny and not hot. Oh the raccoons are still at it. 

I need to go pick up DS. He had a good ride until the very last inch when his bicycle self destructedl he didn't get hurt but the bike is unrideable. So I get to drive to a state park and pick him up. I'll let him drive to the starting point then I'll need to figure out how to get home from there. Mom to the rescue.

Kim it sounds like your yard is really getting pretty. Happy BD to Dad. I didn't know if hanfging sheets out in the pllen is such a good idea.

So fun to get to go to a wedding, Thel. And it was a twofer. Congrats to the couple on both accounts.

Great job on the leaves, Kathleen. Have you made those coasters that are sort of woven folded squares sewn and turned? I didn;t describe that well but it is a quick coaster and you can even do them round. 


I think we may have made some here at one time.

Froggie I hope the guts get to junp in the pool soon while you are lounging in the spa. Maybe the frog will go live at the pool.

Guess I'd better get going. Have a good one.

Comment by Kim Webb 1 hour ago

Good morning, it is a gloriously beautiful day. This looks to be one of the top 10 days of the year. Then we may get to 80 by mid week. 

Glad you got to watch the wedding and gender reveal Thel. I know a lot of people have had to change plans for weddings and things. My friends daughter was having a big wedding in June but I think they are doing a very small backyard wedding now. They are going ahead with it as they just bought a house in Florida so they are moving right after the wedding.

Today is my Dad's birthday. He is 82 today. 

I have lots more to plant today. I went out late yesterday and worked some more in my flower bed on the side. Took another wheelbarrow full of weeks out and edged a large section of it out. And I do have to clean out the chicken coops also but that may wait till tomorrow.

Boy, the pollen is certainly flying around today. DH washed our cars yesterday and my car is yellow this morning. 

Today is a great day to wash all the bedding and hang it outside so i better get that started. 

Have a wonderful Sunday on this last day of May...

Comment by Thel in Mid-MO 10 hours ago

OH and then...………..I was invited to watch a beautiful simple back yard wedding live.  My friend's (who is my hairdresser) daughter was married this afternoon.  They were busy arranging a rather large wedding for next fall but a baby on the way changed their plans and they got married today.  After the wedding they had a pretty neat gender reveal party.  It was really meaningful to be invited to this new fangled type of wedding.    It's a Boy !! 

Comment by Thel in Mid-MO 10 hours ago

Those raccoons are probably going home sitting back and laughing about keeping you hopping Barbara.  What stinkers.  

I love your placemats Kathleen.  What perfect fabric for them too.  Very beautiful.  

That yard is a lot of work Froggie, good the men are getting some stuff done for you.   Yah,  sis is still coping with her grief and all her paperwork to do because of Earl and then this whole placement with dad is falling apart.   If nothing can be figured out and he comes home, she ends up right back into being trapped in the house.   Yet it's looking very much like that could happen.  His 14 days in the rehab is up tomorrow.  For him to stay there will be $180 a day which doesn't sound like much but when she's lost dads SS right now and then Earls SS, her finances are still in flux.  Her SS will go up $300 a month based on Earls income, but that's still a lot less than it was when they were both receiving it in the home.  It's a mess!  

Sounds like you had a great outing Kim.  That's great.  

Ohhh,  cool on the outdoor fabric Kathleen.  Those are great.  

I got my weed eater.  It's awesome, very lightweight.  Come to find out it uses the same battery as my drill so now I have two chargers and two batteries.  I used the whacker and got the Bark Park all cleaned up.  There's a little bit that needs to be cut with loppers.  I need to do a little work on the outside of the fence, maybe tomorrow.  I haven't really slowed down yet today.  I hope I sleep like a log tonight.  

My yard angel and his wife stopped by for a short visit mid afternoon. They had been grocery shopping and remembered how much I love my green grapes and grape tomatoes so got me some while they were there.  Isn't it wonderful to be reminded that there are still wonderful people in our lives?  

Comment by Kathleen Kingsbury 12 hours ago

The placemats are made with outdoor fabric, so there is no batting or stabilizer. This way they can just be wiped cleaned or hosed off and they will dry easily. I took a scrap to test stitch and made a round coaster. I won't do that again because it was too hard closing the hole and maintaining the round shape. So if I do make coasters they will definitely be square. No leaf shape, Froggie. Unless you want to volunteer to flip them for me? ;o)

Time for tea and a treat. Also getting laundry done. 

Comment by Kim Webb 13 hours ago

That’s a long night Thel. I hope you got some rest today. Garden is looking really good. 
We went this morning to the nursery and i got a bunch of plants. I already planted 3 planters with geraniums and little filler things. I got the herbs planted in a tier planter on the deck. 
We stopped at BJ’s on the way home. The line to Costco was around the corner so we didn’t bother. BJ’s was well stocked and not as crowded as when we went three weeks ago. I should go do some more but the mosquitoes were already out when I was working in my flower bed. I have some seeds to plant tomorrow along with the tomatoes that I bought today.

Those raccoons just keep coming back for more Barbara. There must be something they are looking for. I wonder what it is.

You are making great progress Kathleen. They look really big. Good they are double sided.

Comment by Linda Froggie Quilter (Okla) 14 hours ago

Oh Thel, I bet you have been tired today, but sis sure needed you. When I was dealing with the house loss insurance, I had such a hard time just understanding what I read. Normally it would have been ok, but not then. And that was after Daddy passed, and we didn't know DD2 was going to pass too. 

Good thing you didn't get the damaging kind, Kathleen. I think there's a creeper that's elevated, in the garage. I need to find it tomorrow, because I have about half more to go on Monday. 

Those raccoons need to go away, Barbara! Your poor plants don't have a chance with them around. Yeah, get some snapping mouse traps. 

Those monster leaves are cute, Kathleen! I love the two sides, and you need some coasters. Leaf shaped. I would do that, and make myself battier with trying to flip them. 

I got the back and side cleaned today, all that grass and junk filled up a drum liner bag. I think that's 55 gallons. It's huge, whatever it is. Tomorrow I don't think I will do any yardwork, but Monday, I will try and tackle the front. This yard is so much work! At least Mr. B and DGS2 are working on the pool and the mowing. Hopefully tomorrow they will put the stair railing together. I sure am tired this evening. I hope I can sleep tonight. 

~Hopppy quilting~

Comment by Kathleen Kingsbury 18 hours ago

Geez, Barbara, those raccoons just won't leave your hard work alone! I would be putting some snapping mouse traps in the planters by now. I'm sorry. No mercy. They are just being plain nasty!! 

I just finished the second monstera leaf place mat (I'll be making a set of 6; maybe some square coasters too, with scrap) so you can see they are two sided:

Comment by Barbara S/IL 19 hours ago

The garden is looking great Thel. My veggie gardenis looking good but the raccoons are still wecking my deck plants. I went two mornings woth minimal damage and was beginning to think they had played themselves out. BUT this AM they had attacked every single pot and emptied the majority of them. I had yelled at ttwo of them yesterday afternoon and hoped they would stay away. Instead they must have gone and told on me to the family and come back to show me what's what.  I tried something different and ptotted some individual plants this time. 

Glad you didn't get the straght line winds Kathleen. 

Yes that song is certainly a good one for these times. It was a protest song for the Viet Nam War. Folk songs were popular then. 

Hope you all have a good weekend.



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