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Watch this space for brand new gift ideas to get you ready for your 2016 holiday season!

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Welcome to Gifty Galore 2016!

Our new Gifty Galore Christmas project season begins July 18th this year and runs through December 19th! And, Anita is back with more wonderful designers! 

We are using the book, Fast, Fun, and More Gifty. It is compiled and written especially for us! Our newest Gifty book is the best ever for preparing a gift-giving extravaganza. There are even MORE small and quick projects. Hey, you'll be able to use the projects in this book all year long!

Get ready… prepare your sewing space, oil the machine, and finish up any UFOs because you’re going to be busy! I challenge you to keep up with us!

  1. Time frame is from July 18th - December 19th, 2016 for the weekly projects.
  2. Please post all project questions on Notions where you will find the complete blog. All information is kept together there for reference later and It's much easier to find!
  3. You can join at any time. If you are not a member of our Quilt With Us Community, click the "Signup and Join" box in the upper-right corner. Once you're a member, you will see a green plus sign and a link to join "Gifty Galore” in the upper-right of the group page. Clicking on the link will allow you to join Gifty Galore.

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Started by Cindy. Last reply by Agnes / NW Ontario Apr 27, 2018. 98 Replies

Block size                12 1\2" unfinished to finish at 12" Pattern .                  Log CabinColors .                    Center 31\2" square jewel tone ( brights)                                 Logs cut at 2"                               …Continue

2017 Project list.

Started by Barbara S/IL. Last reply by Cindy Sep 5, 2017. 18 Replies

Here's a list of projects for 2017. This will be mostly free patterns as selected by group members. Everyone's welcome.#1 The Grim Ripper…Continue

Organizer Box

Started by Mari. Last reply by Joanne Maner/TN Apr 19, 2017. 26 Replies

Rectangle Organizer Box:A few…Continue

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Comment by Thel in Mid-MO yesterday

Comment by Thel in Mid-MO yesterday

Sheryl and I walked on the walking path at the park for 45 minutes this morning.  She had to leave for an unexpected change in plans or we probably would have done longer.    It felt good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine walking.  We got to see the geese and ducks and swans.  It was pretty nice.  We plan to do it again Thursday.  

We'll bring the warmth with us Carol Ann.  That's the awesome part of virtual parties.  yahoo    

Catching up quickly cause it's small group tonight.  

Oh boy,  Tessa gets her first road trip to FL.  Too fun!  

I hope you had fun at sit & sew Froggie.

Part of my thing with the exercise is that honestly the pool is so much fun, even tho she does work us hard.  I figure as long as I'm out and there, I may as well put in some serious time.   It may change with time and if things get in the way.  I hope to keep a pretty active schedule tho.  

I hope you do get that yard man Alice. 

Yah, Reggie,  get better please.   

No pictures showing here just big blank spaces.  Oh well.  I wonder if the picture I wanted to show you will work.  

Comment by Kim Webb yesterday
I have all the icons on my phone but not on my kindle.
I only post pictures from my phone though so that's all good.
Comment by Carol Ann Hinton yesterday

Nope, Kathleen.  Icons are all there!

Comment by Kathleen Kingsbury yesterday
Yaaay! Mary Alice, from your fingertips to our eyes, we’ve all read what you said and we are holding you to it. No “might” about it. You NEED to arrange for that yard man.

Is anyone else without icons above the texting box? I can’t bold type or anything. Can’t even post a picture. I can’t blame the iPad because I’ve already posted a pic with it, so I know I had the icons.

Glad to hear Reggie is breathing better, Barbara. I think I’ll be using a needle for leather to sew the Velcro. I’m hoping it will get through the Velcro and the jacket cuff better.
Comment by Mary Alice Espinoza yesterday

I have that sort of bagless vacuum too.  My aunt talked me into buying a Rainbow vacuum from my 2nd cousin who was selling them at the time to try to earn a living. It's a good machine (better be for a nearly $2K vacuum!), but dragging that container of water outside a few times to toss out the dirty water is a pain!   My cousin Felipe bought me a dinky Dirt Devil with a canister.  Let me tell you that vacuum, which he spent less that $50 on, does as good a job as the Rainbow vacuum.  

Comment by Mary Alice Espinoza yesterday

Hello all.  Slow moving here.  Yesterday's yard work caused me some back pain.  I took Aleve and rubbed it down.  It's helping.

Yes, I think a yard man is in this coming summer's schedule. I'll still have to go out there and irrigate once a week, and that's going to hurt a bit. But not as bad as bending over and trying to pull the weeds with roots intact and bag them as I go along.  I might also check prices on hiring someone to help me clean this house.  I can no longer climb up ladder to clean the top of cabinets or to reach the top of the cabinets. Nor can I sit on the floor cleaning the bottom cabinets or under the sink well.  I think I'm going to have to adult handicap proof my house.  Put things I use regularly at easy reaching level.

Started laundry already.  Debating on what to cook.  I still have leftovers and I think that's what we're having.  There's still left over enchiladas, and the fried chicken from yesterday with corn on the cob and green beans in gravy (like my grandma used to make).  As I was washing the dishes yesterday, I quickly figured out grandma was a smart cookie!  By making the gravy after frying chicken and adding green beans to it, there was little greasy pick up.

I've been debating whether to join in on the latest American Patchwork and Quilting sew along.  I think they make the best sew along's next to Bonnie Hunter.  I've looked over the directions and for most pieces I have the dies for them.  And I've got those purple and greens fabrics with a natural background in my stash for it.  I could spend today ironing fabrics and cutting.  The bad part is starching it all.  I keep thinking I should buy that Sta-flo start bottle and add it to water in a buck.  Take fabrics outside and dunk it in the starchy liquid and hang it on the clothes lines to dry stiff.  Then come inside and iron it with steam.  

Comment by Barbara S/IL yesterday

Good morning. It's sunny and chilly here.

Reggie had a sort of rough night but seems to be breathing better this morning.

Kathleen you have quite a few projects to get thru on that ironing board. I love that he wants his pillow fixed and not replaced. Oh, I've used the new Schmetz non stick needles and they work well for those sticky sewing projects. Buying different velcro might be cheaper though.

Those cookies sound great. I don't like baking cookies because of all the in and out of the oven process. Using both oven shelves seems to cause very uneven baking. 

I have plenty of warm clothes for the MH party. I better be sure the antifreeze is up to date on the broom though.

I stayed home from QOV this AM to watch the FQS live feed with Gudrun as a guest. She demoed her stripology rulers. It was a good one. 

I couldn't do 2 hrs at the gym either. Maybe half an hour with breaks.

Comment by Kathleen Kingsbury yesterday
Good morning. Very dreary here. Rain and wind expected all day. Currently 45 degrees. Then tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 26!
I haven’t done any sewing since I got back from mom’s but my ironing board is full of projects and mending. One mending project is a neck pillow that I made for my brother a few years back. He’s used it so much that the fabric wore out in one spot. I have to patch that and secure a couple other seams he didn’t notice. I actually take this as a compliment. I could make him a new one but he wants this one fixed.

Then DH wants some Velcro added to his jacket sleeves. All I have is the sticky back stuff that gunks up the needle. Not looking forward to that. Also need to square up the one doll quilt I’ve been working on at mom’s. I didn’t have my big ruler with me so I might finish it here at home. Then I need to get back to my February project so I can learn if I need to ask around for matching fabric to finish the lower part.

Thel, you are doing so great with your exercise routine. And here I think I’m doing a good thing by getting one mile in on the treadmill every morning. Well, at least Monday through Friday!

And I too insist Mary Alice get the yard man. You really need to do that so you don’t end up hurting yourself. Your good physical health is crucial to taking care of mom. Look at it that way. We all worry about you.

I’m looking forward to partying at the mountain house! I just made a test batch of my chocolate chip cookies using an ice cream scoop instead of a cookie scoop. They came out soooooo gooood! This recipe usually yields about 7 dozen. Using the ice cream scoop I got 31 cookies. I’ll bring a batch and I bet we can eat all of them!
Comment by Linda Froggie Quilter (Okla) yesterday

Thanks, Barbara. THat's a handy thing, I think. I agree, he needs to research no kill shelters, that just broke my heart. And the lady at the front desk was downright heartless! I guess it must be Mardi Gras right now. Isn't Ash Wednesday next week? I hope you didn't work too hard vacuuming.
Slow down, Alice, you're movin' too fast, you've got to make the mornin' last.

That quote is so true, Thel. I need to make some changes, too. Don't know if I could do two hours at the gym. That is a lot, good for you! Yep, my dentist is funny, he has great stories. And get this, I was laying there, with that light in my eyes, so my eyes were closed, and the hygenist walked in. I opened my eyes to look at her, and she had the most gorgeous PURPLE hair! Not bright, but that old lady purple I have been thinking about. I love her hair. She said she's had fun with it. She's raising her DGS's, and one is 9 now, and one of the 9 year old's friends said he likes her hair! She was really tickled with that. 

I think I should change my snowmen hanging to something springy too, Barbara. Maybe it will help. I wondered how you have a backless vacuum. that wouldn't be very effective, in at the bottom, and out the back! I crack me up. I can see it now, dust and dog hair just shooting back out. No need to vacuum anymore, it doesn't work. It's backless. I crack me up. 

I get up at 7, and go to sleep at about 10, THel! Funny how everyone's sleep patterns and needs are different. Good for you again! 

Brrr, Carol Ann. I will wear all the warm clothes and things I have. We will be warm inside the MH for sure. Oh good, you saw the same thing I did about Barbara's backless vacuum. I bet that kite quilt is cute! 

Today  is sit and sew, yippee! There's a few ladies that haven't been there for a couple of weeks, and I hope they come today. I sure do miss them when I don't see them. I have a big tote FULL of projects. I need to take a smaller tote or something, because I reaally don't think I will finish them all today ! I crack me up. 

~Hopppy quilting~


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