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Watch this space for brand new gift ideas to get you ready for your 2016 holiday season!

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Welcome to Gifty Galore 2016!

Our new Gifty Galore Christmas project season begins July 18th this year and runs through December 19th! And, Anita is back with more wonderful designers! 

We are using the book, Fast, Fun, and More Gifty. It is compiled and written especially for us! Our newest Gifty book is the best ever for preparing a gift-giving extravaganza. There are even MORE small and quick projects. Hey, you'll be able to use the projects in this book all year long!

Get ready… prepare your sewing space, oil the machine, and finish up any UFOs because you’re going to be busy! I challenge you to keep up with us!

  1. Time frame is from July 18th - December 19th, 2016 for the weekly projects.
  2. Please post all project questions on Notions where you will find the complete blog. All information is kept together there for reference later and It's much easier to find!
  3. You can join at any time. If you are not a member of our Quilt With Us Community, click the "Signup and Join" box in the upper-right corner. Once you're a member, you will see a green plus sign and a link to join "Gifty Galore” in the upper-right of the group page. Clicking on the link will allow you to join Gifty Galore.

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Started by Cindy. Last reply by Agnes / NW Ontario Apr 27, 2018. 98 Replies

Block size                12 1\2" unfinished to finish at 12" Pattern .                  Log CabinColors .                    Center 31\2" square jewel tone ( brights)                                 Logs cut at 2"                               …Continue

2017 Project list.

Started by Barbara S/IL. Last reply by Cindy Sep 5, 2017. 18 Replies

Here's a list of projects for 2017. This will be mostly free patterns as selected by group members. Everyone's welcome.#1 The Grim Ripper…Continue

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Started by Mari. Last reply by Joanne Maner/TN Apr 19, 2017. 26 Replies

Rectangle Organizer Box:…Continue

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Comment by Mary Alice Espinoza yesterday

Checking in!

Good trip to dentist.  I love that massaging chair!  Too bad I can't bring it home with me! 

Kathleen, those are awesome hand embroidered blocks!  I can't do that for diddly!  

Carol Ann, that's a whole lotta snow!  I agree with Kathleen, let mother nature deal with melting it away. 

Well, I got fabrics for the GE QA with Gudrun.  Still need to iron it all and cut my strips out.

Using the beige background. Fabrics on left are the mediums, and on the right are my darks. I don't know if that bright maroon one stands out, but I liked it.  I tried a gray and light blue background, but it didn't look right. I had better contrast with the beige.  

Yes, I'm still working on sewing those strips for the other quilt along with the magazine.  Goodness it's takes a long time to sew 106 background strip sets and over 120 medium and dark strips sets.  Then I have to cut them all up.  I intend to use the Stripology ruler!

Comment by Kim Webb yesterday

That's a lot of snow Carol Ann. I think the trick is to have it removed while it's still new before it gets that hard ice layer. That's almost impossible to remove. 

Comment by Kathleen Kingsbury yesterday

I remember home ec, Thel. That's where I learned clothing construction. I learned embroidery and crewel and counted cross stitch from kits. 

Wow! That's a lot of snow blocking the way to the mountain house!! Definitely let mother nature take care of that! Or at least let her get a start on it.

Comment by Carol Ann Hinton yesterday

As promised, here are yesterday's photos of the mountain house in the remaining snow.  Residents told us that it was about 3 feet deeper last week.

This is our garage & driveway:

This is the house from the street below:

And here is the house from the upper street, showing the footbridge.

Comment by Thel in Mid-MO yesterday

That'd be so rewarding to work at the library Kim.  I hope you work out a schedule.  Too cool.  

I didn't really learn any of my sewing at home either Kathleen.  How I got started was in home economics (remember that?).  I made my own clothes and that was the start of this obsession.

Comment by Kim Webb yesterday

I agree Thel. Animals act very differently in neutral locations than they do in their own space.

I went out this morning and did some errands. Stopped by the little Springs library to see what was new on the shelf. Chatted with the woman ( Linda) who has taken over the role of librarian. The woman who used to do it is selling her house and moving to Wisconsin to live nearer her daughter's. Well, she was quite a pack rat and in all the years I have been going there, never realized that there were books also in the office area. It is all cleaned up now and so nice. Today she asked me if I would like to volunteer there. They are hoping to expand their hours which would be a great thing. Right now they are only open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10-12. Wednesday afternoon 3-5 and Saturdays 10-3. I would like to do a few hours each week so I told her that after I get back from Florida, I would think about it.

When I got home I tackled the outside bird bath and got that all cleaned up and ready for Spring then I came inside and put the last of the Winter decorations away. Time for Spring colors .

Comment by Kathleen Kingsbury yesterday

So that's what Mojo is really supposed to look like! Wow. Totally new look. Too bad his forever home didn't work out. And yet he's so good at your house with your herd. Seems he would be used to another dog in the household. But I do understand the concern, for sure.

Interesting fact about eggs, Kim. I never knew that. I don't know what I will do with that panel. I won it in a blog giveaway some time ago. Didn't know what to do with it then. Decided to use it to practice my embroidery skills that I used to have. I'll probably cut it up and make a couple table runners. Maybe a couple toss pillows. Something will come to me by the time it's done.

Barbara, my mom didn't do crafty things. I think when she was young she did some embroidery. She was the baby of the family and her sisters sewed, her mom sewed. I probably said this here before, but my mom embroidered my name on the pocket of my gym suit (remember those?) and I always looked at it and thought it was so pretty. No one else had an embroidered name on theirs. I think that's when I wanted to learn to embroider, but mom didn't teach me. I learned from a kit. When I was raising my daughters I didn't do much sewing. I showed my oldest how to do some things she was interested in. My youngest didn't show much interest. Maybe the granddaughters will want to learn.

Thanks for the compliments on my stitching!

I belong to the non-green club too. Last year we went to a St. Pat's party and I had to go to the dollar store to get a green scarf so I'd have something green.

Comment by Thel in Mid-MO yesterday

It was frosty this morning,  but the sun is burning it off and it's up to 37°.  I think it's gonna be a beauty of a day.  

I'm not sure why with the aggression with Mojo.  Sometimes dogs just don't click.  I've been trying to educate the admin that they NEED to do a meet and greet IN the home of the adoptive family, not in a neutral space.  A dog that will accept another dog on neutral ground could be a totally different dog when expected to share his home ground.   Here at my house I don't sit on a sofa and get dogs and cats piled up there for attention.  Most of my sitting is in an oversized office chair where everyone comes and goes in my lap except Moose.   I crate Mojo at night cause Buzz doesn't like to share bedtime cuddles.   I wish the rescue would learn from this,  a home visit WITH the foster dog is a must.   OK, off that soap box now.  

Ohhhh,  a shamrock and a pot of gold Kim.  Those should be awesome and fun too.  

I agree Barbara.  It could very well be that the resident dog doesn't wanna share.  It puts the rescue in a hard place, was it the resident or was it Mojo spazzing. 

Medicare for cats !  You crack me up Barbara.  I hope they both get feeling better.  CAT is still here.  He comes and goes off the porch.  My herd has mostly decided to just pass by him and ignore him being there. I haven't heard from the gal about the possibility of him going to Humane Society with her.   

I'll have to remember the egg floating trick Barbara.  When I get eggs from the food pantry I'm leery about their age.  I'll try that trick next time. 

Look at you Froggie with all those healthy improvements.  You go girl !!   No Irish in me !!    I love stitching binding, send it to me.  I'll get it done for you.   I hope Mr. B's appt. goes well and you get back home to relax.  

There's always That isn't there.  

I'm meeting with Pastor Vic this afternoon to talk about the nsg. home ministry and get some guidance.  We'll also be going through the donated stock at the warehouse to see what there is for supplies for our flower arranging party.  That'll be fun!   I'm really excited to have some one on one time with him.  

Comment by Linda Froggie Quilter (Okla) yesterday

Yum, Carol Ann. Cherry on top! I am mad now, I want your chocolate and I want the Chick Filet new shake. Key lime. Oh that's one of my favorites. If it has the tangy, not the overly sweet. I would  be in the car getting me one right now. Bad Froggie! Did I mention my blood pressure has gone down a lot too? This morning it was 128/83. It's been in the 140's over 90's. 

I can see the snow line, Katherine. I will have to look up that stitch. I've never done it either. I love the little Easter bunny sitting next to the snowman. Waiting patiently for his Easter arrival. You and Barbara sure do some good hand embroidery. Who did I miss? 

That canned meat sounds nasty for sure, Mary Alice. And people eat it! Yuck. I would go vegetarian. 

I didn't mean to burst your bubble, Thel! I invented it! We crack me up. Tell Cat to go away. Welcome back, Mojo! Good thing people can send them back. He won't last long, he's so cute. 

Is this the Non Green Club,Kim? We sure don't have much around this group. It's almost time to go to Florida? Wow. It will be warm. Your toes will be nice and toasty. No, that's my toes that feel cold right now. 

Mr. B has an appointment this afternoon. I wish he didn't, it's going to be a gorgeous day. I want to get out there and do some yardwork. It's only  44 right now. Oh well, those bushes will wait some more. THey have waited since last fall. I suppose I will be forced to stitch down the binding on the Autumn quilt. I got it pinned last night. I also have some things that I need to do in the kitchen. There's always that. 

~Hopppy QUitling~ 

Comment by Barbara S/IL yesterday

Good morning. It's beautiful here. I am so sorry for all thise dealing with floods and blizzards. wind, rain and other awful weather.

I was wondering the same thing Thel. It's probably more the resident dogs not wanting a new family member. I don't think Sophie wants another dog around. 

Kathleen I love your sweet embroidery. I can almost see you new stitch. Did your Mom do any crafty things before her eyesight failed? Are you passing your talents on to the little ones?

Carol Ann, I'm glad the MH is still there. Also hope your DH stays away from tryin to shovel that mountain of snow. The hot chocolate sounded good, expecially the whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.  

Reggie's nose is looking better. I hope he gets more than a few weeks relief this time. Sophie's new medicine seems to be helping some. I think she needs to be on a medicare drug plan.

I remember having to 'float' eggs, Kim. We had a lot of chickens when I was growing up. Once we couldn't find where they were laying the eggs and ended up with about 6 doz. that we weren't sure how old they were. So we had to float them. ( if they float they are too old) Also, to sell them, you are required to wash them.

Wish me luck on getting another HP block done today.

Have a good one.


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