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Welcome to Gifty Galore 2014!

Prepare your sewing space, oil the machine and finish up any UFOs because you're going to be busy! I challenge you to keep up with us.

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  1. Time frame is from July 7th - December 8th, 2013 for the weekly projects. You can join at any time!
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Started by Mari/WA Jun 2, 2011. 0 Replies

Welcome to the group! I've added a FAQ for those of you who have never joined a group here on Quilt with Us before. Q: Is it too late to join?A: You can join at any time, and everyone is welcome! This quilt along group will be ongoing throughout…Continue

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Comment by Lou Ann Bucheimer/MD 1 hour ago

Hello all! Welcome Eileen and I'm glad that you had a great birthday Froggie! Sorry about the froggin' Anne, but it is only uphill from here, right?

Kathy, I love that basket and weaving is something I haven't done yet, but I used to do macrame' (wonder how you really spell that word). I'd love to take a class like yours, but only if it turned out even half as good!

I haven't turned on QWU since last Sunday, and sure love the new look!!

Sheila, we have a lot in common only mine was a husband, not a MIL. Finally his kids came to the rescue, as I just couldn't take care of him any more. When he broke the hip, it was the transition we all needed. He was begging to come home and I would say it wasn't happening because it wasn't safe. While he was at the first nursing home, he convinced the psychologists that I was going to divorce him so he had to go home. He even set up an appointment for me to meet with her too. I think that manipulating must be a part of Alzheimer's too. Anyway your MIL is safe now and so is Dick, and it only cost me all of my deductible and my flex $. It was worth it. So far, I have taken his clothes to him and last night got the second batch of mine moved to his former side. I've also learned to be very strong, as his kids will try to get more out of me. I've changed codes on all of the ways to get in, as he generously gave them to anyone. Cricket and I are enjoying our new life and Dick settled in finally. It took a week, but his dinner buddies have 1 woman and she is taking care of him (his nose, eye, and lips drool especially while eating. She had taken a small pack of Kleenex to him and every time he needed to clean himself up, she'd pat him on the back of his hand with her index finger. He started doing it without a reminder the last time I was there.)

Mary Alice, I really love how your quillo turned out, so festive. And when you were writing about your chicken, the only thing I read was chocolate and I was sold!

Barbara, not only is Tux where he will get vet care, you will also be able to stop in and see him any time you want. That was a win/win answer!

Nuff for now, but keep the goodies coming. I sure enjoy looking at them!

Comment by Mari/WA 1 hour ago

It's been a very eventful day!

I've proofed a pattern and passed on, on second phase of proofing Winter and March 2015 patterns, and writing another advent calender pattern (and talked to Judy about the buttons for it) Phew! Busy but productive!!!

Comment by Anne 2 hours ago

Hi all so far so good..having a happy hump day...haven't done a thing yet. My nook froze. Had to call B & N to get it ok again...sent for new blank checks a month ago..have not received them yet..called the credit union..no record of reorder..they will issue some for me.. I should receive them in 7 tov10 days.. I think your right Froggie...I should have a second cuppa with a little something in it. Oh, well nothing drastic. Sew intoi the sewing room to finish up that sweet little baby quilt. Will post a pic if I ever get. To the end of it.

Comment by Linda Froggie Quilter (Okla) 2 hours ago

Is that your first basket, Kathy? It is gorgeous!

Yes, Barbara, the new fridge is full and the two of us have settled in on where everything goes. And sit and sew is great, I have been wanting to go for a long time, and now I love it! Just talk and sew whatever you want, and go to lunch!

Oh no, Anne, you have ripped out all that stitching? You really needed a cuppa after that! Did you spike the cuppa?

Oh good, Barbara, I bet Tux will love the pampering and all the special attention at the vet's office.

That is one dressed up camel, Mari! And is he yelling for new fabric? Looks like it to me! A new desert quilt, that's what he needs.

Yum, Mary Alice, that sounds like a great lunch, and I have never had chicken mole! But I do love me some chocolate, so I bet it's good!

I had to take Missy to the vet this morning, she has an eye infection. It's been ugly, and oozing ugly stuff, and now it's swollen. He said it's an infection, and gave me some goo to put on it. She won't like it, I haven't tried to put any in there yet. I have been cleaning the bathroom and kitchen all morning. I even washed my trash can, and that little edge above the cabinets. Why don't they put the cabinets all the way to the ceiling so there's no stupid edge and I have more room? Oh well, I had to stop and see what everyone is working on. I wish I was in the quilting room, but decided I better get some of these cleaning things done first.

~Joyful Hopppy Quilting~ 

Comment by Mary Alice Espinoza 3 hours ago

Good morning!  Happy Hump Day!  Love the camel Mari!

Already went outside to water my tomato, zucchini, and yellow crookneck squash plants.  They are looking pretty good.  

Cooking chicken this morning, now wondering what to do with it all.  I think a nice BBQ sandwich and coleslaw for lunch.  Thinking of saving up some broth to make rice and perhaps some chicken Mole (accent on the last e).  It's a shredded chicken dish made with a thick dark red chili sauce made out of pumpkin seeds, spices, chocolate, tomatillo, etc.  They sell the sauce in a thick paste form via Dona Maria, or Costeño in the Mexican food isle.  All you do is add it to shredded chicken and broth, may need a little be more spices depending on what you like.  But it is a one of kind flavor.

Comment by Kathy Biggs/MO 5 hours ago

Good morning everyone.

Anne and Eileen, thanks. And Eileen, welcome to the 'gifty gang'. :-)

Mari, thanks and you  SHOULD try it. It's a challenge to start with, but rewarding in the end. Good thing about this basket is I get to keep it. Too big to ship off to any of the DD's! LOL

Working on DD#1's bag today and have a quilt that needs the quilting finished. Anne, it got a lot of "frog' sewing too! Ugh...Tried a fancy stitch that the machine did NOT like doing on that 'sandwich'. Kept going thinking it would look ok in the end. NOT! Had to rip out one whole row of diagonal decorative stitching. Live and learn! Anyway, off to sew some today.  Have a good one everyone! 

Comment by Mari/WA 6 hours ago

I almost forgot...

Happy Hump Day!

Comment by Mari/WA 6 hours ago

Good morning everyone!

Welcome Eileen! You will have fun here!

Whoa Kathy! I love your basket! Hey, I wanna learn how to do that!

Comment by Barbara S/IL 6 hours ago

Welcome from me too, Eileen. We are gearing up for a great new Gifty season. We have a lot of fun here.

Talked to the Vet last eve. and Tux is now theirs. I know this is the best for him as he still needs lots of time to heal up totally and all the office peoples love him. He is a sweet cat and needs to be somewhere that he will be pampered.

Hi Anne, So glad that unstitching is done. Hope we get to see a pic of your beautiful quilt soon. Oh, not too soon. Patience me. Don't want you to get in a hurry.

Have a happy everyone.

Comment by Anne 15 hours ago

Kathy, your basket is Beautiful. I love .. love...love it.  Mary Alice your quillow came out really nice.  Hey, Eileen M/AZ..welcome aboard..we love newbees. Around here..love the oldsters too.  Just sat with another cuppa..after 3  hours of snipping at those horrid small stitches..All cleaned up tho..  will go back tomorrow and do my quilting the right way without trying to hurry the works.  Gotta be patient. Annie...hey kids bbtomorrow..good nite


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