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Exchange date April 12, 2014

This time the block will be 12" finished.

You will pick one pattern and make all your blocks the same.

Fabric will be Kona White (make sure it says Kona white don't go by looks Kona has many whites). This is your backgroung fabric.

The second fabric is black and white print, with black being the main color.

NO CREAM prints 

At this time it will be only one block per person but if only 6 or 7 sign up that could change.

Cut off date the end of January 2014.

If you can not make the exchange send your blocks to me by March 22nd.

Place of next exchange will be determined by those attending fall exchange meeting, and posted next year.

Quit shop fabric please.

As of January 30 we will close the exchange and go with the names listed below, it was decided by these people to make 3 blocks per person.


1. Becky Wilson

2. Deb VanDePerre

3. Sue Currie

4. Donna Bischoff

5. Lillian

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You did good Becky. 

Cathy and I stopped at the Amish place also.  It was very nice.

Becky, would you put Donna Bischoff on the list above.  Thank you.

Thanks Sue for everything you do for your friends, there not alot of people like you around any more.


Gloria L. are you doing this exchange?


Deb and I were talking about blocks, if there is only the 4 of us do you want to make 3 blocks each?


Becky that sounds good to me or if you think 4 would be better than make it 4.

Can you talk to Donna to see how she feel?


Yes i will talk to Donna and let you know.  How much snow did you guys get?  We got about 15 inches.

Becky, I talked to Donna this morning and she said that 3 would be fine.  She said she didn't understand the 12" finished block.  I told her that her blocks should be 12 1/2" square and that all 12 blocks should be the same pattern or block.  Am i right on that?  At least thats how I understand what you wrote.   Let me know.

Yes your right, so at the end of month I will post to make 3 blocks per person.


Becky one other thing.  Should the 12 blocks all be the same fabric?

yes I think thats what we thought the day of the exchange, each block would use all the same fabric, so if you need 2 black prints and kona white there the same in all your blocks




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