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2017 BIRTHDAY SWAP- sign up till JANUARY 15th!

Started by Marcia (aka "Life is Grand"). Last reply by Tressa Jurries Mar 27. 72 Replies

Tutorial and Pattern Sites

Started by Marcia (aka "Life is Grand"). Last reply by SandyO Feb 27. 68 Replies

IQ LA'ers

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Comment by Lynne (APMom) 6 hours ago

I've been looking too Tressa.  I can't find anything about the machine quilter's show or get to their website either.  It doesn't appear the Cedar Rapid's guild is having a show then either.  I liked that show.

Brr it is getting chilly outside again.  I had to get the warmer coat out when I went to do chores.

If all goes as planned we should be done planting corn tomorrow.  YEAH!

Comment by Tressa Jurries 7 hours ago

Does anyone know if there will be a quilt show in Cedar Rapids in May? I have been looking for information on it and can not seem to find any.

Comment by Jackie Orton 17 hours ago

Yes, Happy Birthday, Rhonda!!  Hope your day was full of fun!

Why do we quilters like to cut fabric into little pieces only to sew them back together again?? :^)  Here are the trays of labeled pieces, 418 in all, to make the 'Family of Three' baby quilt for my expecting son and DIL!  Worked on this last night, so it will be my WIPW!

I thought it would be a fun way to remember all the commotion about April the giraffe and her birth watch.  What did they name her calf, by the way?

Time for 'Leave it to Beaver'!! (My daily fix)!

Hugs and prayers!

Comment by Lynne (APMom) yesterday

Oh and Happy Birthday Rhonda!  Have a great day!

Comment by Lynne (APMom) yesterday

Busy in the fields here, trying to get as much done as possible before it starts raining again. 

Still working on the MSQ Linked Up quilts.  Pretty mindless sewing right now.  I also have a pile of jeans that need repair.  I guess I should just get it done and over with.  Several pairs with the crotch ripped out and two pairs that need new zippers.  Sound like fun repairs on all of them.

I'm getting a hair cut later this morning, trying someone new.  Hate to leave the gal that does it now, I've been with her for over 10 years and we've been friends since kindergarden. She is getting harder to get a quick appointment with and I am just feeling like it is time for a change.  I've been growing layers out since last fall and hate it.  I know this gal won't let me chop it all off, but will help get some style back into it.

Time to get the laundry started and get to that pile of jeans.

Comment by Melzee on Sunday

Thought this morning I would try to get on here.  Not really sure why I have so many problems getting on here.  I'm thinking that since we use AOL as our browser, that has something to do with it.  But my hubby is not a big fan of change, so it will take an act of congress AND God to get him to change.  

Marcia-Aren't glad you are retired?  LMBO  Dad seems to be keeping you plenty busy, not that you needed to be any busier.  

Jackie-The fabrics are SSSEEEWW cute.  I really like the M&M and Skittles.  I'm sensing a theme here.  And best of all, no calories!

Thanks to Andrea, I have rented 2 city garden plots and today is the day that I can get in there and play in the dirt.  Since the weather has been so nice here, I have had the itch to get playing.  Planning on getting all my porch plants this coming Friday.  I figure even if we get some cold nights, I don't mind hauling it all to the garage.  I just love the plants on our porch.  I have been also working on new cushions for our porch swing.  I'll post pics next weekend after it's all decorated and the cushions are done.

Just celebrated 2 years at Farrell's a week ago.  That first couple of weeks I never thought I would still be there.  Started a new challenge this week.  Lots of hikes.  I have lived here since 1980 and never have been to many of these places or knew they existed.  After being house bound all winter, it's great to get outside.

Quilts of Valor doubled me up this month on quilts much to my dismay.  She is normally so organized, but something must be going on.  Told her I would do it this time, but please do not do it again without my permission.  Especially because Ricky has been acting up again.  Sent a text message last Wednesday and still waiting to hear back.  Glad that I decided to tackle the fix on my own.  Sigh.....  I'm not mechanically inclined.  I'm sure I don't give myself enough credit.  Ok, I don't like doing that stuff even though I'm perfectly capable.  LOL  

Should get going so I can get ready to play in the dirt.  Have a wonderful day everyone.

Comment by Jan from Iowa/Arkansas on Friday

Oh my, Marcia!!  How you get as much done as you do is beyond me.  All the work with your Dad is amazing.  Isn't it funny how they never hear the words "don't do that anymore"?  Maybe you could write him a note!!  Hope he and your Mom both get better.

I finished up one of the Halloween quilt projects for my friend.  It is all ready for the quilter.  Not my favorite pattern, but it is completed, well, almost.  I will work on another Halloween one next.  This one involves panels.

Had a man come today and give us an estimate on window cleaning.  The ones on the sun porch are impossible for us to do - way too high in the air.  He gave us a reasonable quote, but won't be able to do them until June 30.  I guess if they have been dirty this long, a little longer won't matter.  Neither DH nor I want to tackle the ones we can do.

The weather here is weird.  Lots and lots of rain.  Not sure how much we have received, but there are flash flood warnings for this area.  We won't be affected as we live on a bluff, but there are places in this town that are at the bottoms of bluff and on creeks.  I'm sure they are overflowing.

The ladies from our church quilting group want to go to MSQC.  I don't know if we can do a day trip or not.  We will have to discuss it.  I'm thinking we are about 5 hours away.  Wouldn't leave much time for actually shopping.  Oh well, it can be discussed.

Have a great day.  Love the fabrics Jackie.  Great deal.

Comment by Marcia (aka "Life is Grand") on Friday

Oh what a deal you got on fabric, Jackie!  Love them all- especially the M&M and Skittle fabrics!  Would be wonderful backings for an I SPY quilt!

Yes, Sandy- organizing a bus trip is really expensive.  I am no longer organizing bus trips because of the expense.  If you don't have enough ladies signed up- it gets even more expensive.  I am now doing a retreat in place of the bus trip.  Gals decided it was a great idea to be able to sew up the fabric we already had instead of buying more!  LOL  In fact, I now plan two retreats for these ladies instead of our one annual bus trip!

Lynne- I was so disappointed I wasn't able to meet up with you to go Shop Hopping.  :)  It was a good thing that I didn't go since my niece got out of school early (1:00) and didn't tell me till I received a text from her at 9:30 that morning.  Also my dad was doing some major work in his truck yard and since I am his new (and only) employee- that meant he was expecting a helping hand from me......

Speaking of my dad and helping him out- even though he 'retired' last June, he can't seem to stop attending truck & large equipment auctions!!!!!  I have told him numerous times that he no longer has any employees or shop tools to assist with his auction buys.  His plan is to buy low and just turn it around 'as is' to gain a little cash.  Well, he often gets caught up in the bidding and doesn't always think about how he is going to get the equipment home......and that's where I come in.  I have been helping him retrieve equipment at a few of the auctions he had winning bids; but his most recent auction about put us both over the edge.  Getting a backhoe, a huge loader, a skid loader, a pickup camper, a field ripper, a water tank on  a hayrack, and more moved from Britt to Rowan was quite an endeavor.  Last Monday and Tuesday I was chaining up log chains, hooking up trailers, hoisting up equipment with loader bucket, etc and by Wednesday I was hurting everywhere.  Sad thing is NOTHING went right as we tried to get things home.  (Long story and won't go into it...just know that some of the equipment ended up being parked on acreages since they didn't make it home.)  Dad felt lousy on Wednesday so gave him Tylenol & ice packs.  Made soup for him.  When I checked on him Thursday he was worse- could hardly walk & in a lot of pain.  Took him to ER and discovered he had an intense UTI.  Stayed in hospital for four days- worried that infection would travel elsewhere.  Brought him home on Easter Sunday (even though doc didn't want to discharge him yet).  Since he had been laying in bed for four days- he had lots of plans made up for when he got out.  All of it involved getting equipment moved to his lot beside HWY 3.  So this Monday and Tuesday was spent hooking up small enclosed trailers to move to lot, large DOT mowers w/snow blades & street brushes, large construction equipment and more were all moved to the lot.  Who would've thought I would be a 'roadie' and a mechanic after I retired??!!  I continue to tell my dad "NO MORE AUCTIONS."  Hope his stay in the hospital convinced him of that.  Now to get his stuff sold!  

Mom has really been struggling.  Many days she doesn't even want to get out of bed.  Few days she hasn't been eating.  Staff calls me to see if I can get her up and at 'em.  One day I bribed her with ice cream!  On Saturday I talked to the head nurse and asked her to take Mom off her new meds (that she had been on for three weeks) and go back to old meds.  All her funk started when they messed with her depression and memory meds

Needless to say- haven't been in paradise for quite some time.  Hope to this weekend!  

Everyone have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!  :) 

Comment by SandyO on April 20, 2017 at 8:52pm

I don't know about a "but" (bus) trip but I sure could arrange for some of us to meet in Hamilton, find us lodging and restaurants etc.  Buses are very expensive and you need at least 45 people to split the costs to make it affordable...plus you have to house and feed the driver.  I put together quite a few when I worked at the Beehive Quilt Shoppe in Mason City.  That being said, there is no reason those who want to meet up there, finding their own transportation, couldn't have a great time together.  If someone has a van and could fill it, sharing the gas costs etc. it's doable.  Carol and I and perhaps her sister would drive from here; it's about a 6-7 hour drive from here if I remember correctly.  I'll keep you all in the loop when we discuss dates.

Comment by Jackie Orton on April 20, 2017 at 5:45pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FROGGIE!!! And also to our sister Betty in Heaven!!  In honor of Betty, I cut the yardage I bought yesterday into pillow case pieces.  Now I just need to round up some coordinating fabric for cuffs and trim out of my stash.

Hugs and prayers.


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