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Comment by SandyO 18 hours ago

So glad your husbands "health scare" made an impression on him so that he's going to lead a healthier lifestyle.  And....27 pounds!  That's amazing; congratulations.  Will we recognize you at the August retreat or should I get name tags made LOL!

We leave for the not-so-sunny South this morning.  When there is cold/snow here it drops straight south and Texas has colder temps and drizzle.  At least you don't have to shovel or scrape anything and spring comes in February!  I'll be online as usual and will have the cutting instructions for the mystery quilt after Thanksgiving.  Anyone else want to join in?  Just look at the Mystery Quilt discussion board for the fabric requirements.

Comment by diane 19 hours ago

wow Rhonda 27 lbs!!! That's fantastic. I sure hope things turn around for your hubby. Men can be babies when it comes to their health.Usually they think they know more than the Docs.

Woke up to snow this morning. They said is was going to snow and it did.

Thursday I raked the lawn for the last time. Worked until I couldn't walk, literally, ended up going to bed at 7 and woke up at 4 yesterday. Went to bed at 9:30 last night and laid awake till after 1. Go figure.

Still working on cleaning my sewing room. Went through the final bag of scraps that was sitting down there And decided to cut as much of those with the Go cutter into Ohio Star blocks. I was texting with Teresa Husman at the time and asked her if it was a sickness that I was planning on cutting the scraps from those scraps into even smaller usable pieces. She said YES it was,,,I'm still deciding.

Comment by Rhonda Huggins 21 hours ago

Its been a while since I posted on here so thought I would check in. The last time I tried, it disappeared. 

Darce, so glad you get to go see that sweet baby soon. 

I have been really busy. Back in Sept. my DH had a bout of AFIB. Spent 2 nights in the hospital before they got it regulated with medication. He was and in some ways still a mess. Lets just say it was a life changing event for him. They told him no alcohol with the meds and he stopped drinking. Has not had a drink since. He also suffers from anxiety and they tried to put him on xanex but he had all kinds of allergic reactions to it. He decided he would stop taking that and not take anything. We go see his cardiologist this Wed. afternoon, so hopefully he will answer some questions and put his mind at ease. The hospital stay was tramatizing to say the least because he does not like needles, had never had an IV and the list goes on and on. He is not a good patient either. I basically had to tell him that he was staying at the hospital and didnt have a choice. 


Then of course this is my super busy time of year at work. We fixed 41 Thanksgiving baskets to give low income families yesterday. Now in 2 1/2 weeks we have toy distribution. Seems like the holidays are just coming upon us to fast.

Anyway I am fine. I have lost 27lbs since May 31 and feel great. Try to walk everyday, unless its too cold. Eating low carb. I am currently working on Christmas stockings for my 2 youngest grandsons and have lots I need to do before Christmas. That is enough rambling for now. Hope you are all good and wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Comment by Darce Ovel yesterday

bought plane tickets to go see that new sweet girl - leave 12/6.   Can you say excited?!?!  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the bank Natalie works at is upgrading it's online banking system, so in Jan and early Feb, she's going to be putting in quite a few late evenings and weekend hours.  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to leave work in time to pick the twins up on those days and get my year end work done too - well, like Miss Scarlett says, I'll worry about that tomorrow (or much later).   I'm making a bit of progress on Zoey's quilt - the plan is for it to be all done so that I can take it out there with us.  Keep your fingers crossed, because there's a lot going on between now and then!  Sounds like snow tonite - guess I don't have anywhere to be tomorrow.  

That's good they had your microwave in stock Jackie - no fun when appliances go out just before a holiday - but better than ON the holiday!

Peg - no doubt you're enjoying celebrating Vivi's birthday!

Oh Jan, a pedicure sounds so wonderful - it's on my to-do, just keep getting bumped down the list.

Tressa, sounds like quite a decision, but I know which way I'd be leaning!

Marcia, hope you get your back in shape again quickly!

Guess it's time to help get the twins down.

Comment by diane on Thursday

That looks just like my microwave! Would not be surprised that have it break down. 

Raked the lawn for the last time this afternoon. I don't care what happens after today. I'm done. 3 times is enough.

Comment by Jackie Orton on Thursday

Today brought an unexpected trip to DSM and Lowes to purchase a new microwave.  I opened the door to the old one this a.m. to heat some bacon for breakfast when I heard something tumble inside the door.  I tried to start it but it was like it didn't know the door was shut.  After DH tore it apart he found a broken plastic piece that is supposed to hold a spring on the latch.  No way to fix it.  So to DSM I went.  My daughter Kaci said the same thing happened to their previous microwave.  Different brands, but interesting that it happened to both of us.  I was SO happy that Lowes had my replacement model in stock.  Got it home in time for DH and DS2 (TJ) to install it!  Yay!  Good to go for turkey day!

I need a mani-pedi, too Jan!  Just need to find time to do it.

Hugs and prayers.

Comment by Jan from Iowa/Arkansas on Thursday

I am going to get a pedi later this morning.  I am looking forward to just sitting there and have someone make my feet pretty!!!!  Friday I get a "boob smash" that was supposed to happen June, but I kept putting it off.  No problems, just lazy.  I finally decided to just get the appointment make and was surprised when they said three days away!!!  Oh well, it will be over and done with for another year.

I have started on the t-shirt quilt.  Actually, I have 2 shirts cut apart - that's all I've done.  Maybe this afternoon I'll do more.

Not much else going on.  Getting stuff ready to head for IA next week.  Looking forward to see the family and catching up with the grands.

Congrats Darce on the new grandbaby.  Love the name.  Grands are the bestest!!

Have a good rest of the week.

Comment by Peg on November 11, 2018 at 8:27am

Congrats on that sweet new grand baby Darce.  Babies are such a blessing.

I’m heading to Portland Tues to spoil those cuties  and celebrate Vivi’s birthday.  Then the end of the month I’m taking my Mom To WI to spoil the twins.  They are doing great - have each gained over 2 lbs already. 

I now have new counters and sink in my kitchen and love them.  I can’t wait for the backsplash to get done.  Since they took all my drawers out to put the counter in I told them to just leave them out and been cleaning and rearranging them- have 2 more to do.

There’s not much quilting happening. I have a “roads” top that needs to be quilted for the Portland kiddos and a Christmas wall hanging that needs quilting for my Mom.  I’m adding some of the beautiful crocheted and tatted snowflakes her mother made to the wall hanging. I like how it’s turning out.

Enjoy this beautiful, sunny day!

Comment by Tressa Jurries on November 11, 2018 at 6:41am

Good morning everyone. I have been checking in every once in a while and trying to keep up with everyone. Trying the key word in that sentence. I am now 2.5 months into me 6th Pioneer season. Field inspection went really rough this year. My FTR or full time partner was new at the whole thing so there was NO fun had at ALL. Not sure I'll be doing it next year. I was brought into the plant early to learn a new job of which I am not thrilled. I am now loading trucks when not doing Trubulk. The main job I will be doing this season is Trubulk and Probulk. Trubulk is loading trucks with beans directly from the bins. I am to get the drivers number and how they want loaded, heavy in front or back or the simple way half and half. We like half and half as there is no math involved. I also blow off the trailer gates of dirt, beans, and other unwanted material. Sounds SO easy right! Until you factor in the stairs. Each truck is 2 to 4 trips down and up the steps. Probulk is loading trucks (grain trailers) by the previously fill boxes that we have to dump into a hopper before it goes onto the trailer. 

Trubulk takes about 12 minutes to load and Probulk takes 30 to 45 minutes to load. We would much rather do Trubulk. This plant is trying to get a million units out before January 1st. (One box is 40 to 45 units depending on seed size) Not sure if it will happen this year as harvest was pretty slow.

Friday was a day from hell. The trucks was running late because of the weather and road conditions. Then I guess the conveyor belts do not like to be cold. The one was slipping which cause an over loaded belt which then dumped beans in the pans under the belt until it was full and the conveyor faulted out. Between helping empty the pans, which we had to do twice (because of maintenance guys that did not know what they were doing and just watched it fill up again) and cleaning up the mess, which involved getting a forklift really really stuck, I spent 6 of my 9.5 working hours outside in a wind tunnel.

Went Friday ate my lunch and supper and went to bed. (6:30) My life is SO exciting right now, not. Not getting much quilting done. I may have to rethink which job I really want to keep. I enjoy the pioneer job but I am getting paid the same as the new hires and not what I am worth. It is also stopping the growth of my business. Dang think I just answered myself!!!

Comment by diane on November 11, 2018 at 5:49am

Hello all, I'm still plodding away on the black quilt!. The instructions are so awful, but I think I'm on the homestretch now. I won't get it finished today because we are going to Harper's violin recital this afternoon then out for supper. 

It's Granddaughter Katelyn's birthday today but all we can do is send love long distance since she's one of them in Florida.

Kim just came in and said he has huge bird tracks on the top of his pickup,,scratched the paint and everything! Must have been a goose or wild turkey by the size of them.

I'm still trying to talk myself out of going to the huge fabric tag sale in Ames next weekend. BUT if anyone wants to go, let me know, it won't take much prodding to get me there. We could team up, grab what we can and huddle in a corner and go through it to share !!! HA I've been to these sales before and know how it goes. Grab what you can reach and decide later if you really want it.

Yes Jan that husband of yours is a keeper! Not only a talented woodworker but tells you to buy more fabric too! Wow unheard of.

The new quilt shop in town opened Friday. I haven't been but I'm on their FB page and they posted pictures. So far I'm not impressed. Not a single shop sample on the walls and the fabric didn't make me swoon and not much of it I didn't see much in way of patterns and books either, very little choice of batting. I would like a place I could get Quilters Dream locally. They are dealing in Phaff machines but if they don't have in house service like Iowa Falls and Ames it could be a rough sale. I'm sure it will get better as time and experience goes on.

Drop me a line if you want to do the sale next weekend. 


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