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2019 BIRTHDAY SWAP- "Woven Ribbon" block (NINE participants)

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2020 August Retreat- Decision MUST be made by July 25th

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Comment by Linda Fischer 13 hours ago

Finished this today.  Been working on it since the beginning of December when my replaced hip let me spend time sewing.

Diane, same thing happened to my mom in the nursing home.  My brother and i were willing to sign off that we wouldnt sue.  They said no.  Their solution was to put a pad on the floor next to her bed and put the bed down as far as it would go.  She still fell out, but didn't fall far.  Ridiculous.

All take care and stay safe.

Comment by Lynne 19 hours ago

I've taken a break from my mystery to get my comfort quilt blocks done.  I will hopefully have them ready to be in the mail on Tuesday.  Peg how long is it taking you to get each week's clue done?  She said at the beginning about 3 hours a week, but they seem to be taking way longer than that to me.  

I don't think our public health is taking names for a list at the moment.  They are waiting for the state to decide what the heck is going on first.  We are still in the under 65 group so I'm guessing it will be a while.  I will try to get on as a care giver for my mom. 

Not much else exciting going on here.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry and sneaking in a little time in the sewing room.

Comment by Jan from Iowa/Arkansas 19 hours ago

Good to hear from you all.  Sandy you always keep busy when at OPC.  Good for you.  Peg, so glad your mom has recovered and doing her thing. 

We have a trace of snow on the ground, and the wind has finally stopped blowing.  It had gusts upwards of 40 mph yesterday.  Cloudy and gloomy, but still not as bad as Iowa. 

I contacted DD#2 yesterday and asked what to do with the blocks that didn't have any fabric for sashing or borders.  She said to supplement the fabric as needed, keeping track of cost.  She is grateful that the blocks will be put together instead of stored in plastic bags for another 20 years.  Three done and 8 to go!!

I couldn't sleep last night.  I went to bed, got cold and couldn't get warm.  I finally got up about 12:30, made a hot drink, put on a sweatshirt and read a couple newspapers and magazines.  Then I played computer games for a bit.  Finally at a little after 4, I went to bed.  I woke up at 7:25, in time to turn on the TV and watch Love of Quilting at 7:30.  Now I'm in the sewing room, but not sure how long I'll last today.  I don't want to take a nap as that will result in no sleep again tonight.  I haven't done this in months.  Very strange.  I have been getting such good sleep every night.  Oh well, maybe it was the wind blowing and the wind chime tinkling!!

All of you take care and be safe.

Comment by SandyO 20 hours ago

Always glad to hear my IQ sisters are staying healthy even in the face of caring for their loved ones, dealing with family struggles on top of icky weather.  Quilters are strong people!  I keep thinking of the lady who died AT her machine; she was a dedicated quilter and was doing what she loved until God called her.  She is probably making angel covers now! 

Those Villa Rose patterns sometimes come in handy.  I'm going to teach one here at OPC to help people learn to make accurate 1/4" seams and do some simple seam matching with a rail fence block.  It's called Basket Case.  I taught a Jelly Roll Race class last year and those people can move on to something just a tiny bit harder since with this one they have to do some sub-cutting. They have to know how to use the cutters and rulers before the class.  Our craft room is limiting occupancy to 6 people so it won't be a large class and I have a friend helping.

Comment by Marcia (aka "Life is Grand") 21 hours ago
Peg- bless your mom's heart that she's 89 and still exercises on a treadmill! So glad she has recovered from Covid.
Rhonda- it's so hard to watch a parent experience 'confusion' and become out of touch with reality. I'm sure JoAnn would love to come back to Iowa for a visit, but that is a high risk for both her as well as the rest of your family. Hoping JoAnn continues to remain healthy.
Jan- good decision to box up the quilt top & send it back. WAY TOO MUCH work for a quilt that you are not sure who made it AND not knowing if someone will adopt it & love it. Your time can be better spent on other projects- like the numerous charity quilts you make!
Great job on your Y/B/W comfort blocks, Sandy O! Hope everyone is staying safe at OPC.
Hubby called our area contact # for our vaccinations and when he hung up, I asked him when we will be getting our shots. "I dunno. We're added to the list and they will contact us." Okay- so I basically know nothing!
Spent yesterday hand sewing the binding on two quilts (couch size & baby). Today I have more bindings to sew on or I can head off to PARADISE and continue sewing blocks. I mentioned previously that I have been doing some fun, mindless Villa Rosa patterns. Have constructed several tops, but the one I'm presently working on is not grabbing me. I'm using warm colored strips for the quilt top and it's "okay" but not one of my favorites. The focus fabric I picked out looked better on the bolt than it does in the blocks! DANG! Hate when that happens! LOL
Everyone have a SENSATIONAL SATURDAY! :)
Comment by diane 21 hours ago

My brother in law was put in the local nursing home in skilled care. There really is no hope he will ever come home again. The 1st night he was there he fell out of bed!. My sister had to request bedrails because of a new law. I guess someone deemed bedrails were considered imprisonment. Sis came over for a glass of wine the other day after a zoom meeting with the nursing staff. He was one of Kim's classmates and they were fairly close friends (then he became a major ahole) so it's hard to imagine someone our age in that situation

I was able to get out and do some hiking while the weather was nice this week. Now it's cold so I will have to get on the treadmill, which I hate. I wouldn't mind the cold so much but it's icy too and I don't want to fall.

i'M STILL WORKINg on the Bonnie Hunter mystery too. I would be done if I hadn't done the string blocks in the final border wrong 3x!

I have been put on the vaccine list in Polk county. Story county doesn't even have a list to get on! I was put on through Child Serve since I am Harpers respite care giver. She coming today to spend the night. I'm hoping we can play in the snow today, then make donuts! I asked Shelby about going to a movie, but apparently Harper isn't interested in seeing movies. She said I could bride her with popcorn, but really what's the point? We have popcorn here! LOL. So snow angels and arts and crafts in where it's warm.

Comment by SandyO yesterday

Glad to hear your mom is up and at 'em again!  And, you're right, when you get to be 89 you can do what pleases you...for the most part LOL!

Comment by Peg yesterday

My Mom seems to be totally recovered from Covid!!  Her quarantine was up on Tuesday so she went out to run some errands!  She did say she’s not doing her treadmill yet.  We all told her to not overdo but as my sister said, she’ll do what she wants.  At 89 I guess you have that right.  

I’m still working on the BH mystery.  I get bored making the same block over and over so I have about half the blocks made, a few sashings  made and one row of blocks sewn together.

I zoomed with the 2 yr old twins today.  Their Daddy (my DS)  texted and said “they are wild  today and it’s too nasty to go outside so can you zoom?”  I never turn that down.  They were showing me all their trucks and Lego creations and gave Daddy a break for a little bit.   They were making drills with Lego because daddy has one and they really want to use it - lots of imagination.  Lol.   I need to get a vaccine so I can play with them in person!  Hopefully soon.  

Comment by Rhonda Huggins yesterday

Also went back a few pages to get caught up. So far my family has done well thru the pandemic. My dads sister had it but she got on antibiotics and an inhaler right away and seemed to do ok, got over it. I am being considered an essential front liner. Not in same catagory as health care but maybe the next phase. Social work and Outreach is what I am. I am so glad to be getting it. I think this is the only way to get this all behind us. My sister JoAnn is setting in the hottest spot in the country. I worry alot about her. So far so good. My mom turned 92 in August and these last few months have been a roller coaster with her. Sometimes she has her wits about her and other times she talks about divorcing my dad. WTH. Right now we are all in her good graces. Makes it hard because JoAnn would like to come back and see mom but its just to scary right now for everyone with Covid. So we all just plug away and hope for the best. My office is still not officially open but we do let folks in to shop the clothes closet by appointment, they have to wear a mask and answer the covid questions. All services are still over the phone. I am thankful for that.

Today I stayed home because of the blizzard. I have driven enough bad roads in my life. Dont do that anymore. Well I have rambled enough, I will try to check in more regularly. Prayers to all in need and stay safe.

Comment by Rhonda Huggins yesterday

Shoot I just got on here and see that I am a slacker. I need to make some blocks and get them to Jackie. Sorry ladies, I will get on that.


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