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Comment by SandyO 14 hours ago

Jan, after reading your comments we (two couples) went to see Samson while we were in Branson last week.  Amazing!  I was so impressed I bought the DVD plus the other set of five performances they have done in previous years.  I'll show them to my church group and Bible study group.  Only other thing we did while there was the Showboat Branson Belle...that was fun too; a good show and a passable meal.

Comment by Jan from Iowa/Arkansas 15 hours ago

DH is much better now.  We went to church yesterday.  He still doesn't have much of an appetite, but he figures that is okay as he wants to lose some pounds anyway!!  Makes it hard to plan meals - never know if he will eat or not.

I have several utility quilts to make backings for.  Think I'll use some corduroy from my stash and also some sweatshirt fleece.  I won't have batting in them as I think they will be heavy enough without it.  Plan on either giving them to the police, highway patrol or battered shelters.

I wrote down a couple patterns from MSQC to use up some jelly roll strips.  I can't find the patterns from the ones I made in AZ three years ago.  Probably tidied a bit much and pitched them.

Have a good week.  (Can't believe this month is almost over!!!)

Comment by Jackie Orton on Saturday

Oh, Diane, so sorry for the drama.  I hope the good memories will block out the nonsense asap!

I got 4 quilts quilted in 7 days!  That's probably no big deal for you seasoned long-armers, but I've never done that many in such a short period of time.  Two QOVs for the local group and two alumni quilts.  Got one of the alumni quilts 'farmed out' to a classmate yesterday to do the binding and got one ready this morning for me to bind.

Speaking of yesterday, spent a relaxing afternoon on a pontoon at Lake Panorama with classmates.   I kind of needed that after a week of quilting!  It was a little cool, but comfortable with jeans and sweatshirts.

Celebrated Baby Jaelyn's 1st birthday last Sunday and her actual b-day on Monday.  She had so much fun with all sorts of family to entertain!!

Riley's first high school homecoming is this coming week and activities start tomorrow since she is on the Student Council.  She will help decorate the school hallways to be ready for Monday.  She is really liking high school so far, so I hope it continues!

Not much else newsy.  Hugs and prayers.

Comment by Lynne on Saturday

Oh Diane, you don't know how close I came to texting you Thursday to let you know I was hoping your day was drama free.  I hope everything calms down quickly.

We had over 4.5" rain this week.  The creek is out, that will make for slow harvest in that field when it dries up.  

I started on Baby M's quilt this week.  It shouldn't take long.  My mom has named the baby Susie since they aren't telling the name.  I haven't seen the parent's to be since the end of July.  She isn't one that post's "the bump" to Facebook every week so I have no idea what she looks like.  

I got out the box of baby things I saved for oldest.  I was disappointed to see the cardboard box stained a couple of the receiving blankets someone made for him.  Thankfully it didn't get on the embroidered quilt my mom made or the afghan that a friend made.  Any suggestions on getting the stains out of the flannel blankets would be great.  I tried oxyclean once in the washer but I might try a stronger solution and let them soak.

Dryer is beeping time to go fold!  Happy Fall Ya'll!

Comment by diane on Saturday

happy Saturday everyone! Well we had Dad's funeral Thursday.  It was a very nice service BUT to say it went off without a hitch would be a big fat lie!

On Monday my mom who must have been feeling left out decided that she should invite my sibs and I and our families and all of the family from her side ( several of my cousins from the Mason City area came since they had stayed in contact with dad over the years since THEIR father had worked for my dad) to her house after the funeral. When my sister and I said no we wouldn't go because we both had other family to be with mom got mad, started crying (in front of my friend Marilyn) and stormed off. As it turned out none of the cousins planned to hang around afterward anyway! 

Then as the service was just about to start, one of my mom's cousins gets there--DRUNK-- proceeds to "fall" over the pew as she is trying to take her seat next to mom,,stands up and loudly tells the congregation that she just fell over the pew, when mom tries to hush her she then says G** D*** you mean I can't even ta;lk?  My daughter sang at the end of the service AND THIS SAME COUSIN AND HER SISTER are standing up talking very loudly so mom can't hear Jill.

Then yesterday when my sister went over to step moms to look at cards etc. from the funeral, she said she would take the ones that were addressed to her, home and send out thank yous if needed. Doris said no--because she had heard of families where members had split up cards and some people just pocket the money. Cheryl asked if she really thought she'd steal dad's memorial money, and Doris just said well I've heard of that happening. My brother was there too so there was a witness! Oh dear.

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful day!

Comment by Darce Ovel on Wednesday

rain, rain, rain and flash flood watch until tomorrow afternoon.  DH dumped 2.5" out of the gauge after work yesterday, no idea how much we've had today.  Hot again tomorrow, then nice fall temps - yay!!!  Decided on a pattern for new granddaughter's quilt.  DIL sent me 3 ideas and I actually had the pattern for one of them (and could find it) and it's the one I liked the best.  I have the focus fabric, so have to decide on the other fabrics.  I just tried to install Quilt Pro on my laptop so I could play with colors up here, but it won't activate.  It could be that I've already activated it the 3 times allowed - this version came out in 2010, so that's a few computers ago.  I went online to look for a newer version, but there isn't one, which surprised me.  I emailed tech support, so we'll see.  

Hanging with the twins today - kind of a whiny day for Freya, but she's very open to snuggles and I'm always up for those.   We have pumpkin muffins stirred up - need to get them into the muffin pans and bake them.  These seem to be a favorite as I can't keep them in the freezer!  Probably should go get the clothes out of the dryer and the next load in.

Diane, I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad.

Jan, hope your dh is feeling better.

Peg, I'm sorry for the loss of your aunts.  You're right tho - falling asleep and not waking up is the way to go.  Wow, won't be long till you have those 2 bundles in your arms!!! 

Comment by Jan from Iowa/Arkansas on September 18, 2018 at 1:39pm

DH has been sick since Friday night.  He runs a fever, then chills, headache.  We think it is the flu, but he has no stomach issues.  Hasn't eaten much since Sat morning.  I am staying away from him and spraying Lysol a lot!!!  Hope he is better soon.  Not good to see him like this.

I am sewing binding down on a donation quilt.  Almost done with it.  I have the silver/gold quilt to sew the binding on.  It is still laying on the bed and I walk by and admire it!!  Such a pretty quilt and I love the quilting.

Not sure what will be next.  I have a t-shirt quilt to work on but no hurry as it doesn't need to be done until next May.  I plan on getting it done long before that.  Just want to be sure I have all the t-shirts before I start.

Take care and have a good rest of the week.

Comment by Lynne on September 18, 2018 at 1:07pm

My goodness it went from "Man it's hot" to "Ooh it's kind of chilly" quick late yesterday.  We've had an inch of rain already today.  Now if only the mosquitoes and no see um bugs would go away.  You step out the door and they attack.

I actually spent some time in the sewing room this morning.  It was mending jeans but it's the first time the machine has been turned on for a while.

Not much else exciting here except I'm thinking of digging out a sweater.

Comment by Jan from Iowa/Arkansas on September 15, 2018 at 11:39am

Got home from Branson just before noon.  It was beautiful weather and we had a good time.  "Samson" was very good.  It was at the Sight & Sound Theater and was about 2 hours long.  They do biblical story musicals there.  We have seen several and all are big productions.  There are live animals, usually good humor and of course the story itself.

We are ate too much and I was miserable from eating too much.  We did play games in the evenings and kept watch on the hurricane in the Carolinas.  I even shopped for a couple of tops.  I did not go to the fabric store as I had planned, but didn't really need anything.  I would have been the only one interested in fabric, so opted not to go.

So sorry to hear about Diane's father.  We are never ready to lose a parent regardless of how old they are.

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Comment by Peg on September 15, 2018 at 9:02am

Diane, I’m so sorry for your loss.  It’s never easy even when we are expecting it to happen.  Hugs to you and your family 

I was at a funeral for my aunt this week.  She was diagnosed with an inoperable neck tumor about 10 days ago, went home with hospice care on Friday and died on Tuesday.  It’s all been a shock for her family but they were all able to get there and were relieved she didn’t suffer at all.  

This is kind of eerie.  Another aunt ( mid 80’s) died about 2 months ago.  On the day she died she told her son it was her last day and there were some things she wanted to do.  He thought it was weird since she wasn’t having any medical issues but humored her and they spent the day doing what she wanted.  After dinner she said she wanted ice cream for her last day.  She then went and sat down in her favorite chair, went to sleep and never woke up again.  That’s the way to go!  

I finished both twin’s quilts.  They are at 34 weeks now and all is still going great. They will induce her at 38 weeks if she doesn’t go before that - so exciting! 


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