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We certainly accomplished a LOT with the "Stash Buster and UFO Basher" last year, so I will be organizing a similar activity this year!  However this year, we will be focusing entirely on shrinking our stash.  An additional change this year is that we will be doing it on a MONTHLY basis.  There will be a small prize for each monthly winner.  But...there will also be a GRAND prize for the gal who is the overall monthly winner at the end of the year!  So this year, it will be little steps (monthly) to master a huge accomplishment:  BUST THE STASH!!!!

In 2012 we will be focusing on trimming down our stash.  You know how many resolutions involve weight loss and slimming down?!  Well, instead of working on our body...we are going to work on our stash!!! lol   To be a member of this group you are encouraged to USE THE FABRIC IN YOUR STASH that was purchased prior to January 1, 2012.  You may start new projects or finish old projects- but choose the fabrics from your stash. (Anything purchased during this 2012 year canNOT be counted as part of your stash!)  You will need to keep track of how much fabric you use out of your stash each month.  The easiest way to do this is measure your fabric piece before you use it in a project and then measure your fabric piece after you are done using it.  That will help you determine how much fabric you have used! Even easier-if you use only fabric from your stash for your quilt, the pattern you are using will tell your yardage. Who wants to join me on this quest to shrink our waistlines...er, I mean stashes???

I know several of you who have that competitive edge and will be enticed by this challenge! Sometimes a task (e.g. shrinking your stash) can be better accomplished with a 'support group' cheering you on!  "YOU CAN DO IT!"- yelled while shaking my pom-poms (how's that for support?)!!!

So, let's take it one month at a time!  Tell us about the project you are working on that is helping you deplete your stash.  You are encouraged to post pictures of your projects!  And remember to post the yardage you use from your stash each time you complete a project!!!  (YES, a quilt top will count as a completed project- even though it is not quilted!  Oh- and don't forget to count the yardage you used to prepare a backing for the quilt top!)  Remember:  you cannot count any newly purchased fabrics for your project....ONLY what you use from your stash.

If you need to buy some fabric to complete a project...we promise we will not bully or intimidate you!  Our goal is to see how long we can go without purchasing fabric and to see how much fabric we can use up from our own stash! 



STASH yardage used during the 2012 year was an amazing 1,179.67 TOTAL YARDS:

Andrea- 11.02 total yards

Betty-  196.15 total yards 

Deb S.- 42.6 total yards

Diane-  333.86 total yards

Froggie (Linda)- 4.5 total yards 

Jan- 177.75 total yards

Lynne- 89.2 total yards 

Marcia- 111.75 total yards 

Pat A.- 117.99 total yards 

Peg- 64.75 total yards

Shirley- 13.5 total yards 

JAN. Stash Busting Queen- Betty (33.6 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 178.7 yds

FEB. Stash Busting Queen- Diane (38.5 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 88.94 yds

MAR. Stash Busting Queen- Diane (70.46 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 135.21 yds

APRIL Stash Busting Queen- Diane (29 yds)/ TOTAL yardage for group: 73.72 yds

MAY Stash Busting Queen- Lynne (39 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 86.65 yds

JUNE Stash Busting Queens-Jan & Peg(34.25 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 99.68 yds

JULY Stash Busting Queen- Diane (54.54 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 166.69 yds

AUGUST Stash Busting Queen- Diane (25.63 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 53.63 yds

SEPT. Stash Busting Queen- Betty (36.04 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 84.17yds

OCT. Stash Busting Queen- Diane (36.38 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 91.18 yds

NOV. Stash Busting Queen- Betty (35.92 yds)/  TOTAL yardage for group: 59.47 yds

DEC. Stash Busting Queen- Diane (22 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 61.63 yds

Formula to help you figure yardage of your project:  multiply number of inches for width  times the number of inches for length and then divide it by 1,296 inches (which is a square yard: 36" x 36").  

WIDTH x LENGTH divided by 1,296 = your total yardage!

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Okay, Iput the last stitches in the border of the mystery  quilt for our guild's retreat last night-it was made form my stash adn fabric bought before the first of the year for this quilt. Will post pic after the retreat which is the first weekend in Mar. It is 71 X 83 inches for a total of 9 yd front and back plus 20 in for binding. I machine quilted this one on my DSM-first time I ever did one so big, and did nothing fancy-very geometric. BUT it is done!

Also finished the first 4 blocks of Craftsy's block of the month-used blues as I have a large stash of blues Will try to post pic,but will not add to yardage until the whole quilt is done.


Your blocks are great Pat!!  I can't decide what fabric I want to use or background to put with it.  I need to decide soon, so this doesn't become a 'someday' project!

Marcia I hope things are alright with you. I am starting on the March stash busting. Will have some things to post tomorrow. Keep up the good work ladies, Our piles of fabric will be down to nothing pretty soon. Just in time for the Fall show and shop shop shop we will do.

Hey it is March isn't it, where did February go?  I guess I can put 6.5 yds down for March.  Finished the Woodland Stars table topper that has been sitting in my sewing room forever yesterday.  I'll get pictures up someday.

Here are some pics of Stash Projects, Pillowcases from last month and my new projects The Pink Frenzy Quilt, Mark's notebook cover. Got to love that stash.

Those are some cute projects Betty!  You keep that machine humming!


Marcia you can start my stash busting this month with 8.88 yds  The baby blanket was made from some flannel squares I had and some baby flannel was used on the back. Marks Notebook cover was used with flannel for batting instead of the batting, made it flatter and more managable to work on notebook.

okay,now I can show the mystery quilt from retreat-it is fun to see how the quilts look in other color combos-there were some really colorful ones started at retreat. I laso got the top from Merry Mayhems NYD Mystery all put together-close your eyes,Sandy ,it is scrappy. Maybe you would call it controlled scrappy as there is a lot of cream color in it that gives the eyes a place to rest. I won't claim the yardage on it unitl I get it quilted.


Back of mystery quilt-i quilted with straight lines,just SID or outlining designs


Very nice Pat! I always love the look of scrappy, but I have never been able to piece a "scrappy" one without my ocd kicking in! Maybe someday. Like I said, love the look, it's just hard for me to do and make it look right.

Okay, Ladies- I posted our monthly results for February (and yes, Pat...I included your 9.5 yds for the mystery quilt you did for your retreat in the February tally).  CONGRATULATIONS TO DIANE for being our February Stash Busting Queen!

Lynne & Betty have kick-started the month of March with their projects!  Way to get our new month off to a great start!  :)

Forgot to mention we used 88.94 yards out of our stashes last month!  WooHoo!  Now that's some serious yardage, ladies!  Wow-at the rate we're going....our stashes should be depleted at the end of the year!!! lol


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