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In our previous Birthday Swaps we have swapped 2 ½” strips, FQs, and 12 1/2” sampler blocks!  This year we will swap…..10” squares

Everyone who chooses to participate will need to select a fabric theme.  Then when your birthday rolls around, you will be receiving two 10-inch squares (in the fabric theme you have chosen) from each participant.  Since we usually have approximately 20 individuals join in on our Birthday Swap, you should have a “Layer Cake” bundle (or close to it) by the time you receive all your birthday squares. I know some of you will question if the two squares can be the same fabric and here's my thought: two squares from the same fabric will be okay if we have the same number of participants that we usually have.  However, if at all possible, I would like to encourage the fabrics to be different.  One suggestion is to swap one square in the requested fabric theme with the other square coordinating it.  For example: it could be an Halloween print and a coordinating tone on tone.  But if you have to go out and buy a particular themed fabric for the Birthday Swap....then I would suggest just buying the one fabric and sending two squares from that one piece of fabric.

Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilts offers a wonderful tutorial for a fast and easy layer cake quilt at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxC-0T5lXw4. It’s called “Double Slice Layer Cake”.  You may choose to add borders or decide to go borderless, but wouldn’t it be fun to see the same quilt done in a variety of fabric themes?!  What a novel ‘Show and Tell’ this would be to have approximately 20 quilters sewing the same pattern in a variety of fabric themes with a variety of finishes!

Theme suggestions: Christmas, Halloween, Patriotic, Fall, Floral, Animal Prints (tiger, giraffe, zebra, leopard, etc), 30’s, Oriental, Plaid, Polka Dot, Stripe, Bright Print, Pastel, Civil War, etc.

If you wish to participate in this year's Birthday Swap, I need three bits of information from you:  1) the date of your birthday, 2) the theme you would like for your fabric squares, and 3) your address if you are a new swapper. 

So who wants to join in on this easy and fun swap?!

***A special thanks to Jackie O. for this swap idea!***

BIRTHDAYS & SELECTED THEMES (19 participants):

January 9- Marcia:  a 'rich' black, chocolate brown, tan, cream print (preferably NO floral prints) w/coordinating solid or tone on tone (I'm flexible...even if the print is only black & brown; or you send two tone on tone blocks- I'm OKAY w/what you send!)

March 19- Marybeth: bright polka dots w/coordinating bright solid

April 17- Darce: fall print and coordinating tone on tone

April 20- Betty: large bright flowers w/coordinating bright tone on tone

April 25- Rhonda: bright dots or stripes with coordinating solid

April 28- Linda N: happy bright colors

May 5- Peg: bright polka dots w/coordinating bright solid

May 6- Melzee: graphic prints and/or solids and like the turquoise/aqua, lime/apple green, black and white colors.  

May 17- Lana: true red, true blue, & white patriotic fabrics (instead of burgandy,navy & cream)

June 6- Pat A: tone-on-tones or small prints in colors suitable for a tiles quilt (dark reds,golds,greens,browns,tan)

August 8- Jan: Valentine's Day theme using HEARTS in mostly pinks & whites; but can have a little bit of red in the prints 

August 24- Carol V: a 'rich' black, chocolate brown, tan, cream print (preferably NO floral prints) w/coordinating solid or tone on tone

September 21- Teresa M: happy bright colors such as fuchsia, turquoise, lemon yellow, lime green, bright orange etc.

September 29- Sandy O: coffee theme (beans, cups, coffee pots) w/coordinating fabric (tan, cream, brown, black)  NO BRIGHTS!

October 10- Diane :  b'day cards ONLY!  (She wants to share her fabric w/us- but does NOT want us to add to her stash!)

October 23- Jackie O: bright print (polka dots, stripes, chevron, etc) and a coordinating tone on tone or solid

November 7- Nancy H: flannel squares in a hunting lodge theme (one print & one coordinating solid)

December 11- Lynne (AP Mom): fall prints (two the same, two different, print w/ tone on tone...whatever)

December 16- Joyce S: bright children's prints


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Sandy don't worry about it.  My birthday's not for a while yet and I am notoriously late without a good reason.

Marcia, Jackie, Nancy and Darce were in the mailbox yesterday.  

We were having a party!

Happy Birthday, Lynne and early Happy Birthday, Joyce.  I will get both envelopes out tomorrow since I have a couple of days at home this week and can catch up on things.  Sorry yours will be late, Lynne ;^(.  Rest assured you have my good wishes today and my card later!

My envelopes for you December girls will be in the mail tomorrow.  Sorry Lynne - just trying to extend the fun :)

The two December cards are in the mail!

Lynne, so sorry, will get your card in the mail today....better late then never....

I wanted to share my double slice layer cake quilt made from all of your beautiful flannels.  The holder is my new DSIL and he was sure surprised with it.  I used a cammo fleece on the back of it and it sure is warm. DD wanted it big enough for the two of them to snuggle under, so I silently have named it the (BABY MAKER)! They tell me in 5 years maybe, so I will quietly,patiently wait and sew baby items to stash away till we need them.

Thank you all for the awesome fabric!  

that turned out so cool!!!!

Really nice! I even see the fabric I sent!

I see mine, too, Diane!

Nice quilt!


Really nice - looks so cozy.  I see my flannel too!


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