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The majority of those voicing their opinion about next year's birthday swap have decided we should make any house or any building block pattern... with the stipulation that your completed block should measure 12 1/2" (12" finished block when sewn into a quilt).  It has been suggested we do NOT sash the block, but rather leave it up to the recipient to decide whether to add sashing or sew them together as a 'mock village' !  :)

We are going to keep it simple by only offering only two color ways.  Either subdued (navy, green, burgundy, brown, plum, black, deep gold, etc.) or bright (lime green, hot pink, lemon, turquoise, tangerine, etc).  It will be fun to see how different and unique everyones' houses will be!  Just be creative and have FUN with this block exchange!  :)   

If you are needing some ideas for houses or buildings, you can check out my Pintrest site to get your creativity juices flowing:  http://www.pinterest.com/marciaburt/quilting-houses/

So....if you would like to join in on the fun for next year's birthday swap, please tell me the DATE of your birthday and your COLOR WAY choice!


January 9- Marcia (bright)

March 19- Marybeth (bright)

June 6- Pat A. (realistic looking house/building with blue sky)

July 1- Tressa (subdued) *Please note this is Tressa's HALF-BIRTHDAY!*

July 16- Joyce S (subdued) *Please note this is Joyce's HALF-BIRTHDAY!*

July 11- Lynne (subdued) *Please note this is Lynne's HALF-BIRTHDAY!*

August 8- Jan (bright)

August 24- Carol V. (subdued) 

September 19- Janice...Tressa's Mom (bright)

September 21- Teresa Martinek (bright)

October 10- Diane (subdued)

October 23- Jackie O (realistic looking house/building with blue sky)

November 7- Nancy H (realistic looking house/building with blue sky)

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Teresa Martinek Sept 21 bright

I guess if we don't get a lot more signed up we can go for a throw or table topper.  Anyway, it will be fun to do.

If we don't get enough houses for a large quilt,it will make an impressive wall hanging!

Nancy H- are you still interested in joining this Birthday Swap??  If so- post your info and you are in!

Also- could you tell Joyce about the plans for this coming year's Birthday Swap and ask her if she is interested in joining in on the fun?  Thanks!


I am in and would like subdued please.

I have talked to Joyce and she is teetering on yes.  Usually I just sign her up and talk her into it later! LOL. I will find out this week if she wants to participate.  

Ladies I would love to do this birthday swap this year, however I have thought about it long and hard this year. I have some graduation quilts to do and some fair items I want to work on this next year. So I am going to sit out this time. I really was wanting to do a house quilt but maybe another time. I am sure you ladies will have lots of nice quilts to show us in the future. Looking forward to seeing them all.


Joyce and I are both in.

Nancy- November 7- subdued color way.

Joyce-December 16 not sure of her color way, but can she decide later?

I'm going to pass on the swap this year though it sounds like fun.  With kids on 2 coasts now and the baby coming we have trips planned or someone coming here every month from Jan to Sept!  I just don't feel like I can commit to getting these blocks done.  I'll look forward to seeing pics of all of them.


Joyce has decided on subdued a color way.  Also, she wanted to know if the block could have an appliqued house on the block instead of pieced? 

I might be answering out of turn, Nancy, but, yes, it can be pieced or 'the "A" word'! 

Right-O, Jackie O!  :)

Or appliqued doors,windows,trees,etc.


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