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The majority of those voicing their opinion about next year's birthday swap have decided we should make any house or any building block pattern... with the stipulation that your completed block should measure 12 1/2" (12" finished block when sewn into a quilt).  It has been suggested we do NOT sash the block, but rather leave it up to the recipient to decide whether to add sashing or sew them together as a 'mock village' !  :)

We are going to keep it simple by only offering only two color ways.  Either subdued (navy, green, burgundy, brown, plum, black, deep gold, etc.) or bright (lime green, hot pink, lemon, turquoise, tangerine, etc).  It will be fun to see how different and unique everyones' houses will be!  Just be creative and have FUN with this block exchange!  :)   

If you are needing some ideas for houses or buildings, you can check out my Pintrest site to get your creativity juices flowing:  http://www.pinterest.com/marciaburt/quilting-houses/

So....if you would like to join in on the fun for next year's birthday swap, please tell me the DATE of your birthday and your COLOR WAY choice!


January 9- Marcia (bright)

March 19- Marybeth (bright)

June 6- Pat A. (realistic looking house/building with blue sky)

July 1- Tressa (subdued) *Please note this is Tressa's HALF-BIRTHDAY!*

July 16- Joyce S (subdued) *Please note this is Joyce's HALF-BIRTHDAY!*

July 11- Lynne (subdued) *Please note this is Lynne's HALF-BIRTHDAY!*

August 8- Jan (bright)

August 24- Carol V. (subdued) 

September 19- Janice...Tressa's Mom (bright)

September 21- Teresa Martinek (bright)

October 10- Diane (subdued)

October 23- Jackie O (realistic looking house/building with blue sky)

November 7- Nancy H (realistic looking house/building with blue sky)

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Jackie, the barn block is from Mom (Janice) and the 2 houses is from me.


Pat I received my birthday block from you today! Thank you so much. You really didn't need to worry about it with all you are going through right now but it was encouraging to think you felt well enough to make it and get it in the mail, (even if it was for just a little while). I hope you will be having more of those good days soon.

I got your block today, Pat!  I love it!  The Peanuts gang is a favorite of mine...playing in leaves and in the log cabin!  Thanks!!  I'll post a picture soon.

Marybeth, thank you for the awesome house block.  I love it and now need to decide how I will use them in a quilt.  They are all on my design wall curing.

I got your block yesterday, Marybeth!  Thank you!!   I need to make a resolution to finish all the quilts from our exchanges!

I think the ones I have left to complete are the strip one, the house block and the fat quarter one. I have had the fat quarter quilt cut out for a year now, just need to start the piecing on it.  What year was that one from!

Oh well, fabric needs to cure.

Marybeth my house was waiting for my when I got home last night . Thank you so much 

, I love the monkey!

I hope we can  see some more pictures of finished   house block quilts -I worked on mine last week at the VOS retreat,but ran out of blue sky material-got more at "3 Dudes"-don't know whether to finish it or do the binding on the 4 quilts waiting!This was such a fun swap!                       


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