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If anyone is interested in doing a Mystery Quilt, we'll start on November 26th...after Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Saturday.

Let me know; the clues and pictures (thanks, Jackie!) will be posted on this discussion board.

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I’m all caught up on this mystery.  I’m excited t see how it all comes together.  

Lynn, I am confused also.  I don't think I marked my fabric A and B.  So I am going to go back to Clue #1 and see what I did.  So weird on my part.  Jackie, you have done a great job getting the samples done.  This mix up is totally MINE.

Trying to get organized -when is the next clue?  Can't wait to see where this goes.

Next clue is Monday, the 18th!

Okey dokey, I can fit in some work on some other UFO's then.  I probably can find one or two or twenty around here!  Thanks Sandy.

MY BAD!  I missed this Monday; somehow got a week behind so Jackie will post the next clue as soon as she gets her example sewn together.  This one may need some thinking as the instructions aren't well-written in the book. I'm sure Jackie can re-word them to make more sense.  And her picture will help!  Sorry about the mix-up; next clue will be the last on the 25th with final instructions for finishing and a picture of the quilt from the book.

OK, so it will be your fault if these UFO's remain that way.  My story and I'm sticking to it!.  LOL

Clue # 8

Gather nine of the "A" blocks (from clue #3) and nine of the "C" blocks (from clue #6).

Sew three rows as follows: beginning with a C. block and ending with an A. block, sew 6 blocks together, three of each type. Pay close attention to the position of the blocks. The coordinate A rectangles in the "C" blocks should be on the upper left. The coordinate B. square in the "A" block should be on the left. Press the seam allowance in the same direction. This is now Row Y. Make three of these. The blocks will now start to look intertwined.

I think I have problems. my x rows are longer than the Y row I just made! Should this be correct?  I thought I was doing so well!!

Just figured it out, my background rectangles are 4 and not 4.5 inches wide, DUH, Nancy.  I knew this was going too well.  I will have to do some ripping , actually a lot of ripping!!! I might have just created another WIP project, Drats!!

Good night everyone! 

You could slice your focus fabric in half, then take a seam.  It might not be too noticeable?  Then you could add an extra border or a wider border.

Ooooh, I see where this is going..........very nice!


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