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If anyone is interested in doing a Mystery Quilt, we'll start on November 26th...after Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Saturday.

Let me know; the clues and pictures (thanks, Jackie!) will be posted on this discussion board.

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Step 8 is much easier if you’ve actually done step 6.    Lol.  I’m not sure how I missed that but  I got it all figured out and am caught up again.  

Well, i ripped my blocks apart and resewed them with the correct size background fabric, only to find out that I had sewed them together incorrectly.  I re-ripped and sewed them again and this time they fit and were correct.  What is the saying: Measure twice, cut once!

Well, ladies, we are in the final stretch of this project!!  Here is the last clue that Sandy sent to me, complete with her editorial comments!! ;^)   Love your non-scrappiness, Sandy!!  This has been fun.  Will look forward to seeing everyone's finished quilt.  

Clue #9

Gather the "X" and "Y" rows from Clues 7 & 8. You should have 4 "X"s and 3 "Y"s. Lay them out, alternating the rows, beginning and ending with an "X" row. Sew the rows together and press well.

NOTE: Borders Etc. There are both inner and outer borders for this quilt. You will need the following fabric to make them: 5/8 yard of Coordinate B. and 1 1/4 yard of Feature (focus) fabric. **Sorry this wasn't mentioned at the beginning but it wasn't in the same area of the book where the pattern is printed and I totally missed it. If you don't have enough of your quilt fabrics to make the borders, just use something that looks good. A solid would be my first choice but then you know how easily my eyes cross LOL!!

Cut 6 strips, 3 1/2 x 40" from the Coordinate B. fabric for the inner border and 7 strips, 5 1/2 x 40" from the Feature fabric for the outer border. Join all the Coordinate B. strips together to form one long strip. Do the same with the Feature fabric strips. Press seam allowances open. You all know how to add borders but do the side strips first, then top and bottom strips as you sew on the inner border. Then frame the quilt top, again sides first, with the wider outer border strips. Some people like to measure top, middle and bottom of the quilt top before measuring and cutting border strips, then easing the top in to fit the strips. Others like to just attach the strips and cut them off to fit the quilt top. Do it whichever way your heart desires! Then, finish with batting and backing and quilting.

Hope you enjoyed making this mystery quilt. I thought the design, although easy to piece, was quite interesting.

Well, I might just have to wait and see on that small border.  I kind of stole my extra fabric for this one to use on the other mystery quilt I am working on!  I'm not sure if we are done cutting on that one or not.  This turned out neat, I really like it.

Here is my finished mystery top!!  I need help for the binding.  Do I use the red or blue for binding?  I don't have enough of the focus fabric left...however, I could order more...if I remember where I got it!

Those colors are great together, Jackie.  I would bind it in red!

I think I would use the red also, just because I REALLY like red.  Focus fabric would be more subtle if you had it.

I also really like the design.  Thanks for sharing Sandy and making it Jackie.  You are both the bestest!!

I agree with the other gals:  RED binding would really set off this quilt!  It's a little pop of color to frame your quilt!

This is a close-up of my focus fabric....it gets lost in the big picture.

Jackie, that is beautiful, I love how it turned out.  I would use the red also. I will hopefully get mine done this week also and post a picture.  Thanks Sandy!

This is my completed top.  Still have backing to cut, but otherwise it is done.  I am pleased with it.  Thank you again Sandy and Jackie for working this out for all of us.

I LOVE the color combinations shown thus far.  Can't wait to see the rest.  Those cardinals are gorgeous, Jan!  What a great Christmas quilt that will make!


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