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This discussion is to get each member's input and opinion regarding whether we should or should not have our retreat. I know all of you ladies have your own personal thoughts regarding your decision and hope you are respectful of each other's posts in this discussion. I am going to try to post the facts and let you go from there.

I called the hotel this morning to get information from them. Sadly, I found out that Nancy and Kara are no longer working there. Not sure why because it wasn't my place to ask, but I do know we lost two very supportive employees for our group, These ladies were most helpful in setting up the conference room to my floor plan. They also were very obliging in splitting our checkout amongst the number in the room and just overall pleasant ladies to work with. Okay...enough said, now back to visiting with the manager this morning. I asked several questions you attendees would want to know. Presently the hotel has about 20-30% of their hotel rooms booked- which is down from 50% to almost full prior to this new spike in virus cases. There is a plastic shield guard at their check-in desk to protect you and their staff. Pens, counter top, etc are wiped off after each guest checks in & out. All the surfaces in the rooms are cleaned. Bed sheets and the bedspread are washed after each stay, but the blanket (sandwiched in between the sheet and bedspread) are not washed after each guest. The hotel is serving individually wrapped breakfasts for the guests to eat where they choose. (I didn't ask- but I 'assume' the eating area is closed, which means you would eat in your room or in their outside seating area.) As you recall, the conference room in the past has been set up for twenty attendees and you know the close proximity of each attendee while they are sewing in that room. Also- all the meals would be on your own and thinking most of you would order 'take out' meals from restaurants in Story City.

I checked the Coronavirus data for the Story County area. As of 7/14, Story County has 880 cases with 8 deaths and the cases in Iowa continue to rise.

We need to inform the manager by July 25th whether we will or will not need the conference rooms and hotel rooms or we may have to pay a late fee. Please post a message below telling us whether you will or will not be attending. No explanation needed unless you so desire.

SIDE NOTE: if you are thinking of an alternate date of hosting our retreat (such as a fall date), I will ask that someone else take over the planning of that retreat.

Hope I covered everything. If not- ask questions and the group or myself will try to respond. Thanks in advance for your valued input.

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I'm so sorry to hear this Mary Beth! You know you will be in all our prayers until you get a clean bill of health.

Add me to those praying for you Marybeth.  I've had several family members with that diagnosis in recent years.  All made great recoveries.  I know that's not much comfort at the beginning of the road but once you have more information and know what course you must follow, you can take one step at a time on your road to health.  Hugs from Ohio.

Jeff and I have discussed this a lot and even tho I don't have any health issues, I had already decided not to come this year - and like Karen, am very disappointed as I missed last year too.   I miss you all and I think a Zoom get together would be a lot of fun.

And to echo the others - Marcia, thank you so much for the effort you put into arranging the retreats and making them so much fun.

First off Marybeth I will be praying for healing and strength for the road ahead. Please feel free to talk with us when you need to.

My sister JoAnn had already decided not to come back. She is trying to get her other knee done in the next month or so. She said they may do it outpatient because there is a bed shortage due to Covid-19. She would only be in the hospital for 5 1/2 hours. Don't know about you but that sounds kinda scary to me. Arizona is also a hot spot and she is afraid to fly. 

I have been thinking it over and I dont know how we could possibly enjoy, not eating together and trying to social distance while sewing in that small space. 

I will say no to retreat this year. I will call and cancel my reservation as well. I will miss you all but I think its the right decision.

Hugs to you all and stay safe.

Hugs and prayers for a special friend, Marybeth!!  You make US feel special by sharing your health news with us so we can get the prayers started.   We are here for you whenever you need us.

Sending you lots of prayers and hugs MaryBeth.  

Mom, Janice, has decided not to attend the retreat. With her and Dad's health issues it is not doable for her this year. I have also decided not to attend. I am pretty much staying at home except to get a few groceries once a week or so. Dan is still going to work and Tyson does not have to let the workers know how the virus is doing in the plant. So we are in the dark. I would be worried about bringing it to the retreat and I could not live with that.

It sounds like everyone is on the same page. I so look forward to this retreat every year. There is only 3 times a year I get to sew with friends and family and this is one of them and I will  greatly miss it. 

Mary Beth, so sorry to hear your news, just know that you are in my prayers and you have support and love from all of your quilt sisters.

So very saddened to hear about your health issue, Marybeth. Sounds like you have a family history with breast cancer. If it's any comfort to you, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 80 years old and she beat it. You are younger and more conscientious of taking care of your body (marathons, etc) than my mom ever was, so you have that going for you. Also- all your quilting sisters here are an amazing army of Prayer Warriors supporting you in prayers, friendship, and support. We've got your back and if there's anything you need - even if you need to vent- please feel free to seek us out. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, MARYBETH.
Sending lots of love and a huge virtual hug to you as I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Marybeth, add my prayers to the long list of those sending healing prayers your way.  You are so much fun when you attend the retreats, love your dry sense of humor.  You have a generous soul also and those are always rewarded!!  Thank you for sharing with us - I'm sure you can feel our virtual hugs around you.  Be strong and be safe.

That goes for the rest of you sisters also.  Be strong and be safe.  We are all in this mess together.

thanks for all the prayers and messages. all of you are sew special, and sew glad that we found each other as friends, i can't imagine not knowing all of you! even if we don't live close to each other, there is a special bond


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