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This discussion is to get each member's input and opinion regarding whether we should or should not have our retreat. I know all of you ladies have your own personal thoughts regarding your decision and hope you are respectful of each other's posts in this discussion. I am going to try to post the facts and let you go from there.

I called the hotel this morning to get information from them. Sadly, I found out that Nancy and Kara are no longer working there. Not sure why because it wasn't my place to ask, but I do know we lost two very supportive employees for our group, These ladies were most helpful in setting up the conference room to my floor plan. They also were very obliging in splitting our checkout amongst the number in the room and just overall pleasant ladies to work with. Okay...enough said, now back to visiting with the manager this morning. I asked several questions you attendees would want to know. Presently the hotel has about 20-30% of their hotel rooms booked- which is down from 50% to almost full prior to this new spike in virus cases. There is a plastic shield guard at their check-in desk to protect you and their staff. Pens, counter top, etc are wiped off after each guest checks in & out. All the surfaces in the rooms are cleaned. Bed sheets and the bedspread are washed after each stay, but the blanket (sandwiched in between the sheet and bedspread) are not washed after each guest. The hotel is serving individually wrapped breakfasts for the guests to eat where they choose. (I didn't ask- but I 'assume' the eating area is closed, which means you would eat in your room or in their outside seating area.) As you recall, the conference room in the past has been set up for twenty attendees and you know the close proximity of each attendee while they are sewing in that room. Also- all the meals would be on your own and thinking most of you would order 'take out' meals from restaurants in Story City.

I checked the Coronavirus data for the Story County area. As of 7/14, Story County has 880 cases with 8 deaths and the cases in Iowa continue to rise.

We need to inform the manager by July 25th whether we will or will not need the conference rooms and hotel rooms or we may have to pay a late fee. Please post a message below telling us whether you will or will not be attending. No explanation needed unless you so desire.

SIDE NOTE: if you are thinking of an alternate date of hosting our retreat (such as a fall date), I will ask that someone else take over the planning of that retreat.

Hope I covered everything. If not- ask questions and the group or myself will try to respond. Thanks in advance for your valued input.

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I am really on the fence with this decision.  I do so want to see my friends.  However, Arkansas, particularly Benton County, has spiked in positive cases.  We mainly stay home, mask up when going out, etc.  I think I am going to have to say NO to the retreat.  As you know I have some allergy problems and also heart situation.  I don't think I can afford to be exposed.  I will contact the hotel and cancel my reservation today.  If you choose to go ahead, I will be there in spirit.

Even though my 50th high school class reunion has been postponed from the retreat weekend, life in our family has taken quite the busy turn with TJ & Bobbi expecting twins in September on top of buying a home up the road from us and doing extensive remodeling.  Closing is next Monday, but the sellers let them in early to get started as closing on the house they are selling is also next Monday! 

Anyway, my guess is that most of my time will be dedicated to helping in whatever way possible, so I would probably only go to Story City to see you all and deliver my challenge quilt on whatever day that happens.

I, too, want to see everyone SEW badly!

IF it is decided to have the retreat I feel masks should be required, As for myself, I don't think I want to chance it. 

Marcia, thanks for all you do.

I made my decision, with A LOT OF INPUT from my hubby, many weeks ago.  I will not be attending retreat until there is a vaccine available and case counts go and stay down.  (which I don't think is going to happen in the next 18 months)

I will miss our get together, but I think it is the wisest decision I can make for myself and my lungs. 

Jacque Johnson asked that I share that she also is choosing not to attend.

I think i will also be passing on the retreat. I sm in the middle of hip replacements and expect to have next done in September. I cannot risk exposure. I would hope that we try to be back together next August. I do miss everyone.

I, too, have decided not to attend the retreat.  I'm sure the hotel will try its best to keep things sanitized and people safe but I can't see how we would be able to quilt in the conference room and maintain any social distancing. Meals will be an issue; eating in one's room isn't much fun.  One of the best parts of the event is gathering and laughing, eating and just having a good time while enjoying our favorite hobby.  I'll call to cancel my room and hope for the best by next August.

Sandy, since you are calling to cancel the room, I should not have to. I too will miss everyone but cannot attend the retreat.

Yes, I'll cancel the room and mention both names in case they have those in their records.  We'll be roomies next year, God willing!

I've decided not to attend as well.  I'm not as concerned with being exposed by those attending, but I would feel awful if I would expose someone there.  With it being sweet corn season, I am in contact with too many people. We are trying very hard to do the no contact pickup/delivery but there is still interaction.  The high school kids in town have been passing the virus around like a hot potato the last few weeks.  We are also going to be helping oldest move sometime soon too.

Maybe we need to do a Zoom show and tell or something retreat weekend.  I have no clue how that works though!

I will also say that I will not be joining as much as I want to. With me still working, I do not want to take the risk.  I will miss you all, but I feel that as much as we have been doing to stay safe, it would be too much of a chance. I also have talked to Joyce and she is also in agreement to cancel this year.  

Marcia, just a suggestion to put this discussion on the fb page also for those that don't always read this site


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