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Time to think about going to the quilt show-it will be so hard without Betty-she always looked forward to this so much  I am finding a couple fo classes I am interested in-Wed night's A;; Star Review  and Ida Eisenhower on Thursday afternoon...

Can we hear from nancy or Andrea ifd we can have the church on Tuesday night again? 

When can anyone go? We should try to meet in a restaurant one night as we have before-we always have sew much fun!

Does anyone want to do a block lottery again? If so,what block? 

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Thank you,ladies! 

Ok since I now know that Teresa Husman and I are going to the show on Wednesday,,, who else will be there that day? 

I'm pretty sure I will be there on Wednesday, Diane.  And if anyone is interested, maybe we can eat lunch @ Buzzard Billy's across the street.  Love that place.  But it's not a must, either, if we just want to hang out for lunch at the show...it's gotten better since that first couple of years.

Thanks Deb! I just came to check and post the address!

marybeth,i am having a really bad day-maybe we can do thev plantstand another day

Well,I am back among the barely livig today

1Spent the weeked wrapped up in an electric blakiet and sleeping,but today was chemo day-so my kids budled me up ad took me -no chemo today-2 jugs of potassium iv and return tomorrey for more-try to drink 'something-doesn't sound so hard when your mouth is all dry and sclt-kids are trying everthing...

Pat...damn it, damn it, damn it!  I know you feel like saying that since life has knocked the pins out from under you for a time.  So....Gregg is returning the adorable Damn It Doll you gave him when he was at his worst and you can slap and hit it as we have.  It's no worse for wear and needs to come home.  Watch the mail!

I will be there Tuesday evening at the church and Wednesday at the show. That will be all for me this year.  Haven't signed up for any classes.

And yes, Jackie- I would love to join those going to noon lunch at Buzzard Billies.  It's getting to be our regular meeting place during the AQS!

Pat-it really bothers me that you are the one stepping up to the plate to organize the Tuesday get together.  Not that you can't do it; but I strongly feel you should focus your time & energy on your own health and treatments at this time.  I don't want to step on your toes... but as your friend I've decided to intervene and help you organize our Tuesday get together.  Hope you are okay with this, Pat.  

I plan on being there Tuesday night....barring the arrival of my granddaughter....who is due on  Oct. 5th.  Second child for mommy so that whole week is in the target area.

I don't think that I am going to go to the show thou.  I just really don't like crowds very much anymore....and I have more idea's and fabric that I have time for right now.  (Truth is that of my three obsessions, quilting is on the bottom of the totem pole right now)

JMHO.... I really don't want to do a block lottery, it is only a week away.

 I vote that we all be responsible for our own food  AND that we make this meeting about fellowship and less structured.  

I love that and Pat and Marcia were willing to step up and organize, but both ladies have a ton on their plate.

I personally think that this get together will be hard, given that this was Betty's gig.  I would enjoy having some time to remember her and her favorite stories.  Of course we don't have to do that either.

Just my thoughts, and I will go with the majority.

In regards to our Tuesday gathering-I agree with Deb when she said we should K.I.S.S.!  (Keep It Simple, Sweetie!) Bringing our own lunch is the first step in keeping it simple!

So far we have agreed to bring three 10" blocks in bright fabrics for the LCR game.

As usual, I think it's safe to say we will have our annual "SHOW & TELL"!  Bring your recent projects and for the sake of time....let's bring no more than 4 items.  Does that sound okay?

I'm worried that it might be crunch time  (aka: stress time) for some of you ladies to make two LOTTO blocks by this Tuesday.....which is less than a week away!!!  Is it safe to say we will take a pass on BLOCK LOTTO?

What are your thoughts about having a "Garage Sale"?  Several of us just participated in the retreat's garage sale, so do we have enough 'stuff' to do another garage sale in this short of time?????  It makes no difference to me whether we have a garage sale or not.  (I always have stuff to put on the garage sale tables!!!  LOL)  However, I will leave it up to the MAJORITY!  So speak up and share your thoughts, ladies!

The one thing we did last year at the Tuesday gathering and at this year's retreat that was a lot of fun (and not much effort to do) is the GIFT BAG SWAP!  We put some quilt related items in a gift bag.  Then I read a poem telling individuals who they were to swap with... again and again!  If we agree on the GIFT BAG SWAP- let's plan on putting in three items:  1) a quilt pattern, a quilt book, or quilting magazine  2) a yard of fabric (can be one full yard, two 1/2 yards, or even 4 FQs...and no, the multiple fabric pieces do NOT have to coordinate!)  3) a sewing notion (seam ripper, scissors, ruler, yo-yo maker, marking pen, etc)  Stuff these three times in a recycled gift bag (Christmas, birthday, baby shower... whatever kind of bag you have available)!

There it is, Ladies!  Please let me know your thoughts about the Block Lotto, the Garage Sale, and the Gift Bag Swap!  

WOW- September 29th is sneaking up on us quickly!  Can hardly wait to see all of ya!  :)

I vote for the gift bag grab bag, 10 inch square lcr game and skip the lotto blocks.

me too


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