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I found some suggestions to remember as we make our fidget quilts.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions please share them.

Things to Avoid

1. Please do not include any rough textures. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and more sensitive to rough textures, and sometimes these textures can damage hands. So avoid anything rough, sharp, scratchy, or with jagged or pointed edges.
2. Avoid mirrors or anything reflective. Often Alzheimer’s and dementia patients don’t recognize themselves and seeing a stranger staring back at them can be alarming.
3. Please avoid activities that require fine motor skills: buttoning, lacing, and similar activities. Fine motor skills deteriorate with these diseases and these activities are very frustrating for residents.
4. Make sure your mat is safe: nothing breakable, everything is secured and cannot be pulled off. No choking hazards.
5. We are trying to calm busy minds, so please avoid chaotic patterned fabric and color combinations. I know high contrast colors are an element of modern quilting, but consider this an opportunity to practice low volume color combinations, analogous and harmonious color combinations. Bright colors are fine.

Things to Include

1. Make sure it is washable. Not just the fabric but any other elements attached to it.
2. It should have 10-14 non-rough textures that provide easy sensory input. Soft, fluffy, bumpy, yarn, felt, quilting textures, buttons, bric a brac, zippers, ric rac, pockets, fake fur, felt, fleece, flannel, lace, fringe, etc.
3. Everything should be secured onto the quilt; machine sewing things on is best. If hand sewing buttons make sure they are secure.
4. Design your quilt so that it is well organized and orderly—we are avoiding chaos and bringing order and calmness.
5. We are making these for men and women. Choose either gender neutral fabric/colors or you can make it highly gendered with novelty prints and gendered colors.
6. Fun! If you have fun making it they will have fun using it.

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Lynne- this is the same info in a link I had shared as my first post in my "2019 Retreat" discussion I had started!  :)

I checked back to look at the post I had shared in my discussion and am copying it here....and it is a duplicate of the info you shared in this discussion!  (Great minds must think alike---thanks to Pintrest!) :

Here's a site you can visit to see some guide lines a guild used when its members made fidget quilts:


are we going with the 24" x 24" or about that size?

Pretty much any size will be fine- just no bigger than 36" x 36".   I make mine 36" x 36" that way if the individual sits in a wheel chair, the quilt doesn't get caught in the wheels nor does it drag on the floor.


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