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Hello Mysterious Quilters!  Please sign up again and when we all have enough time to decide whether to participate, I'll start the clues.  Let's figure on the first one being Sunday, Feb. 16th., a week from today.

I'll post the fabric requirements first, in a day or two.  This one has only TWO main fabrics and a teeny bit of a third accent fabric.

Thanks...this is a pretty one!

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I just figured you were busy doing other stuff Jackie.  I did look yesterday to see if there was a clue!!  You are doing a great job.

With the world in a crazy time, I kind of forget what day it is!!

Good Morning!!  Hope everyone had a nice Easter in spite of the differences this year.  Here is your next and FINAL clue!!

Clue #9:

Lay out the X (from clue #3) and Y Rows (from clue #8). Alternate the rows beginning and ending with an X Row. Sew the rows together.

Add borders if desired and finish the quilt your usual way. 

Here are the border options from the original cutting instructions.

I ran out of room on my design board to put all the optional borders around the whole quilt, so just put them on the right side and most of the bottom.

Also, the last picture is where I'm stopping, even though I had already cut the borders.  This is closest to the size that we use for our alumni comfort quilts, and is where it will be used in the future.  I have it quilted, but have the binding to get stitched down.  I'll post a picture when I'm done.

Please post your pictures!!  Very anxious to see the different fabric/color choices!!  

This has been another fun mystery, Sandy!!  Thanks for being in charge!!

I opted to go with one 6" border on my quilt.  It was fun to make.  Thanks again to Sandy and Jackie for another fun mystery quilt.  You two are the bestest.

Awesome Jan!!  Great contrast.  A pretty Christmas quilt to snuggle under.

I finished the binding on our mystery quilt this morning.  This was a fun and easy one to do!  Hope all of the rest of you post pictures when you get done!

Glad people liked the mystery quilt pattern I picked our for 2020;  I thought it was a bit different and still easy.  But...without Jackie to make the samples, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun.  Some of the directions in this book aren't real clear but I re-write them a bit and Jackie understands perfectly.  Her sample pieces pull it all together...thanks, Pardner!!

I never thought I would say this since I am usually movin' and shakin' but I'm actually enjoying the "lock down" we had to do for 14 days after returning to Iowa from Texas.  No phone calls wanting anything, no meetings to attend, no lunch dates (as much as I love them!) and no shopping for anything but groceries.  No one wanting me to do anything....it's been relaxing and has given me more time to sew, read, play Mah Jongg on the computer etc.  It's been a terrible price to pay to get some down time but it's shown me a bit of a lesson....I should downsize all the obligations and commitments I get myself into. The problem is (and I know it's the same with most people) that I enjoy all the committees, projects, parties/card games, meetings etc. that I have on my schedule.  Plus all the travel...which might also come to a screeching halt if this pandemic doesn't let up by summer.  It lets us all know that life is good with the people we love and the place we call home.

Jackie, I showed DH your finished quilt and he said he liked yours better than mine!!  He liked the colors better.  I told him I just used what I had on hand.  He smirked and said "You couldn't have gotten more, right?"

Sandy, I agree this isolating time makes us things in perspective.  It is easy to get too involved even when we enjoy what we are doing.   I have no idea what life will be like when this is over, but I'm sure it will not be the same.  If nothing else, we will be much more aware of how close we are to strangers and how that can affect our health.

Those colors are very rich looking, Peg.  Not the usual "quilty" combination but I like it a lot.

Finished the binding on my mystery quilt last night.  I love, love, love the pattern.  Still not thrilled with my Easter Bunny fabric but I used up a bunch of it and it will be festive to display next spring.  Thank you ladies for heading up this project.  It was so much fun!


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