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Thought that we might have a place to share idea's, websites and ask each other questions without monopolizing the main group.

I think I will keep websites in this space to make it easy to find.



Customqt.com  - Michele will custom build you a template or ruler at a really reasonable price.



 http://www.apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=28642&page=1#... tension

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTmT-Uj3yXg  tension

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRDp2LZOPv8&feature=digest_thu Boobin Cam

http://www.apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=30930  Ikea cabinets



 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u4RgOAeSJ0&feature=player_embedded- Apqs timing video

 https://www.facebook.com/#!/?sk=nf cleaning the bobbin case

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6jaVst0zqw&list=UUSBbc654SN_xB6...  Frogging a quilt

http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/30399-about-those-needle-hol... getting rid of needle holes.

 http://www.urbanelementz.com/hints/pantographs/  instructions on how to line up pantographs.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1mRhcquZTM&feature=share     Jamie Wallens Tension video.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOD5pLcYz3w Dawn C.  on tension and needle flex.

 http://www.quiltedjoy.com/2014/05/backing-short-longarm-machine.htm... extending backing

Recommended Video's

  "fast and free" videos from Patsy Thompson


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Lynne - I got a tax ID to make it an official business when I started quilting for others.  I find it's easier to deal with prices and stuff with friends when they know I have an actual business :)  You can just fill out the form online.  I use a simple spread sheet very similar to Deb's.  I knew I didn't want to do lots of business so don't really advertise at all.  I mainly quilt for friends and a few quilters who have seen my friend's quilts.  A local quilter who is very busy offered to give my name to people she can't fit into her schedule but I haven't taken her up on that yet - maybe some day.

   Deb is definitely right about not getting compensated for custom quilting - unless you're one of the "famous" quilters who can charge $30/hr!  I do lots of custom and look at it more as supporting my hobby than making a living.  

I have my first two "real" customer quilts sitting here on my couch.  They are two kids quilts.  She likes the quilting to show (YIKES). She suggested black or hot pink thread, talked her down to gray or pale pink so the quilting does't overwhelm the quilt.  I showed her the pattern I was thinking about in my pattern book and she spotted two others that she really liked, not at all like the one I showed her.  Deb how do fiddle head and clematis stitch out I think they both came from you. I'm not really feeling either on on these quilts, so any other suggestions... Wish me luck every one!

They are both really pretty.  Customer is always right.... cant be upset if they picked the pattern.  Clematis is really dense, takes a while to stitch.  2 1/2 bobbins on a 72 inch row.  These are smaller quilts so should be okay.  Fiddle head not as dense.  Depending on which quilt she wanted it in I might think about doing on block at a time.  At least that way you can make sure it stays within the HST,,,, but then you have the border to contend with....scratch that thought.  I think I used the block, and then used the border.....and had troubles in the corner.  I  am no help at all am I.

For clematis you will want to trace before stitching to make sure the stitching is going the right way.  Lots of backstitching in that pattern.

They are both little kid quilts, that is why I was hesitant with the designs, I'm afraid as dense as clematis is it will make them stiff.  The first one that caught her eye was Gypsy Pearls, I remember you saying how much thread that took, when I told her how many bobbins per row she changed her mind on that one.  It is going to be E2E no matter which design I end up with!

Just make the rows at least 10 inches high and they won't be too dense.  But I do charge more to quilt out clematis.  It just takes longer to quilt.  I don't really care for fiddle head all that much because it is rows that don't interlock.  You could try flipping every other row, the rows won't be as obvious..... but it will leave some negative space in the center of the design.  So if the piecing is suspect it will show up puffy or will pucker unless you are right on top of it.

Melzee, Lynne or anyone else.  What do you use to clean your table rails with?  Do you use any type of wax product on them.  I am amazed at how much black I can wipe off them in a 24 hour period.  (Have had a customer quilt every day this week)

I just wipe mine down with a paper towel, but I'm not sure if that is what is supposed to be done. I've always wondered about the belts that move the carriage too. How do you clean them?

I see no way to clean those belts.  But while investigating how one might clean them, I discovered a rats nest of thread wrapped around the gear that powers that belt.  Took me 5 full minutes to work it all loose.  LOL.

I do think my belts need to be tightened.

Lynne Melzee have you guys upgraded to Windows 10 on your tablets yet?  I think we only have to mid July to get it done.  I have mine in airplane mode all the time....so I am scared at how many updates that are not associated with Windows 10 I have missed.  

Maybe I will get it done once I get caught back up.  Pretty sure I am on an old version of Quilt Path also.

Why am I such a scaredy cat???

i have wax from Jamie Wallen, and he uses "expo" dry erase spray (found at Walmart) and batting scraps and Q-tips to clean the wheels and rails.....he does it once a week......me, not so much as most of the time i forget.

Clean the rails/wheels with the spray and then apply light coat of wax

Thanks Marybeth I just watched that video yesterday morning.  I ordered the wax from his site also.

I have noticed that the more I clean the rails with alcohol, the more I need to clean them.  Also if they aren't clean, my quilt path will get jerky in that spot.  Not much of a problem on a puppy quilt....but  a big problem on a customer quilt.


I have to say I am a little miffed at APQS right now.  They have had a policy change on their service dept.  I have always taken my machine up to Carroll to have it tuned up, usually once every 18 months or so.

I went to schedule it today, and their SPA treatment is now $1500.00.  Where they go over everything on the machine..... ummmmm I have watched them service my machine, short of the computer hardware they have always gone over my entire machine.  Usually in about 90 minutes.  

They did tell me that they now diagnose a problem over the phone, and since I am still under warranty they would send me the part, for me to do the work.  I am not Andrea!  I am not mechanically inclined.  They did say that Dawn was 20 minutes away and I could set up an appointment with her to change my hook out if that is actually what the rattle is I am hearing.

I don't know if they are trying to shut down their maintenance dept or what.  Not a happy camper, and although I really like my machine.... I don't think I will be suggesting it to anyone else.  After all their service was one of my selling points.

Sure hope they decide to rethink this position. 

Wow- that seems really high. I had an Innova guy come to my house, check over the machine and frame , adjust the carriage wheels, add my new channel locks and hand wheels and and charged $180 if I remember correctly - have the receipt upstairs so will double check tomorrow. I already had the new parts- he just installed them.


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