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Here is a place to post pictures, ideas, plans or anything you've seen or done to make our quilt studios better and more fun!

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Count me in. I need all the help I can get.

Ironing board big board.  Plywood 21x58 covered in batting and muslin.  Place cleats on bottom to hold on to your ironing board.

I want one!

You made me smile, Sandy.  I have visions of a building at the back of my property.  At least 20 by 25, that I can call my home away from home.  When I see it I see a log cabin type of structure, maybe with a loft..... wait a minute I think I might be describing a versions of Jackie's new room!  Some day it will be mine!

Thanks, Lynne.  Yep, Deb. you'll get that room or maybe a whole separate building for your LA and all your quilty stuff and you can live in there happily forever!

Hey, Debra, that's my line!

Thanks for setting this discussion board up, Sandy! This is a great idea, I am glad you thought of it. And with everything on your mind, too. Big quilty hugs and prayers still coming your way.

I bet the board is heavy, Lynne, so you don't want to move it around too much.

~Hopppy Quilting~

It's not really all that heavy, I move it around all the time.  

here are pictures of my new sewing room. It's nothing fancy but it works for me. 

The first pictures are of two tool cabinets we bought at Lowes. They hold all my uncut yardage. They are 6 ft high and the exact width of fabric as it comes off the bolt. this shows the peg boards I put up to hold notions and patterns etc. My sewing table is a 4X8 piece of pre-finished paneling that is 3/4" thick also bought at Lowes. it is sitting on 2 bookcases, lots of area for cutting and sewingthis just shows the bookcases a little better ,tons of storage under that table, also my chair. That can be the most important thing in your room. A comfortable sturdy chair that fits you well. After all you will spend quite a bit of time in it. I also bought one of those thick foam mats to stand on in between where I cut and press. Saves the legs and back!I made my own pressing surface. The counter was already in the room so I figured I might as well use it for pressing, it was really sturdy and large! another trip to Lowes where I found a prefinished board. It is 20" wide and 6 ft long and 3/4" thick. I went to Joannes and bought ironing board cover material and insulbrite. The stuff you make hot pads from, I covered the board and stapled it on with the staple gun. easy peasy. Under the counter you see where i have sorted my scraps. Each bin holds a color family. They aren't sorted by size. I also stash my project bags. I get them on sale from quilt in a day. I get the large size ones. Each one will hold everything needed for a king size quilt. On sale they only cost around $3this last photo shows the shelves we put up ( that in itself was an ordeal-DH and I don't play well together!)They hold my scrap bins where I store my scraps (thanks again Sandy) that have been cut to size. You can see the size written on each bin, also baskets of large notions, batting, my waste triangles etc. 

I had to finish the dry wall in here and then paint before anything could go in. We also bought a very cheap (under $40) carpet remnant to put on the floor. Like I said, not fancy, everything can be bought quite cheaply, but it all works for me

Great pictures, Diane.  What a great way to store everything in sight but not in the way.  Loads of room to cut, press and sew.  You got it made,  Girlfriend!

This is my cutting table.

This is the table with the board and thick plastic on it. Makes a wonderful cutting table. Nice and big for laying out quilts and just plane working on anything.

Pickled scrapes!


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