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Use the bundle of three (one yard) pieces of fabric you bought from Marcia at the 2016 retreat to construct your quilt.  You are to use only the pattern called "Lover's Lane" (a small postcard pattern by Villa Rosa Designs).  YOU decide how you to place your three fabrics in the design and how you will quilt it.  Please make sure your quilt is the size as listed on the pattern.  (YES- this quilt will be larger than our usual 36"x36" lap robe we've made in the past!)  Do NOT add any additional fabrics on the front (just those three fabrics in your bundle) and use these three fabrics for your binding.  Your backing may be any other fabric you choose or you can be creative by using any of the left over fabric from your bundle as part of your backing!

***Please do not add any embellishments to your quilt as these embellishments may be scratchy or uncomfortable to the resident's delicate skin.  

Here is the pattern:

     Have FUN making this super easy quilt top!  It will be interesting to see how different all the completed quilts look when we share them at our 2017 Retreat!  

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Here is a picture of the quilt I made at this year's retreat using this pattern and three different fabrics:

Of course, one of the fabrics I used just happened to be.....PURPLE!   :) 

Thanks, Marcia...Sorry, Tressa...I totally forgot that we were all using the same pattern next year.  

I need to find my pattern again......

I love this pattern, Marcia! I just may take some of my kids fabrics, make up a couple of these, and donate them to Project Linus. It looks quick and easy. 

~Hopppy QUilting~

Just have the binding left to do on my UN-challenge quilt.

Your'e 8 months ahead of schedule Tressa!

And I have to find the pattern..... still haven't found it

I'll send you another copy of the pattern, Deb!

I am so jealous I want to make one too

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia (anyone else remember that from some old television show LOL??)

We're only about two months out from the Retreat and that will pass quickly.  Other than the Unchallange Quilt, are there things we need to know/bring etc.  I remember that Diane said there would be no catered meals this year (is that correct, Diane?) but otherwise, any changes this year?  Will we be playing games?  What should we bring? Inquiring minds want to know.  DH and I ate at the Royal Cafe last week on our way through Story City; food is passable.  There is Pizza Ranch (which I like), a few fast food places so I'm sure we won't starve.  Plus breakfast at the hotel.  Lunch on Friday again?  Don't feel you have to host, Diane; we can bring our salads and eat in the breakfast room of the hotel, I'm sure.  Roy is such a peach; he won't kick us out of his space.

How many are coming in Thursday and staying 3 nights?  Can we have sort of an idea or are most sticking with the traditional Friday-Sunday schedule?  I have the room reserved for three nights and am trying to decide whether to stay Thursday night (my roomie will not stay until Friday).  Marcia, can we start a Retreat 2017 group now?

Sandy, My sis and I will be there all 3 nights. Salads on Friday works for me. I would like to know about games too. 

Sandy, I will be there on Thurs night.  Don't think Linda will be there until Friday morning.  I will spend Wed night with DD#3 in Ankeny, so will be there in good time on Thurs.  Know the room might not be ready early, but I can still set up in the main room.

I am all for eating at Pizza Ranch.  It is good, has a nice variety, and will get us out of the hotel.  I could just spend the entire time hold up in that room sewing away.  Not good - need to move around a bit.


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