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My great niece would like an Amish log cabin quilt...........any ideas about where to find a pattern for this type of quilt?

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If you google amish log cabin quilts you will several samples. I think the only caveat is that Amish quilts traditionally are made with solids in darker colours. No prints.... Dark grey,navy,deep red, dark green or purple etc....
Thanks for your suggestion.........I will check that out!
  Eleanor Burns has some nice books about Log Cabin
Hi, just wanted to tell you I agree with Shannon about googleing amish log cabin quilts & Eleanor Burns has a couple of good books too.  Good Luck!

I made an Amish Log cabin...use bright primary colors, deep red, and made half the logs colored and half the logs black..any Amish quilt will have much black.. I put it together in the barn raising pattern so I have a row of color and then a row of black...I wasn't sure of the outcome, asw I am not a black person..rarely use black in my quilts, but it was one of the prettiest I have ever done.  I don't think there is an Amish" pattern. The solid colors used makes it Amish.  And Amish quilts are most simple...plain in design...



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