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A Pun-eee Quilt .... SWAP

Started by B J Elder/WA. Last reply by linda harriott/UK Jun 30, 2016. 129 Replies

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Comment by Ally Bryant 2 hours ago
BB. Sounds like you have your hands full. Glad to hear your Dad responded to treatment in hospital. Maybe it gave you a real chance to see how they really manage in the bungalow. At lest you can get things moving and get their name on a waiting list for more help.
Tomorrow is Pauls CAT scan and the 30th for consult with surgeon on the way he is operating. Then another wait for surgery !
Hoping to get down in my sewing studio today it has been a while. We have been to the trailer a lot this summer and our HK family went back on Monday.
Happy sewing gals!!
Comment by Barbara Blackwell 15 hours ago

Very frustrating for you Terri, I hope it all gets worked out soon.  I'm amazed (although perhaps I shouldn't be) that a regular GP visit would cost so much in the US!!!  I complain when my GP sits and tells me all about her kids and then charges me for a long consultation but that's still only about $58.  At least she feels better after I've visited her. 

I've had dad in hospital since Monday last week... looks like he will be in till Sunday, making it 14 days in total.  He caught the bug we've all had but with his decreased lung function his breathing and O2 saturation was below acceptable levels. He's been given IV and oral antibiotics and oxygen therapy for a week now and is looking fitter than he's been for a long time.  Hopefully the latest CT scan will show his lungs full of air instead of fluid.  Although, he is better off in hospital out of the way while I have mum and Katie sick too.  Mum is much more dissabled that I realised.  I think they've managed to cover things naturally when dad is home, so when he is away, the cracks apear greater.  Just small things like turning out the light before she gets into bed because she can't lift her arm to reach the bedside lamp.... pulling up the covers when she gets in bed... she's made me take off her winter quilt and put on a light fluffy blanket as she can't manage the weight.  Then bigger things like how long it takes her to have a shower.  I actually insisted on helping her on Sunday night and it was a nightmare.  I've no idea how she manages on her own but now I see why she puts off having a shower.  I'm about to launch into getting a carer to come and help her shower and dress as she won't tollerate me doing it for long.  Time to call the 'my aged care' hotline and get on the waiting list!!

Comment by Ally Bryant 16 hours ago
Terri- hope feel better soon. In Canada they will only prescribe antibiotics if it is bacterial. Lots of Drs. In the pass have over prescribe antibiotic and our bodies are getting immuned to them.
Hope the movers get sorted with your belongings.
Our HK family have arrived back home and school starts tomorrow. We have had a lovely time with our family. When things settle down I will get back to writing my blog and getting caught up with photos etc.
Started sewing two I spy throws for the twins. It is a disappearing nine patch at my Sew What club today.
Comment by Terri D. 16 hours ago

Seems like I get rid of one problem when another pops up. Now we are battling to get our belongings shipped to us here in Ecuador. Out of the blue they have told me that they must have all the serial numbers for all our tools, appliances and all my machines. Also, they have said that I have too much fabric, thread and textiles and they cannot ship. We are battling them on that as we were told no problem with all that I have. We will see what gets here and what doesn't. They have demanded copies of our benefits letters, in Spanish, and our immigration attorney said they would have to get a copy in Spanish themselves as the Ministry has already approved our documents and our Visas. Will be interesting to see what the end result will be. I have to "prove" that I am an artist, document private exhibitions, prove my Bachelor's degree is in the arts and sciences, provide a copy of our lease on the new house, and on, and on. Will keep you informed of the "drama" as it progresses.

Also went to see a doctor today for this "bug" that has been lingering now for two weeks. I had to explain "bug" to the doc as that is a slang term he did not understand. LOL. The doc spoke perfect English, was very thorough, asked a lot of questions and did a thorough exam. Other than mild tacacardia, there is no fever, no congestion, everything is clear. He said I must be allergic to Machala! No antibiotics were given; however, he did give a liquid med to calm the inflamamation in my lungs and throat from all the coughing. I take it after lunch and after dinner. Drink lots of fluids and rest, were his orders. We did not have an appointment and were immediately seen by him. Total bill for visit and medication - $36. That same visit would have cost us $200 in the U.S., plus they would have prescribed an antibiotic. This doc said unless it is bacterial, he does not prescribe antibiotics. Hopefully, this will do the trick.

Comment by Terri D. on Sunday

Sharon, that is the general idea. Our agent took pictures of the storage unit we had built in the area that goes with the apartment in hopes of convincing him to return our money as we had invested in the place. We are tempted to have it dismantled, but that would mean expending more money and we aren't going to to that. He may get the bin; however, he won't get the 4 shelving units that were built as they are independant units. They are really beautifully made bookshelves and they will go with us to be used in my new studio loft.

Comment by Sharon on Saturday

good idea , maybe he'll return your deposit or at least you might keep him from getting more money

Comment by Sandy B /AUS on Saturday

Clever girl.

Comment by Terri D. on Friday

We get to move into our new house on Aug. 28th, as our agent is going to Miami for 3 weeks end of month and she needs to help us get things moved over. The owner of the place we are currently living still does not want to return the deposit, so we told her to tell him that since he has our deposit, he cannot show or rent the apartment until Oct. 1st when we will return the keys. See how he likes that!

Comment by B J Elder/WA on August 8, 2017 at 10:30am

GREAT news Terri! Hoping the house and situation will be so much better for you! Hooray!  Keep on dancing!

Comment by Terri D. on August 8, 2017 at 10:27am

We are doing another happy dance, I know, I know, a lot of dancing going on lately. We just looked at a house, one we looked at before taking this apartment, and as of September 1st, it will be ours! The landlord is a very sweet Ecuadorian gentleman who tries to speak English, but not very successful. If he wishes, I will try to help him learn English and perhaps he can help even more with my Spanish.

The owner of the apartment we are currently renting is being a real AH and said he is not going to return our deposit. He can't understand what kind of problems are ongoing. He is willing to pay for any repairs that need to be made but chooses to ignore the other reasons, i.e., poor building maintenance, the noisy elevator and such. He has not been here for a long time so has no idea about what is going on. Our agent is trying to get him to return the deposit but so far no go. We could get our immigration attorney involved as the lease is done under the laws of Ecuador and not the U.S., but we shall see. We are leaning towards letting him keep the $900 as it would probably cost us more to try to get it back. In any event, we are happy to be leaving this place. Just unbelievable how a relatively new building is in a sad state of disrepair and the property manager is blaming everyone, including us, for things not working.

Just had to share my happy news, back to dancing!


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