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End of Year 2017 SEASON Swap

Started by Gwen/OH. Last reply by Gwen/OH on Friday. 107 Replies

Inside Out Swap Pictures

Started by B J Elder/WA. Last reply by Terri D. on Tuesday. 4 Replies

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Comment by Barbara Blackwell yesterday

Beautiful work everyone!  

Weaving photo might happen this weekend...if I get it finished.  Of course there's not much need for scarves in this country.. perhaps I could weave you all one each!  Might be a 20 year project though!! 

Dad is being fitted in surgery next week with a supra pubic catheter (sorry for the gorey details), so this will be a much better long term solution and easier to manage.  Hopefully he will be as cheerful when he gets it as his is now.   I took mum in to see him this afternoon.  Luckily they alowed us to use a spare wheelchair to take mum to the ward....it's quite a hike.  This hospital has spread and grown over the last 30 years and they've gone in all directions and every corridor and ward looks the same.  Anyway they were happy to see each other.... much more harmonious than when they are at home snipping at each other.  63 years of wedded 'bliss'.  :/ 

Comment by Gwen/OH on Friday

Cindy's swap piece for Dec is posted in the DF..thanks again everyone, it's was a fun!

I hope this year brings in better days for all - good health, all needs met, and we know much thanksgiving for all goodness and grace ; )

Comment by Ally Bryant on Wednesday

BB when you get some weaving finish hope you'll do a show and tell for us.

Sorry to hear about Dad but glad he is getting help. As one ages things happen to the plumbing !! Paul's Dr for the prostate cancer say a lot of men as they age have Protate troubles and don't even know it. As someone said today at our sewing group people are living longer and I guess the body starts to wear out. Anyway glad they have got him comfortable. Hope Mom and Kate are coping with him being in hospital. 

BB trying to utilize the thread painting in different items for show at the end of year as well as the pictures this way it reaches a different audience and helps pay for the fees it cost to be part of the show.

Big melt today we started the day off by being around -19C with wind chill and we got up to -7 C by the afternoon, and some warmth in sun so snow Piles are going down.

Comment by Barbara Blackwell on Wednesday

Love your work Ally!!  I've been doing a bit of weaving in the evenings... enjoying it but still not enough time to get at it although it sits ok on it's own and is easy to go back to. 

Comment by Barbara Blackwell on Wednesday

Latest with dad is bladder infection resulting from bladder retaining 500 mls each time he pees.... so no wonder he is in pain/discomfort.  I'm sure he's glad for this problem to be acknowledged.... (I TOLD you I was sick!!!)  Anyway lots of attention in hospital... tests and scans and such.  Maybe fitted with a catheter tomorrow.. not sure if this will be permanent or not.  Just one more thing to deal with - hopefully I can get the district nurse.. I HOPE he wont want me to help him!

Sandy, sending you our love.   It seems more difficult to be dealing with the younger generation... they should not have to be going through all this.  The oldies it is much more expected and not so scary.  

Comment by Ally Bryant on Tuesday

Sorry BB I see below you have a new name Baby!!LOL. This I pad is so frustrating at times!!

Comment by Ally Bryant on Tuesday

baby and Sandy as they say in the UK it never rains unless it pours!! Yes it is a good job we don't know what is ahead of us. As my lovely FIL used to say take a day at a time!

We have had quite a bit of snow of late and it was beginning to feel where do we put it. We have  kind neighbours that come and help with the shovelling. I do what I can and even work the snow blower. But we have a very active early retiree that wants to help so told me not to do it but leave it to him. We had expected once over the op and recouped that Paul would be able to do it. But unfortunately they had to put a stent in through the back into kidney and bladder, and when ever he walks a little distance it lets him know things are not there yet. Hoping and praying at end of month after X-rays they will take it out. 

Yesterday and today freezing rain and ice so decided to stay in the warm and sew. So here is what I made today for my stock for Christmas in Paris. First I thread painted the flowers leaves then put the pouches together.

Comment by B J Elder/WA on Monday

BB & Sandy -- you both have a lot on your plates right now. Bless  you both for all you do for your family. I know it is greatly appreciated! Sandy, I think it is good we don't know what is ahead... would be overwhelming I think. I know my life has been nothing of how I had envisioned it.

It's cold here today, only warmed up to 35, which is quite a change from the 60's we had just a few days ago.

Comment by Sandy B /AUS on Monday

Oh BB what fun - NOT!

Our thoughts are with you and Steve and the rest of the family. There always seems to be a drama just around the corner with family.

Little Josie (nearly 1) is much better after her first experience of gastro, her parents have recuperated too and Gran and Grandpa missed it somehow?

Today we went with our DS to buy a child seat for - wait for it - when we might have to collect Josie from childcare - another ?

Brisbane is having a heat wave and we hope??? our DD and her son are back home from hospital - fun it is. We also changed our flights (with penalty) and accommodation for Brisbane to a time more suited to the young family. Definitely a stage in life we had not expected in more ways than one.

Comment by Barbara Blackwell on Monday

Ambulance called... this time for dad. He seems ok but was having dizzy spells and vomiting and his heart was skipping every 3rd or 4th beat.  It was about 7 pm last night.  Can't leave mum and Kate to cope with him so called ambulance in case the heart beat was an issue.  They tell me he just has a 'funny' rhythm and not to worry.  One more day of tests and should be home tomorrow.  Ain't we got fun?  Paramedic in ambulance the same one who came for mum 3 weeks ago.  


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