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Comment by Sandy B /AUS 4 minutes ago

39C today and it is now a bit cooler being night - a real hot one for sure.

So happy to hear it all went well BB. Congratulations to all the team for another successful dancing year.

Comment by Barbara Blackwell 2 hours ago

Lauren took some stunning photos from side stage.  I'll try to get access to them (you know I'm technically inept) and post them here in the next few days.

Comment by B J Elder/WA 6 hours ago

So glad all went so well BB!  Do we get to see pictures?  

Comment by Barbara Blackwell 7 hours ago

Other end of the thermometer here.  Temperatures are creeping up, the car is too hot to sit in with out the air con on.  But typical Melbourne weather probably means it will be cold tomorrow, or later this evening or.....!

Hugely sucessful dance concert. Best one yet!  So much talent, dedication and sheer determindness from the seniors; enthusiasm, fun and energy from the juniors and a huge dollop of cuteness and entertainment from the tiny tots.    Great turn out with almost sell out crowd (read captive audience) for both shows.  Despite a tree falling on one parents car on dress rehearsal night, all went well.  Feeling relieved, tired, enthused and proud all at once.  Tomorrow I clean the house and Tuesday I start the washing!!!!

Comment by B J Elder/WA yesterday

Ally, today was our first snow. The pics I showed I took about 25 miles from us, further up the mountain than where we are.  We do have snow here at home today, but a warming trend is on its way so it may not be around long. They can have a lot of snow here, but with the weather being so weird of late, who knows. Last winter was pretty mild for here.

Comment by Terri D. yesterday

Ally it got very cool here, down in the 40's during the night and yesterday was in the upper 60s. Suppose to get back up in the 80's this week. Along the northern Florida border, some people said they got frost! For Ray and I, the cooler temps were like a summer day in Michigan! LOL.

Comment by Ally Bryant yesterday
BJ. I saw your pic on FB of the mountains such beauty. I thought you would have had lots of snow, has it only just started?
This storm we have just had go through is really early for us in Southern Ontario, so it will make it a long old winter. Glad I got my spring bulbs in the ground, something to look forward to.
Looks like we will be heading to see HK to see our little gsons. I am getting so excited, the babies were 3/4 mths when we saw them last and now they are 17 mths and as cute as buttons, just hope they take to us. We saw Rory in Oct. And though he was pleased to see us, often he won't speak on the phone or FT with us, which is upsetting so we are hoping we'll be able take him out on his own and do fun things with him. So it looks like early Dec. now to get things ready.
Terri. Did it get cooler with you in Florida, as when we looked at the weather report it looked like the jet stream dipped down quite low and would effect the lower States?
Comment by Terri D. yesterday

This insurance fiasco has really hurt more people than it has helped. I know people who have not only lost their insurance they've had for years but have have lost their doctors as well because they won't take the "forced" insurance under Obama's plan. There recently was a story about a lady who was to undergo surgery for removal of a cancerous growth only to have the surgery canceled the morning she was to go in. Her insurance was "canceled" and the new plan doesn't cover "pre-existing" conditions. Her family has offered to pay the doctor in full to have her looked at, but he said he can't do that. It's really sad the way things have gone.

My DH's had to take out supplemental insurance in through his retirement plan in order to keep my insurance going until I'm 65. His company has now dropped the plan he was under and has told him that he is now a member of a company we have never heard of. My policy is untouched until I turn 65, next year, and go on Medicare. When that time comes, we're going to look at another insurance that we both know is good. We are lucky in one respect, we have insurance through his military disability that picks up the slack on our other policies. When I turn 65, that will also kick in permanently for me. Being able to get our lab work and prescriptions at no cost on the base, has really saved us a ton of money. Looking at the cost of some of our prescriptions, I can't help but wonder how others who take even more expensive medications get their needed medicines with such high deductibles in such in place and with a lot of medications being classified now as "unnecessary," "experimental" or enormous "co-pays." Will keep America and its people in our prayers.

Comment by B J Elder/WA yesterday

Today is a new day! WooHoo! I got the "errors" on my application fixed and found an affordable coverage that doesn't cost much more than an arm (instead of an arm and a leg) and is decent coverage where I can see the doc when I need to.  Makes a huge difference when you turn these things over to God and let him do his work.  

Today, after our staff meeting, our staff went up further into the mountains and found Christmas trees for all our homes and for the two lodges.  We got a gorgeous noble fir, only 20 foot tall (LOL) to put out in our front yard. We'll put lights on it and it will be great for greeting guests as they come to check in.  We have a small artificial tree for in the house. The woodstove creates too much heat to keep a live tree in the house very long.  The further up we got the more snow started falling. It was a gorgeous winter's day. Even had snow at our house by the time we got home.  It was wonderful!

Comment by Cornwoman yesterday

I'm with you BJ and Cindy, about our healthcare system being broken.  It's wasn't great before "affordable care", but it was fabulous compared to now.  For 4 years I didn't have any insurance, and in that entire time I paid LESS TOTAL than I have had to pay EACH MONTH for my "affordable care premium".  Just for grins, let me tell you that ALL of the doctors in my area either quit, moved their practices elsewhere, sold their practices or retired on January 1st when my plan went into effect.  

The insurance premium cost me half of my Social Security check each month and covered nothing, even if I could have found a doctor to see.  I paid cash to a doctor and a lab for tests a few months ago so that I could get my annual prescriptions written, and the insurance refused to pay anything because they didn't cover out-of-network doctors even though there was no doctor near us.  

November 1st I went onto Medicare, where I have really great coverage for 1/5th of what I was paying each month for no real coverage.  I'm SO glad to finally be able to actually get medical care. Today I finally was able to go get my blood tests done and make an appointment for a follow-up appointment to see a doctor.  

They need to fix the not so affordable care for people...or at least not require them to pay exhorbitant prices for little to no coverage.  That way they can use the money to pay a real doctor for real health care.  Off my soapbox now...lol


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