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walk in the woods challenge

Started by Sharon. Last reply by Terri D. on Saturday. 17 Replies

End of Year 2017 SEASON Swap

Started by Gwen/OH. Last reply by Gwen/OH Feb 15. 107 Replies

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Comment by Ally Bryant 8 hours ago

Love the style Terri, it really suits you, wonder what Ray thought as it was longer before and being a retired Hairstylist i heard all the time that their hubby always wanted them to keep their hair long.  The treatment of washes that you explained, I was wondering if you were a great user of conditioner, as lots of them are waxy base so this may have been a buildup residual. I had quite the chuckle when you said you thought maybe they were looking for something esle on your scalp!!LOL.

It has finally warmed up a bit so today we are opening up the trailer and staying the night. But I brought my sewing machine as I have some projects I wanted to finish I have a open house at the end of May it is called Holmdale Art Crawl,so I am showing my TP and other things I TP on and have invite a young friend to show her jewellery. 

Comment by Cindy 11 hours ago

Wow Terri. I really like the new do! It makes you look so much younger. Your trust was well placed.

Comment by Terri D. yesterday

Well, thanks to the play and everyone's comment about how great I looked in the short hair, my Ecuadorian Sister decided to take matters into her own hands. She arrived here Saturday afternoon from Guayaquil (3 hours away) to go to church with us on Sunday. Monday we were going to go to the beauty shop, but she decided that I couldn't go to church as the old me it had to be a "new" me. So she called her hairstylist, who was just closing, if we could come, she said yes and was waiting at the shop. 

Now I was at a complete disadvantage due to my Spanish being so limited, which my sister delighted in, as did the stylist. I trust my sister so I put myself into strange hands. The first thing was the washing of the hair. She would wash, rinse, make a comment, wash and rinse and make a comment. This went on for 7 washes/rinses and with the way the hair was inspected, I thought I had lice or something. LOL. The stylist wanted to know if I went to bed with my head wet as there was an accumulation of oil around the hair roots and I said no. Explanation was this was causing hair loss, so have shampoo to use for three months and then will get another to use regularly, no conditioners. At this point I'm willing to try anything.

Well, when this lady was done, I could not believe the change. Shorter than what I would have gone for, but so glad I let my sister and her do their thing. Thought perhaps you would like to see the before and after.

This is the before. And now, the after ....

So, what do you think?

Comment by Sharon on Saturday

Comment by Sharon on Wednesday
No one understands until they walk in your shoes. My sister wants to leave Mom after being with her a few hours- I always tell her- I'm with Mom every day
Comment by Barbara Blackwell on Wednesday

Wow! Terri! Your are nearly famous now!  Looks like a hoot!  So glad you enjoyed yourself.   

Life here continues to be crazy.  Dad is now in ''invalid" mode more often than not.  I spend about 45 minutes just getting mum and dad into bed.  There's pills, and drinks, and heat bags and ''Where's my?" and "just before you go" and ..... it's like having children but a LOT slower!!!  Plus I can't yell at them to go to sleep OR ELSE.....!   Next month looks like we'll have less medical appointments now that every thing is settled with dad.  Now it's just the bathroom shuffle that's keeping us on our toes.  I shower/assist Kate Mon, Wed, Fri mornings... Mum has council help to shower Tue and Thur mornings and Dad has district nurse shower Tue and Friday afternoons...... BUT of course someone always needs the bathroom while someone else is having their turn.   I had a week away with Steve in Ballarat while my sister came and looked after them.  She was desperate to leave the day we came home.... will be looking to mum and dad in respite care next time I get a chance to have some time away.  Which in itself means a lot of coordination but probably worth it as my sister rang 2-3 times a day....it did allow me to chuckle to myself about how desperate she was sounding!!!  

Comment by Cindy on April 16, 2018 at 9:15pm

Oh Terri, how exciting. Looks like a fun play. So glad you enjoyed it. Hmm, now we can say "We knew you when....."

Comment by Terri D. on April 16, 2018 at 3:39pm

Sharon, it was a blast to be a part of this show. It was my first role as the "Star" or lead and it was quite the workout. I had to wear multiple layers as the time between costume changes was small and I had to do various accents, like Russian and the Old South, to name a few. I thoroughly enjoyed it and our audience seemed to like it as well.

I couldn't believe it when two members of the audience, professional "paid" actors, came up to me and told me they thought I did a great job and even mentioned talking to the director of the show to suggest a few scripts that they thought I would be perfect in. One even spoke of getting in touch with me for a special project, which I thought was a hoot. But I will believe it when I see it, although it is nice to dream of a possible acting job at my age. LOL.

Comment by Sandy B /AUS on April 15, 2018 at 5:08pm

I agree Bj - you need a sense of humor as we age. Even a chance to kick up our heels every so often and maybe not as high.

We are home after a week up with our Brisbane family. While our grandson's treatment (chemo and steroids this week) continues his family are in a much better place - whew say these grandparents. My DD and I even had a morning together - just the two of us so we could chat about everything and nothing. We loved the time with the grandchildren but I will not say we had an easy time - 5 yos change their mind and mood like quicksilver and it is judging the time for a bit of quiet time that we are rusty on. We did not get much reading done and fell into bed each night. But it was lovely to be in a vibrant walkable city with great public transport and wonderful open spaces plus the friendly Queenslanders.

It was lovely to see the smiles on our family. Lucy and I made our rainbow windows - cardboard around clear cellophane with coloured pieces pasted on - even a dinosaur head with red teeth. I read the dinosaur book again many times, with young Dylan leaning against me as I read to Luci.

It brought back memories of me and my grandmother - my cup was running over.

At this stage we are up for a similar length of time in August while our SIL is in Vermont (yes USA) for a conference - research into insect venoms!

Back home the washing is done, and we are trying to get used to a cooler climate - we went from 33C to 9C in a 90 minute flight - brrr. It is low 20s so far today - celsius not fahrenheit.

Hope you get better soon Bj, and hope your DHs are improving Ally and Cindy. All the best for you too BB - hope your load is still being shared with the rest of your family.

Off to dry some dishes and then go shopping for food - the larder is bare. I am feeling in a sewing mood - hmmmm. All those quilts that are waiting to be finished and shopping bags (which are great to make for an arty theme). Love to all.

Comment by Sharon on April 14, 2018 at 7:12am

i wish I was there to see it Terri, it looks like so much fun


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