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Comment by QuiltDragon 59 minutes ago

Sharon, I'm glad your move is going well.

Cindy, I'm sorry to hear about the flood in your basement. I agree that you should be careful removing the mold - may be safer to call in a professional.

Just finished a sewing tote for Lily for her birthday next Wednesday. We're going to Sesame Place, so we'll probably give it to her before we leave.

Comment by QuiltDragon 1 hour ago

BB, I'm glad Katie's surgery went well.

BJ, love your waterfall!

Comment by B J Elder/WA 5 hours ago

I agree with Charlotte - hopefully this is the only big things that you find. It's great that the agent is upset too, that is much good in your favor!

Comment by Charlotte Gustavson 6 hours ago

Go, Cindy! You make it happen. They should have to pay for the damages that were caused to your property while they were still in possession.

We have discovered over the years, what with buying our own "handy man special" and helping our kids out with their houses, that previous owners are seldom the ones who did the good  work on the house! When I think of all the corrections my DH has had to make on my kids' houses, we could have built a new one at least twice! lol I hope this is the only thing they did that was screwy and not the tip of an iceberg for you!

Comment by Cindy 7 hours ago
Sharon I too wish you the best in all your current endeavors. I would also enjoy the antique store. Don't do well with children any more. What part of New York are you in?

Have some 'encouraging' news on the carpets problem. The sellers agent is not happy with them. Found out they put the catpet over old padding t that ad the agent put it was on it's last leg. So bad pad to start with, then at one previous time it has been wet. They dried it out but pad was too far gone so it rotted and trapped the mold between it and the concrete slab. Then last weekend while they were moving out they claim that their grandson brought the garden hose inside the house and proceeded to wet down the bedroom and hallway. I mean saturate it. The seller said she tried to soak up as much as she could. But never bothered to have the decency to mention this small fact to anyone! They said they didn't think it would matter as they thought we would be replacing the floor. We NEVER had planned on doing the bedroom and hall. We are only doing my sewing area. So their agent has asked them how they plan to take care of the damages they caused while moving out. She is giving them the opportunity to make things right so we don't have to take legal action against them. I feel for the agent and the position they have put her in. She is totally fed up with the sellers . She is not happy with their half truths, deceit, and not disclosing pertinent information. As are we. So looks like they will be footing the bill for new floors! I am so thankful for my digital camera right now.
Comment by B J Elder/WA 9 hours ago

Sharon - hope one of those jobs come through, they both are interesting in different ways.  I wish you well in caring for your mom - you are doing care, just not needing to do full care at this point.  It has its challenges, even in the best of circumstances. I'm so glad I was able to do it for my parents, but it is also nice to be able to visit Mom now and not have it all on my shoulders.  

Our DSIL is diabetic. Came down with it in college. They do some diet things, but there are other things that he indulges on more than what I think is good for his health. He is on an insulin pump. Fortunately he cycles a LOT, so as far as exercising his body, he is good at that.  I just shudder to think what may come up as he ages from not being better about his eating. It's a nasty disease.

Comment by Charlotte Gustavson 10 hours ago


Oh, Sharon, my Mom is 94 and has Macular Degeneration, besides having had a stroke that affected her speech. She has aches and pains all over and is truly ticked that she's into another year. She thought she was going when she hit 93 (the age both her Mom and her oldest sister were!). Her diet isn't an issue, but getting her to do little exercises like just stretching her legs and rotating her ankles before she gets out of bed can be an issue. Don't even get me started on the small bucket/tub she keeps her dishwater in for days! Gack!  I get the "Its too late to change" comment all the time. My sister has Type II diabetes and she doesn't watch her diet like she should. Makes me ill to think of how much better her health would be if she would just change her diet. She has other issues, including asthma, that would benefit from weight loss. Unfortunately she's living with a husband who has disabilities that call for her full time nursing abilities. It ain't easy caring for those who won't help themselves improve their circumstances! I wish you luck in your task and in your job search. (The antique store sounds like something I'd like, with the exception of the old musty smells that sometimes accompany said antiques! :D)

Comment by Cornwoman 10 hours ago

Good luck on the job leads, Sharon!  They sounds like interesting positions. 

Is there any way that you can change her food intake to something healthier in a subtle way without making it seem like it's about her, but more about what you like or need to eat?  It might make her more amenable to the changes if they're for you.  

Comment by Sharon 11 hours ago

Ally, not being a care giver at this time just that she needs help to stay in the house.She can cook but because of her weight is unable to clean very well. Because of her obesity I will be unable to correctly care for her if her health takes a down turn, she has some heart problems and also diabetes but refuses to take insulin or change her diet after all she is 85 years old and" can do what she wants . I'll help her as much as I can.

Will start quilting  my abstract art quilt tonight. Don't know if I posted a photo or not.

Got a few lines of some part time work but will probably hear after Labor Day- one is in an antique store, the other is leading children's groups at the local bird sanctuary. Wish me luck!

Comment by Sandy B /AUS 21 hours ago

I agree CW - it will not cost you anything Cindy and you might come out ahead.

Thank you everyone for all the hints - I have never had this problem before and I did have a stretch needle in my assorted bits and pieces.

Happy unpacking Sharon.


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