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Year-end Season Swap Photos Dec 2017

Started by Gwen/OH. Last reply by Gwen/OH Mar 4, 2018. 17 Replies

End of Year 2017 SEASON Swap

Started by Gwen/OH. Last reply by Gwen/OH Feb 15, 2018. 107 Replies

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Comment by Sandy B /AUS on June 10, 2019 at 10:28pm

So wonderful and bright Ally - it looks like you had quite bit of fun. Maybe tomorrow I can back to some creating?

Comment by Ally Bryant on June 10, 2019 at 7:28pm

Here are are the cards I finished the other day. Tried to post earlier but the site wouldn't let me.

Comment by Sandy B /AUS on June 10, 2019 at 3:26pm

Wow so much news while we were away for only 4 days. My mother's 90th Birthday lunch in East Brunswick went really well - no tears BB - this time.

I now know know not to book near the front on some planes - it was a 68 seater and we were near the propellers - a wee bit noisy!

Our stay was lovely - the holiday we needed. We had Saturday to ourselves in the Melbourne CBD, checking out old places and amazed at the changes, a funny crazy night at a French Restaurant and met some lovely people just walking and looking around like us.

Our DIL's operation has gone well - the rice grain size gland was the size of a huge marble. She did have to go back to ICU a couple of times as her calcium levels dropped too much. They are home now but need to organise blood tests to check how her kidney transplant has survived the operation - this in some ways is the more serious problem - as she does not want to go on to dialysis yet - everyone's fear for the future I am afraid and a possibility.

My DH's ultrasound showed no problems with his adrenal glands so back to the drawing board as to why his BP keeps going up. The apt next week will decide which direction we go next. Grrrr - we want to go up to Brisbane to see our DD and her family and enjoy some warmer weather,

But this trip to Melbourne was one of the better ons for a long time and we laughed and had so much fun but yes we are pooped.

The crab is lovely Sharon and all the best BB, the house does seem to become very big all of a sudden - until they visit for a few days. The wedding photos were lovely and it looked like everyone had a good time.

Just think you might have some empty cupboard to fill?

All the best Terri for yourself, Ray and your new family members. I am amazed how you have both been so accepted by your new home town - well done and all the best for Ray's knee - torn meniscus I can relate to - but both sides.

Now for breakfast, enjoy your day everyone.

Comment by Ally Bryant on June 10, 2019 at 5:09am

BB- lots of plans ahead for you I see. Is the cat missing the bunny? Sounds like you are going to be busy with the children's hol. Programe. Have you still got the elephant you made? You should post some pics on here of it and your dot pictures they are so good. Just because you haven't been sewing much you have been creating!  Has it cooled off a bit now as you head into your winter? 

Sandy - Enjoy your visit with your Mom. Are you flying down? When we left BB on Melbourne to head to Sydney Paul wanted to travel the train as he wanted to see the countryside, it was very interesting to see the wide open spaces and the little towns we went through and some just had the railway station.

Sharon- your crab piece is taking shape, love it's big eyes. Is it for a group project you are doing it or just your own project.

Just made some more cards trying to build my stock up for Christmas in Paris in Nov. I find working on small projects are doable in small amounts of time at the sewing machine.

Comment by Barbara Blackwell on June 9, 2019 at 10:22pm

Never a dull moment for you over there, Terri.  Lets hope nothing else happens and you can all breathe and deal with recovering.

Love the crab Sharon!  I'm so happy people are actively creating.  I will get to it eventually. Today I've cleaned the remains of the mess Lauren left.  Those things that just wouldn't fit in her care are now stacked in the wardrobe.  The op shop has benefitted from discarded clothes, bags and shoes.  The rubbish and recycle bins are full and my neighbours have kindly allowed me to fill theirs up if I need to on Wednesday.  Now the rooms are down to the bare minimum, the rabbit fluff and stray pellets had been vacuumed and the floors washed and everywhere else wet dusted and wiped clean... So satisfying! I've been itching to get in there for ages!!!!  Lauren sent me a photo last night.  Having to rabbit proof the apartment so they can get their bond back... she has replaced the vertical blinds with cheap K mart curtains and used blu-tac to attach subway tiles  to the skirting boards to protect the woodwork and to hide the power cables behind.  She was busy on her first full day in Sydney!   I've now set up what was her lounge room so we can craft/create décor and scenery for the children's school holiday program at church in 4 weeks time.  THEN it will be used for my niece to sort and sell dance costumes THEN eventually (probably next year!) it will be converted to Steve's study so I can get my butlers pantry (probably the year after that!!!!) 

Comment by Ally Bryant on June 9, 2019 at 6:54pm

Terri- I have enjoyed following along with your sketching and artwork. Wow you are so talented and now felting animals. Give Ray our best and hope that he won't need surgery. Maybe you need to take a break from all the excitement of all the things going on. Hope all goes well at Azoguys.

Comment by Terri D. on June 9, 2019 at 5:39pm

Sharon, your crab looks great. BJ love your picture, I can almost hear the leaves rustling in the wind.

I have had a crazy few months here. First my Ecuadorian sister was told she had growths in her uterus, had biopsy and, thankfully, no cancer. She was scheduled for surgery. Right before her surgery, my landlord suffered a nasty fall and had emergency surgery for broken nose, broken lower left eye socket and upper right eye socket. He is 88 and a tough old bird. Came through that with flying colors.

Fabiola then had her surgery and I got to deal with her family, only a few speak English. Was really interesting when they left for the night and were told that I was the only one who could stay. Surgery was a surprise when doc found non cancerous growths but found her uterus was growing into her intestines and bladder. Another week and her intestines would have ruptured. She has been living with us until she can get back on her feet and find an apartment.

Thought things were settling down when Ray blew out his knee as we were walking back home from the Saturday Mercado or open air market and passed out half a block from home. There were wonderful people who came to our aide who spoke little to no English. They comforted me, got an ambulance and were amazing. My landlord was at the hospital with us and Fabiola, who was not supposed to be out of the house yet, surprised me by being there. Was glad she was as she translated, but the added stress of making sure she sat and didn’t over do and Ray being treated like to have done me in. He has torn miniscus on both sides of knee and will do PT to see if stabilize, if not, he will need surgery.

Hopefully, things will settle down now so I can breathe. Wednesday, crutches and all, we have to travel to Azoguys to get our Permanent Residency Visas. The following week we should receive our Cedulas, which are renewed every 10 years. If all goes well, in three years we will apply for our citizenship.

Not a whole lot of sewing, but have managed to do a little crocheting and a little needle felting.

wishing all the best. Will try to get here more, but will have to be after things calm down a bit more.

Comment by Ally Bryant on June 8, 2019 at 6:10am

Great job, Sharon.

BB now the nest is really empty, been there so know how you are feeling. But you have at lest got the trip to look forward to at end of July. Saw a picture of their car it looked pretty loaded. 

We are enjoying a few day at trailer a beautiful day by the lake today. Didn't even bring any sewing with me. We have been putting a few flowers in the little garden.

Working on the Mama elephant and baby thread painting in small time spaces.

Comment by Barbara Blackwell on June 7, 2019 at 10:43pm

I recognised that one as soon as I saw it Ally.  My one is exactly where I left it that day!!! 

Wedding over and enjoyed by all.  They had a lovely time in Tassie complete with snow! Home on Thursday and we had 2 precious days with them before they loaded up the car (not a spare square inch to spare) and left here at 9.30 this morning for the 9+ hour drive to Sydney.... we were doing so well until Lauren and I looked at each other!  Never mind.  I'm taking my Mother in law up to visit for the weekend at the end of July for Lauren's birthday, so that's only about 6 weeks away.  Time to start cleaning, painting and renovating her rooms so we can make a guest room and store the stuff she didn't have room to take with her!!! 

Sandy, my sister Katie had a parathyroid gland removed about 8 months ago.  She saw her surgeon on Thursday and he is pleased with the results.  Her hormone level is still a little elevated and her calcium levels are ok but not perfect they say it can take a while for it all to settle down but did test 7 hours after surgery that showed a dramatic drop and claimed it a success.  

Comment by B J Elder/WA on June 7, 2019 at 5:19pm

Nicely done, Sharon


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