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Comment by Barbara Blackwell 2 hours ago

Hi everyone. I haven't even looked at this page for a long while, so reading past posts and catching up with your news.  BJ and Cindy sending you both our love and prayers for strength for every minute of every day.  The moments when you have to hold it all in and just keep breathing to support your husbands and deal with all the assorted complications/frustrations involved with care and getting the help and support needed. Enjoy the good bits too... family coming together, improvements with family relationships... celebrate the good stuff and try to find peace in the not so good stuff. 

Here we've been settling dad into permanent aged care and mum will be joining him tomorrow (Dec 12th).  Mum will have a single room opposite dad's room that he shares with a non-verbal 63 year old man with Down's Syndrome.  This is a great outcome as mum was concerned that sharing a bathroom would become problematic, so now she has her own and dad is fine sharing with his roommate but can use mum's if need be.  Katie will continue to live in the granny flat that we will now have to start calling the ''Auntie flat''! She will be supported by extra carers for personal care each day and overnight if I am away.  We have a new government disability scheme which gives funding to pay for carers, equipment, house renovations etc.  Each individual is assessed and given a plan an a generous amount of funding that can be used for all sorts of things, so her life is about to change quite dramatically as opportunities open up and she has more freedom to choose what she wants to do.

For me these changes mean I am going from having 3 fulltime high care people to care for to one part time/occasional care person.  A lot of mixed feelings - frustration at all the paperwork, guilt that it looks like I've 'given up', relief that I can get back to some sort of life/work balance and no longer totally responsible for them and excitement looking forward to freedom to maybe create something/art/thread paintig, go out for lunch or just sleep in on a Saturday morning!  Looking forward to going to Sydney to meet Lauren's new family and then back home for Ally and Paul's visit. (I will dust before you come!) Also having some freedom to plan and prepare for the wedding in May.  We are very blessed to have these opportunities and even when we thought we had the ''ideal scenario'' of mum and dad sharing a room... the fact that having the single room opposite has worked out and is even better than we imagined... seems we should have been trusting that God had the better plan ahead of us!  The care home is one of the nicest I've seen (and I toured about 9 in this process) so that is also been something that fell into place at the right time and with much relief that I didn't need to convince them they would have to "put up" with something less nice. So love to you all.  Every best wish for a wonderful Christmas time wherever you are and whatever circumstances you find yourselves in.  

Comment by Sandy B /AUS on December 3, 2018 at 12:30pm

My thoughts are with you too, BJ and Cindy. It is a very hard road but there are days the sunshines, the birds sing and all is calm. 

We here keep plodding along. My lower back - sciatic nerve?? - who knows - has been a real *****. I am not sure if it was standing around and talking to visitors on a concrete floor for 4 hours on 2 previous Saturdays at the Art Show or just me. I have been back at the pool walking in water and this week (after no standing last Saturday) it is a lot better. But DH has hurt his right elbow - digging and turning over the veg patch. At least he can go for his walks. One thing after another but our grandson is doing well on his medication. Everyone is getting excited to see them down here in the New Year.

Not much sewing done but I have been having a go at collage. Now I have too many magazines in this room to find fixtures from. A clean out after Christmas.

Take care everyone, the idea of snow flakes fluttering down sound so peaceful - but not the cold.

Comment by Ally Bryant on December 3, 2018 at 11:40am

BJ - glad you are getting help with hospice. Also Dennis is getting help with meds to control the headaches and tremors.

Cindy you also have a heavy load you are carrying. Hope things work out for your DD that once again can become a family. I am sure you are enjoying the little guy, but one knows as we get older it is taxing on our energy levels.

yes Cindy the snuggle quilt is for the Bryant family for them to enjoy.

As I write the snow. Flakes are lightly fluttering down, maybe the weather is on the change after the mild weekend we just had.

Comment by Sharon on December 3, 2018 at 6:09am

BJ and Cindy- my prayers and thought with you- I know somewhat what your going through as my Dad had emphasima , hospice at home  and know the toll it takes. I also know it is different when it's your husband. Take care of yourselves and I will pray for you both every night

Comment by Cindy on December 2, 2018 at 8:50pm

BJ, sending my best your way. Not an easy road to travel. One that none of us wants, but as you said, God knows what is ahead and the time we have left. 

DD and family put our tree up today while I fixed a late Thanksgiving dinner. Grandson was fascinated with it but has yet to touch it. Might be different once all the lights and decorations are on it. I have slowly been putting a few things out and he has not bothered anything. Such a good baby. We really enjoy him. Haven't said much of late about things here but must share the good news for DD and her guy.  Just a year ago he had taken a bad path, had to leave our house, was in jail for a while. Didn't know how things would go, DD stuck to her principals and upbringing, he turned himself around. Lots of prayers and heartache along the way, but he has now been clean and sober for a year,they've been working on their relationship. We can see the change in him, so we consented to him coming back. He's working on getting a job so they can eventually get their own place. God answers prayer!

Jerry has good days and bad. He took another bad fall last week. So unsteady on his feet now. He falls quite often. After the holidays we will most likely have visiting home nurses to help out a bit. Hopefully they can work with him to help with some PT . He has a walker and cane, but still goes down. He also had another stroke. The dementia is robbing him of so much. Simple tasks are hard for him, coordination is bad, tremors are taking his ability to write and speech is affected at times. I take him to a friend's home once a week for the two of them to fellowship and do a Bible study together. It's good for both of them. His cancer is still under control, as are the seizures,  so that's good news.

Need to scoot for now. I think of you all often. Maybe now that I don't have the baby 24/7 I can get some sewing done ( and Sharon's piece finished). 

Comment by B J Elder/WA on December 2, 2018 at 7:41pm

DH went onto hospice on Friday. We feel good about the decision, but it brings it all into reality once again.  He is doing pretty good considering all he has to deal with. He is back on steroids which is keeping the headaches at bay and helping the tremors. It is nice to have the hospital bed and lift recliner for him. There are several services we'll be using to help us both. We hope he can be home for most if not all of his remaining time (which could be several months yet... only God knows).

Our tree is up and now to find out what goodies DH wants me to bake. This Christmas is to be memorable, in a very good way!

Comment by Ally Bryant on December 1, 2018 at 8:10pm

Cindy it is going to be a Bryant family gift to be USED not just looked at. I have some new thought s on life now, and iI am not saving things for a special day or time but using it all and enjoying it, so I want them to do the same with the snuggle quilt.shh! They don't know yet! I will try and get some pictures of BB and I when we visit, to share with you all.

Comment by Cindy on December 1, 2018 at 2:24pm

Sharon, great piece. Didn't know that about the name change of the song.

Ally,  the snowmen are wonderful. What a fun project. Will you leave it it with the kids?  Enjoy your trip, safe travels.

Comment by Sharon on December 1, 2018 at 7:44am

almost but not quite Linda- it's the original name of Feeling Groovy- 59th Street Bridge Song 

Ally love your snowmen

Comment by Ally Bryant on December 1, 2018 at 5:55am

Sharon great piece.

Like how everyone is trying new projects. We are off on our travels for a while but when we get back I have a few things in mind, that I want to try.

We are visiting our son and family in Hong Kong for Christmas. And in the New year Australia. So hoping to visit with BB.and Pauls niece. Also this time explore Sdyney. So am busy to get organized so not much sewing done. Did finish a quilt throw.

This is part a block swap I was in on Emb.buddys on CT. I made 15 blocks of the snow man "Let it snow" this the backing I used. It is coming with me to Hong Kong.


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