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Comment by Sharon on Saturday

 Cindi -So sorry to hear about Jerry, it's so hard to be a caretaker , prayers are with you. Try and take care of yourself- try and do at least one small thing just for you.

Comment by Cindy on Saturday

Good morning everyone. I too haven't been able to check in very often. My days are filled with caring for Jerry as he is declining even more. The seizures are coming more often, some days with three and four episodes. When he goes down on the floor it's difficult to get him up afterwards. He has lost a lot of muscle strength and can't help himself very much.  Confusion from dementia is very frustrating for him. At times he can't remember how to do the simplest things. He's been dropped from the cardiac rehab due to his unstable seizures. He surrendered his drivers license (officially) even though it's been two years since he's been able to drive. I had wanted to have a party for him on his 70th last week but just couldn't manage it. The kids and I had a quiet day with him. 

I am still watching Joshua while DD works. She too has been having some health issues. Her white blood count is quite elevated and the doctors can't pinpoint the cause. She is exhausted after working to the point she can't take care of the little one. He is growing so fast and is very active. I had forgotten how much they can get into so quickly. Keeps me on my toes. He is really a good baby and so happy. 

 Barb, you certainly have your days full of care giving as well.  My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hopefully you can find a few minutes for yourself. 

Sandy, was good to hear things are going well at the moment. Was nice you could get away for a few days. And you gals are right about the wind going right through you. We get quite a bit of wind as well and it can make it so much colder. Bundle up and keep warm.

BJ, you are amazing. Getting so much done, and the desserts sound so good. Am sure they will be enjoyed by everyone. Sounds like the program at the ranch is very successful for the boys. 

and Gwen, you have your plate a bit full as well. Enjoy the time with your sister. 

have a great weekend everyone. I have a busy week ahead taking hubby to various appts. So don't know how often I will get online. Take care my friends.

Comment by Gwen/OH on Saturday

Oops!  I meant to add "Have a wonderful day everyone!"

Comment by Gwen/OH on Saturday

lol.. Sandy, a haircut is good therapy!  I popped in for a minute; going to have breakfast with sister, then go to her apartment to help paint her laundry room so the washer/dryer can be hooked up. 

I mailed a package out to "just down the road", here in Ohio, and it ended up in Madison, WI?!  Good thing for tracking!  I called the post office and they spotted the mistake, so it will be re-routed back here to Ohio, then sent back out to Columbus, Ohio, probably by Monday. It's a baby quilt I made for a girl who had saved her son's baby clothes. 

A busy day ahead- I was up at 6 a.m, had my tea, going out the door in a few minutes to meet sister for breakfast.

OH!  a bit of great news- my son Andrew is BACK in Alaska (back on base) home from Afghanistan.. I am SO grateful they are all back safe and sound on US soil.. as my son puts it. They returned end of May, and he should be here in Ohio on a two-week leave to visit, so I will get to see him at some point. First, he'll go straightway to see his wife and son, who is about 9 months old (already!). But, I am just grateful to have him back in the states!

Comment by Sandy B /AUS on Saturday

You said it BB. I doubt our washing will dry!!! Sydney was so warm last week too. Crazy times. We are waiting to hear from our son re babysitting. He has year 12 chemistry research and lab reports to finish marking. Each one takes about 30 minutes!! and being year 12 the students are fretting about their marks and therefore chances to get into the uni course they prefer. Gee I am so pleased I am out of that.

Anyway I have caught up on my emails now, checked the diary for this weeks appointments - a busy week and why am I getting my haircut at 9am on Thursday???

Comment by Barbara Blackwell on Saturday

Correct Sandy!!! It is SO cold here... I know those over the sea will tell us we're too soft... not like it's snowing or anything but that wind goes straight through!  The flooring is being done right now!  In fact at 1pm the young men told me they would be done in an hour and a half. It looks great so far... what a relief!!!   Katie is in the main house with me today.  We did our 'dunny run'  at 7.30 am so she has had the chance to get in and out of the car several times today.  I was worried she may be too sore to try,  but our car is much easier to  access than the carers car yesterday and going to the toilet was essential, so there was no option!! .  We've decided as she likes that carer so much we will try to keep her and just use a maxi taxi each week.  

You all seem to be very busy too.  BJ, you've got your hands full with all that cooking and cleaning and admin work.  Sandy, I'm glad you had a bit of time away and the little ones are doing ok.  Ally, how lovely to see the kids and grands.. they are all growing up fast.    Gwen, you seem to be being pulled in several directions too.  Take care of yourselves all of you.  Survival is essential!!!! 

Comment by Sandy B /AUS on Saturday

So pleased everything is gong well for you Bj. You have been and are very busy by the sounds of it. Hope the families enjoy your desserts - I am pretty sure they will as they sound delicious.

I have an old computer which I would love to get the hard drive from - old family photos are on it but this time my DS is so busy with teaching, marking/assessment (senior students so they are getting stressed), house hunting and living with a 15 month old he is flat chat.

Enjoy your new system. And your summer. BB and I are in the middle of a big freeze at the moment - zero overnight for a while here.

Comment by B J Elder/WA on Saturday

LOL - hadn't realized that I wrote a book.... sorry.

Comment by Sharon on Friday

Caregiving can  be so hard , hope your floor goes better and you have at least a little time to get a breather Barbara . With all the health issues our families are having it's a wonder we have any time for ourselves. Prayers that our lives will be a little easier

Comment by B J Elder/WA on Friday

Hi everyone!  I was having a lot of computer issues, so did not get on and comment much for some time now. My laptop kept popping off and would not stay on long enough to do much of anything. Very frustrating. Broke down and got a new computer (desk top) and last weekend our son got all the programs moved from one to the other and the new one all set up for me. Now I should be good to go for a long time... that is my plan.

BB - Oh my, caregiving one is hard, two is draining, and three has to be totally exhausting! It is good your folks are in respite this week, even with the trip you had to do there and whatever complaints they come home with. So sorry Katie had the fall. Next time there is a respite you need to leave home I think so you can truly get away and relax. Yes, easier said than done.  

Ally, how nice to get the family visit! I know how you must have loved that.

Gwen, it will be nice having your sister closer now. Not much moss is growing under your feet with all your "leisure" time. 

Good to hear your family is doing as well as they can, with the circumstances, Sandy.

As for the In the Woods challenge.... I do have my idea down on paper, to size. Haven't had time to get any further than that. I have a house TP I need to do first.

Life is really busy right now at the Ranch with it being the end of the school year and next weekend will be Family Resolve. That is when the families of the boys that are here come for the weekend. We divide them all up between the staff families to stay. We have meetings, sharing, one-on-one discussions throughout the weekend, then the boys go home with their family on Sunday for a 2 week break. I'm making the desserts for the two dinners. There will be 98 people here!  The first night I'm doing four different bundt/pound cakes: Chocolate Chai; Banana Chip; Fresh Strawberry; and Lemon/Orange; making two of each.  The second night will be Devonshire Cream with fresh fruit parfaits.

Tomorrow is the high school graduation of two of the boys. I've been making/printing out the awards and certificates for them and the other boys for things earned during the school year.

5 boys will be leaving the program over the next couple of week. We will get new ones soon after. We are also getting a new staff family who come this weekend, from Arizona.  I've been helping DH get the staff house for them cleaned up and ready.  Two more staff families, one from Pennsylvania and one from Yakima (our closest 'big' city) are in the process of getting their support (staff is all self-supported missionaries).

Yesterday the first in my Aqua Nut group from when I lived in Oregon died. Betty Lou was 6 months younger than my mom. She was a lovely lady. Her breast cancer returned, along with a few other health issues, so it is good that she is not suffering any more.

I did get a bunch of fabric from Hancocks of Paducah from a recent sale. I will be making aprons and bags, etc. from it all for gifts for our family.

Other than that, I'm also planning a big BBQ party for my DH's 70th, the end of August. That should be a lot of fun. Gathering non-perishables as I can so the expense is spread out and not a strain to our budget. 

Now on to my morning exercises, breakfast and then head to work, which I am enjoying a LOT!


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