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Reflect On Our Future

by Ally

No Wrong Answers

by Brenda


by Charlotte

Sunset Tranquility

by Cindy

My Kitty Kitty

by Jody

Taking a Walk

by Denise

Wreck of the Peter Iredale

by BJ

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Count me in. By the time YOU get settled, it should be safe to say that I'm unpacked. LOL. Ummm, hopefully that is. Down to 120 tubs (from 280) and still haven't found things I've been looking for. Must still be in that "safe" place that I never located in Michigan. ;-)

LOL - I'll add you to the list.  :D

Go ahead and laugh now BJ, but your turn is coming. hehehe. Just kidding, I'm sure that you'll be extremely organized and things will go on and off the truck just the way you want and PUT where you want once you've arrived. Wish I could have been so luck., but at least its here or most of it is.

Before I comment can you explain how this works. I am a newbe in almost everything.

I'll be posting the 'guidelines' once I figure them out.  Basically each person doing the swap/challenge will create an art quilt to meet the size and theme requirements. We have kept them fairly small - under 24".  The piece you create will be sent to your swap partner to keep and hers will be sent to you.  Of course the guidelines are up to the person facilitating each swap, including materials, the time frame to do it, etc.  Hope this helps a bit.

I hope we can start it a bit later in the year (I know, it's already later in the year. LOL) since I'm almost as busy as the spring. Just my 2 cents worth...

The swaps are a lot of fun and I've gotten some beautiful pieces that now adorn my sewing area. You can get an idea by looking in the past discussions. I hope you'll join us!

I'll watch the guidelines and if the time date fit my schedule of travels am interested in this topic and have a picture already lined up in my mind.

What would work for your schedule, Ally?  I'm flexible. I was thinking maybe starting in October. That gets mighty close to your trip, doesn't it?  

QD - when would the "later" be for you?  

BJ, I'm thinking any time between Thanksgiving & Christmas - or if you give us a deadline of some time in early '14 with an October start date, that would be fine with me, too. I have 6 craft shows between October 1 & Nov 17. Depending on the due date I can let you know. I don't want to sign up and then not be able to finish.

May I join in too please. Hope to be able to find my mojo ( and my machine knowhow) again.

But of course!  Just added your name on top. :D


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