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This is a discussion group for all you machine embroiderers out there - a place where you can showcase your creations and we can chat and share resources.

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Started by Rachel Libby/NY. Last reply by QuiltDragon Mar 1, 2017. 74 Replies


Started by Carol B of ET Dec 3, 2016. 0 Replies

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Comment by QuiltDragon 7 hours ago

Sheila, I'm sorry you're having such a trouble with your cold. Randy & I have been through 2 rounds since Thanksgiving so I understand how you feel. I hope you're feeling better.

Carol, SewWhatPro may be free with your machine as a special deal, but if you buy it online, you get a free trial then the program is only $50.00 with free updates. I use it all the time and, although it's not as complex as some of the programs on the market like Embird, but it works well for me. In SWP you can also increase the density of the stitches and width by using the icon up top with the vertical stripes called Adjust Density that I've used on some designs.

Comment by Janet/MO 7 hours ago

I heard back from Kellie with Embroidery Library.  She asked me how many color changes show up on my machine after I upload the design.  There should be 12, but it is only showing 6.  So what has happened is all of the same colors have been lumped together even though there should be stops in between in case you want to choose a different color for some parts.  She did not mention the problem with the satin stitch yet so hopefully we can figure that out tomorrow.  I have heard that some digitizers are saying to not load to a USB stick via a software program so I also copied it directly from my computer to my stick & it did the same thing.  I will let you all know what the final result is.

Comment by Carol B of ET 16 hours ago

I was not sure if thee idea would work.  I have the cheapest program I could find.

I had one design I did a long time ago where the satin outline was sparse, do I did it twice.  

Good luck with your challenge

Have a blessed day

Comment by Janet/MO 16 hours ago

Carol, the only program I have is a very very basic one that came with my Janome.  I have thought about getting the Embrilliance software, but just never get around to actually purchasing it.  I have been buying Embroidery Library designs for almost 15 years and it has just been recently that I have had this problem.  What is really weird is the fact that if you look at their picture, it shows a satin stitch edge.  Lynda Howell with The Stitch Connection told me that digitizers have to do a couple extra steps for the .jef format than they do with other formats.  So that makes me wonder if maybe this is a new digitizer who doesn't know that since they use Brother machines.  

Comment by Carol B of ET yesterday

Janet/Mo  I don't know if you are able to do this or if you have a program that will help with the 'next step' program.  I use a free program for my Brother machine caled 'SewWhatPro".  When I want a stop in a design (mainly doing words or initials I go open the design in the program and at the place I want to stop, I just change the color for the next step.  I hate having to try to and snip or have jump threads.  (you do not actually have to change the color thread)

Like I said, I do not know if that will help or not.  

Comment by Sheila Craft yesterday

I don't think I've ever had to deal with an illness like this. It starts to get better and then just comes roaring back. It's been 5 weeks. Just very done with it. 

I've never had any of Embroidery Library designs do that, Janet. Weird. Yes, you should send them an email.

Yesterday morning we woke up to ice. Lots of ice. Then it turned to rain. The ice is gone, it's done raining, just spitting some snow flakes and darned COLD. Unfortunately, we had so much nice weather that trees have begun to bud, bulbs are peeking out of the ground, and some early flowers have opened. 

Comment by Janet/MO yesterday

Cute cards Ally.  Congratulations on having such good sales.  I heard about the storm in Newfoundland.  Yikes.  Our snow & ice have all melted, but it is only 11 degrees outside right now.

Sheila, I'm sorry to hear you are still not feeling well.  It sounds like you have had what I did years ago.  Took 6 weeks for it to clear up, but I have not even had a cold since.  

The Embroidery Library had a cute gnome pattern on sale this week so I bought it and plan to make something for Jannaka with it.  This is the 2nd time recently that I have had some problems with their digitizing.  The picture shows satin stitching around the edge of the design, but when it stitches out, it is more like a narrow buttonhole stitch.  Plus instead of stitching the tack down stitch & then waiting until I press the go button to go on to the next step, it hesitates for about half a second and then just goes right on to the next step.  So rather than be able to do something else while it stitched, I had to sit there & really keep a close eye on it.  They do the method where you print off a template, put fusible on the back of the fabric and then cut each piece.  I prefer to tack it down and then trim using small sharp scissors.  Less expensive & not as stiff.  So I really need to have a design that stops when it is supposed to until I tell it to continue.  Guess I should send them an e-mail & ask what is causing this.

Comment by Sheila Craft on Sunday

Those are really cute, Ally. I had wondered how well cards would sell. Seems you are doing well with them.

I'm not much into the Kimberbell designs and I have a Love to Hate relationship with pillows of any sort so, I don't do many of them. If I do them, they are for others - not myself.

I did buy the gnome design and the entire Aussie table runner & add-on's. Such a devastating event over there and doing this was the least I could do to help. Having been so sick the past month+, I've not been able to much else. After getting through round 2 of the antibiotics, today I started coughing - again. I slept most of the day away but, considering the weather, probably the best way to spend the day. 

Comment by Ally Bryant on Saturday

Here are a few cards I have been working on. I sold right out of my stock at Christmas trying to build it up again. I am going to our Kindred Spirit retreat and usually there is a table we can put things on that are for sake so hope I can make enough to make a good dual may.

We are in the middle of a winter snow storm, best place to be is in the warm. We are not too bad but St Johns Newfoundland is having one wicked storm.

Comment by Janet/MO on Friday

I should get their Luck of the Gnomes design & make it up for Jannaka.  She just loves gnomes.  

We have been dealing with an ice storm today so I have just stayed indoors.  I have been making flying geese all afternoon for the border on a mystery quilt.  The pattern called for just plain borders, but I decided to take it one step further.  Hope to have the top finished tomorrow.  


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