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Let's try and gather all of the fabulous fabric combinations in one place. It will be a little eye candy store for us.

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I posted these in the comments, but I will repost to follow the rules!

I like your green choices. Particularly fabrics 1 & 4. Another pretty quilt in the works.

Diane, would you consider using a blue?  To pull it out of #4?

I checked my stash, I don't really have any blues.  I just finished a Carpenter's Star that I did in Blues, and I actually need to get more for the outer border for that. I think I want to stick with the greens on this one. I almost pulled that piece out for a more solid darker green, but the piece I had wasn't large enough. Thanks for thinking about me, though!

Fabric Choice for MQ2013

I also keep my fabric in a large zipper baggie, (in this case, 4 of them) the subsequent cutting and piecing go in as I progress. I affix a label for the whole quilt with the particulars. When it is all done and ready to be gone, I put a picture with the card in a scrapbook. Before anyone gets all excited to see my scrapbook, this is the beginning of it. I got the idea when I started 2014 and was able to catch up my 2014 MQ. My project for 2014 is to collect all the pictures of the quilts that I have made & catch them up from memory. Good trick with my failing memory, but here goes.

Ooh Mary, those colors are stunning! Looks to be a good start to a very classy quilt!

Mary - I have a soft spot for paisleys. The colors you've selected to coordinate are going to result in a beautiful quilt. I can hardly wait for May to get here so everyone will get started piecing and posting pictures of their progress. \

Mary I love your choices. I am a paisley lover!  

My two ordered fabrics arrived so can now post a photo - can't wait to start this new quilt. Sorry my photos are so big, I am not sure how to make them smaller....

Jill - Love your combinations. That dark burgundy really pops the floral print. I can hardly wait to see how your quilt turns out.

Thanks Bonny, when are we going to see yours....? 

Diane and Mary, love your choices - can't wait for this to start!

Jill - I actually already finished mine. I started the 2013 while I waited for my 2014 fabric to arrive. I'll try to take a picture of the fabric I used tomorrow.


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