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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Mystery Quilt 2013 Quilt Along. If you are just joining us, please read the "guidelines" located here.

The finished quilt will be a lap quilt or throw, approximately 51-1/2 x 68-1/2", and requires four fabrics. It is time to select and order your fabric so you be ready for Part 1 of the Mystery Quilt 2013, to be posted on March 4th. To help you choose fabric, especially since you don't know what you are making, download this Fabric Selection Suggestions PDF

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Sorry to ask this, but what is the definition of DF's I'm trying to look at the fabric selection that others have chosen. I can get into photos, but don't know where to go after that

Welcome Barb! So glad you found us. We are a very chatty group here (as you can probably tell). To answer your first question a DF means 'Discussion Forum'. As for the pictures of the fabrics that different ones are using click on the one titled PHOTO PAGES and click on it. Once you are on the first page you will start seeing pictures of fabrics. Some times they show up right on the page other times you will need to click on the little icon below the post as they are in an attached file. For you to add a picture of your fabrics and/or blocks as you make them you can do so by clicking on the second icon in the strip at the top of the box you are typing in. When the cursor is over the box it will say 'image', click it and another screen will pop up. click on 'Browse', which will take you to your computer to retrieve your photos. You can get them from your uploaded images or straight from your camera card (if you can put it into your computer). Then the screen will show a number in the pixel box at the bottom. You can leave it as is and you will get a large picture or you can change the numbers (I use 350) for a smaller picture. Good luck, and if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask. One of us will try to guide you in the right direction. Hope I didn't totally confuse you.

The photo pages, as well as the rest of the DF's are set up so that the most recent comments are to the later pages. But the exception is that people can insert comments anywhere along the way at any point in time. For this reason I click on each notice in my e-mail inbox to take me to every comment. The main page always has the most recent comments first.

I tried to upload a picture of my fabrics, but it shows as an image link. You have to click on it to see the fabrics, but others show up right with their post. I don't know what I did wrong. :(

Elizabeth, click on the second icon in the bar at the top of the typing box. It will say 'image' when you click on it, then follow the prompt. (see above reply to Barb)

I am excited for this! I used the home front fabrics. the solid black, cherry twirl, solid butter, and the dark butter vivid blossoms. This is a really cool idea to have a mystery quilt.

Since it is so late and I have so much going on for the next couple of weeks ( DD, her Birthday on the 4th, & family are arriving this weekend; & those dreaded taxes to finish) I'm going to have shop from my stash. I hope to be able to keep up......love those mysteries.

where do we get the pattern for each section?

I have more than enough of fabrics from CT's Twilight Frost collection (2009), but I'm wondering if I should use Mirage gray or cream for color #3.  Twilight frost is primarily gray and brown, I have the gray fabrics.


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