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Add your photos of your fabric selections to share with everyone. Then as we progress week to week you can add photos of your progress. It's fun to see what everyone's blocks look like as we go. Then finally, the big reveal. We'll see what the completed Mystery Quilts transpired to be.

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Don't worry - I'm only slightly ahead of you and I've been here the whole time.  Just don't finish before I do. :)  Your fabrics are beautiful.

haha, don't think that will happen as I am stuck on my flying geese.  :)  Plus I have been commissioned by my stepson to make him a Star Wars quilt and the fabric comes in today so I may be pressured to work on that for awhile.  :)  Going to be fun.

Oh!  I'm stuck on those too. I only have 4 blocks of that done.  We will limp along together. I just finished a Star Wars tie and a Superman tie for my brother. :)

Gorgeous colors and fabrics!

I love these! I'm so partial to metallics! Can't wait to see it finished! Get to it!!  LOL

make sure you post when you are done.  I love your fabric choices.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  I am more behind than you.  I haven't started.  

Picturing your quilt in my head and it is going to be stunning!

Finished mine up today!  How fun to see everyone's finished quilts.  I'm looking forward to the next Mystery Quilt-A-Long!

Really pretty.

this is so pretty, sort of shabby chic

So soft and feminine.


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