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Add your photos of your fabric selections to share with everyone. Then as we progress week to week you can add photos of your progress. It's fun to see what everyone's blocks look like as we go. Then finally, the big reveal. We'll see what the completed Mystery Quilts transpired to be.

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I was wondering if anyone has quilted their mystery quilts as yet, or what ideas their working with for quilting them.  I'm sort of beating my head against the wall on this one.  It's not talking to me at all.  Would love some ideas and or suggestions.  In case you forgot this is what my quilt turned out like.

Jan in Reno



Wow,  I love every one of these quilts.  Mine will be finished soon.


Have you made any decisions as to how you're going to quilt your beautiful top?    I'm not a big fan of stippling or the tight all over patterns that seem to be so prevalent!  Also not a very experienced quilter, but am making strides with every endeavor.......would love to hear what your ideas are for your quilt top.


Jan in reno


Here is my finished mystery quilt top.  It is ready to quilt now.

Jo, it is absolutely wonderful!

Well I finally finished the quilt top here it is, I have no idea when I well be getting to it to quilt it.

It turned out beautifully!! I love it, ranchmom.

It's wonderful!  Love that border fabric.  You did a great job getting it all to coordinate. 

This is just beautiful.  I love the colors and the prints.

Very nice.....it is amazing how wonderful all the quilts look!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments, it is amazing how the different fabric combinations change a quilt design.  Everyones tops turned out fabulous.  I have really enjoyed this.  I hope that we can do a mystery again.


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