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Please post your photos of any Part 3 units, finished tops, and quilted quilts here in this Discussion Forum area only.

Do not post any photos that reveal the final design on the Comment Wall. We want to keep the solution to the mystery a secret for those who have not finished or may join in the future.

You may add add photos by clicking on the icon to the right of LINK above.

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Finished up. I had plans on adding more borders but have decided not to.

Very pretty. The purple just pops out of the center.

Nice, Tressa.  Love the purple popping!

Good job!

Great finish, Tressa. So pretty, and of course purple is my favorite color.


Yes, the purple really does make the design pop.  Like it.

What a great selection of eye candy!  Kudo's to all of you who have been so productive.  Beautiful quilt tops.

I really like the addition of the "Reply" feature on each post.  Please don't tell me it has been there all along!  It is great to have that option.  Will the other threads have that option? 

Marge--as long as I've been on site the discussion section has had the reply option. The other option here that the regular section does not have is a 15 minute window to edit your response. Much easier to fix keyboarding mistakes this way.

I must be confused but that is nothing new.  I have never noticed it on the other threads and when I went back to the Itty Bitty's I see all the comments but they don't have the Reply under the comment.  This is the first time I have used it and I see where you can edit your comment.  Nice feature.

Don't want to confuse you. There are two very distinct systems in place. The one that is used most is the forum when the topic opens. The reply and the edit button only show up in the topics under Discussion Forum which is this section. Clear as mud??? as DH would always ask when I had a questionable expression on my face.

In Itty's when you go to the Discussion Forum where Mari has collected all our photos and scroll past the collection you have the same option.

Ah, ha says the blind man.  I now  see the Discussion Forum at the end of all the photo's of the Itty's and haven't posted there since January and didn't notice the "reply" at that time.  The other threads have a Comment Wall where you just comment.  Duh!  I really prefer the Discussion Forum as one can actually reply on the original message instead of going through pages of comments and if a name isn't mentioned, you don't know for sure what the writer was referring to.  Thanks for clearing up the mystery (to me!).


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