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Please post your photos of any Part 3 units, finished tops, and quilted quilts here in this Discussion Forum area only.

Do not post any photos that reveal the final design on the Comment Wall. We want to keep the solution to the mystery a secret for those who have not finished or may join in the future.

You may add add photos by clicking on the icon to the right of LINK above.

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Beautiful Diane and Donna.  I love seeing the completed quilt tops, they are all so unique and wonderfully charming!  All of you posting your progress are doing a great job as well.  Can't wait to see your quilts done too.

I finished! This morning I was ready to scrap it. My center block was one inch too small. I decided to persevere. I added a one inch border as compensation. Not perfect, but I was able to finish the top. Also, I don't know if I didn't order my fabric correctly or if it was sent incorrectly. I didn't have enough of the purple but did have another purple that was in the shipment. I used that for the inner purple border I will use the rest of it for the binding to tie it all together. 

This was a learning experience for me. No where near perfect, but I like the end top.

Here is a closer shot of the inner square and what I did to make it all work.

Very pretty. The inner border looks like a planned design change. That would be my story anyway.

Glad you hung in there and got it done.

I was really ready to just toss it because I was so frustrated with the mistake. Glad I hung in there too!

Gina, if you don't say anything, it looks like it was planned that way.  I like it.  Good save after all the hard work you put into it!

I am glad it looks like it was planned!

I love the way it looks with that inner border. Good save!

Thanks Kathleen! I had to be creative.

The way you fixed your problem is perfect. Looks like it was meant that way. And a side note, I always measure my fabrics as soon as they arrive. That way if anything is wrong a call to CT will have the correct amount on it's way. My fabric number one was shorted by over 1\3 yd. It was sent at no extra charge, I played catch up and my top is complete. Just have your shipping invoice and the fabric sticker ready as they contain info that will be needed. 

I have a couple of extra fabrics too! I don't think I ordered them but now I have extra to create with. I will take your advise for the next time!

Like your colors.  Glad to have it this far?  


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